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Hello, I've always had this love for Asian culture and decided to try dating sites . I've made three accounts, one of them was on DateInAsia . Found someone interesting on it and decided to start chatting . It was all working well until suddenly, out of the blue, without a warning, without having time to receive any message, without doing anything at all, my profile got canceled. I couldn't use it anymore. I changed my phone, thought perhaps it would had been an IP address or something, then the same happened . Got banned, but I hadn't interacted with anyone yet to say, I got reported . My pictures were all normal, but the first account I made, I did have my uniform on, since I'm a policeman, with my pistol and gear on, which I still have no idea if it was a problem because I didn't get any support after trying to contact the admins or support team many times, to say I was violating their rules, I can avoid doing that again, but every profile I'm making, it's getting banned . So I want to know what the problem is, because the support team is useless and unfair .

closure of my account

I just wanted to let the Dating site management know that my account has been Deleted for no reason at all . I found a a Person that I was Chatting with which later she provided me with her private social media address like Facebook and Skype as we were communicating she was asking for ( Money in return sex show on cam ) which I refused and later Reported this person online on her page, later on I found out that for no reason my account has been Deleted for no reason at all, I have tried to open my account again I was unable to log in at all I also have tried to open a new account still was unsuccessful I would like to re-open my account and also would like to know why was I not notified of anything at all before my account was suddenly closed .
I would like to get this issue resolved as soon as possible .
I will be also contacting The Ombudsman regarding this .
Please contact me .
Ali kitapci


Ali Kitapci

date in asia sites

My account get closed many time after i try to write message! This is a trap. Fake account will send you message as robot, then after you try reply, directly your account will be permanently delete!
So i think this date in asia only steal your photo then this site will create fake profile. Date in Asia is the $#*!ing worse dating site ever!!!
Better report, banned and delete this site!!

date in asia

I've been using this for a month and now it got closed! Why? I didn't breached any of the terms and conditions?? Can you please help me with this one? I'm making another account but again it was being closed by the admin again without giving me any reason why! This is so unfair! Many uses this who's very bad asking for naughty and stupid stuffs but i can still see them and not being banned or closed!! Tsk tsk! Now i started to hate this site and will not recommend it to anyone if my issues will not be fixed immediately! Don't just sit there admins! Do something about our issues here, we used this dating site because we trust the people behind this, so now.. You guys should do your job well..

Dating in Asiadating site

I do not believe that I did anything to break any of your rules. My account [protected] Buddy-boy-toy (User name). I did not . send any bad pictures, I didn't send any offensive messages. In fact I was very positive and encouraging to all the ladies I talked to. I never asked any of them out, I never made a bad innuendo towards anyone. So please tell me why I had my account was deleted. If I did anything wrong it was unintentional believe me. Thank you for reading my complaint.

They deleted my profile and called me fake

Very poor service. Wanted to find an Asian girlfriend and decided to try Asian dating sites. DateInAsia was the first site I tried. Well, I created my profile and received tons of messages from cute ladies. I uploaded my best pictures and was very popular there. You know, I'm quite young, blond hair, blue eyes, so all the ladies were interested in me. I felt like king but that did not last more than 5 days. Once I tried to log in but was not able to do that, then I contacted customer care and asked what was going on and they said that they closed my account because I was fake and used some other persons photos!! These people are beyond ridiculous. Well, sorry that in my country most of the people have light hair and eyes. So if you have ugly face and you look like everybody else then welcome to DateInAsia.

  • Le
    lee Hawk Sep 14, 2017

    Re Post about dateinasia

    i doubt i will get a response here since this post about DIA is over a year old but hay here is my feedback about this site

    i was a member for i think 3 months and in all honesty this site is a joke i actually am a British and living in the Philippines so i actually have known this site very well and the type of people on it

    but about Dateinasia well lets just say they have double standards or one rule for one and another rule for another even the admins of this site break their own rules

    the reality is if you want to successfuly keep an account on DIA you need to be either a rich old man and be able to bung the admins some money or be a young sexy girl

    yes thats right this site seems to favor the young sexy ladies and the money they can get to keep the servers running from the perverted old men

    and yes it is very clear they seem to favor the old men above the normal legit young men like my self there is too many people of the young age who are complaining about being booted off this site for no reason what so ever

    take for example if you are a young guy and you make 2 accounts you will either instantly be booted off or soon will be booted off but if you are a sexy girl then sure at least one of your accounts will remain open and i know this because i have reported fake accounts and dupe accounts before and one account will always be able to continue

    also if you are a young guy like my self you ask a girl lets go on skype or whatever app and lets see your tits and i will show my my ding-a-ling instant block but if you are 60 plus never gets blocked

    me and a group of my work friends put this to the test we all each had different mobile connections different devices laptops and smartphones and so on we posted as old man young man and young women we put this to the test a 1 young guy will be polite and nice sweet messages to a lady see how long his account is closed took 1 week then we tested the old man account set it up as a 70 year old asked to see a girls tits and other parts of her body 2 months later account still active

    we got a girl to ask for money also asking for money to show her naked body on camera still active but if the other girl we signed up told an old man F off you pervert not interested in sick old men instantly gets blocked for breaking the terms and conditions

    so end of the day with many complaining about this same problem and with tests being done it really does look like they really are favoring the old man and sexy young girls

    i am not just annoyed they closed my account for no reason but i really hate it that they seem to be supporting those old guys who are not really genuine in looking for love but only to support victimizing the innocent young ladies

    in general a country like the Philippines is a poor nation there is many girls from poor backgrounds and they are the victims of these perverted men knowing flash the cash in the sack they go if you wonder around places such as malls or places where there is many bars you will always see those types of guys with different girls some are even victimizing teenage girls under legal age and it seems sites like dateinasia supports this or at least do not care

    it is just shameful that a site that once used to be a place to find genuine love has become such a sick place and impossible to actually find true love because its so hard to filter out the bad from the good

    and in all honesty girls are flocking this site to even take advantage of men also even they do not know the risk

    please do excuse my rant about this subject but i have seen and witnessed the real evil that has come from using dateinasia

    i give another example my ex girlfriend i split with 2 years ago she actually was a real nice girl was a victim of rape and serious violence by 2 american guys in their late 50s as she explained she met a guy from this site all messages was all a fake just to gain her trust she was raped by the guy she communicated with and his friend tried to do the same after the first guy had done his sick act but she escaped but the second guy actually smashed a beer bottle across her head and pushed her down the stairs

    and this is all because of the need for money tho this girl was not seeking money its her mother forcing her to find fast money hence why her mother detroyed the relationship between me and this girl this girl is ok now thankfully she now lives with me in my spare room and broken free from her family

    so my advice to the original poster avoid that dateinasia site first of all if you are a young man you will be most likely kicked off the site because you are considered competition for the perverts believe me that site is full of them

    and second of all you will most likely encounter a lot of gold diggers and damaged girls who have been already victims of the old and honestly to meet a girl from that site you really need to be careful

    its a real shame but a very sad truth

    tho if you are looking for a site to find true love and genuine women i recommend

    women on there are generally more mature and more professional

    tho OKC is not totally free tho you can browse profiles and message women there and they can reply

    but features such as who likes you or to boost your profile is not free

    well i hope my post will help those to know about DIA and how to avoid issues

    good luck to all

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  • Ri
    Riu Chan Jul 28, 2019

    Same here.
    My account get closed many time after i try to write message! This is a trap. Fake account will send you message as robot, then after you try reply, directly your account will be permanently delete!
    So i think this date in asia only steal your photo then this site will create fake profile. Date in Asia is the $#*!ing worse dating site ever!!!
    Better report, banned and delete this site!!

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Account got closed

I signed into the above names dating site, i'd only been on there for less than a day and my account got closed. I now can't log into it. I sent an email asking what i'd done wrong as i hadn't breached any of the terms or conditions but received nothing from them. I tried to set up another account with them today but before i even managed to finish the registration they closed it again. I think its disgusting that they close account without any warning and also that they don't respond to emails when you ask them why they've closed the account

  • Jo
    Joannadhel Jun 14, 2018

    Why this site is sooooo unfair, i recently open an account and I just had a conversation w/ a guy and told him that I don't wanna see any nude pics, then boom my account was closed. This site is not user friendly, soo sensitive and unfair, no basis of closing account, ..Sorry to say this but your site is NOT a good dating site as this is sooo UNFAIR and BIAS..

    To admin, please check this issue as this sooooo unfair..Hope to hear soon from YOU..

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  • Pe
    PeterW1968 Jul 02, 2018

    I was having an account there since June of last year, found recently a whole bunch of fake profiles and profiles with pictures which were photo shop-ed.
    Reporting those did result in being permanently banned from that site since 1 or more female profiles been reported were apparently from the owner's - and moderators girlfriends in there. Playing such kind of politics, you really have no guts in your b*lls...

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  • Ro
    Ronjo Jul 07, 2019

    Why my account got closed, can you explain to me reason why ?

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  • Fi
    Finish the fight Jul 16, 2019

    My account didn't even last 10 minutes and it got closed. What gives?

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  • Sa
    Samsy Aug 08, 2019

    Why like this are closed

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  • We
    Wet and wild spicy marj Jan 15, 2020

    This is not a public service. To be a member here is a privilege and not a right.

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Money trick2

I also just duped a week ago. he's name Melvin albert from the UK, football coach. widower.
The first impression was fine. we chat for 2-weeks.
last he said he would go to africa.
arrived there he said he forgot his wallet. and asked me to transfer $ 300 on the spot. when it's Saturday night.
but I do not ... because I also do not have a dollar

Money trick2

  • La
    lady dianne sagusay Jan 16, 2012


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  • Jo
    Joe bloke Jul 13, 2016

    DIA kicks me out and I did not break any rules.
    I issue complaints against cam girls, girls asking for help. Prostitutes and game players. Those stay on month after. I got kicked in less than 6 weeks. There seems to be clear double standards applied here. I wonder who moderates there and why they act that way. Because I seen same profiles of prostitutes years after my previous account.

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