Yahoo! / yahoo 'new' email service won't allow or access to my contacts and email information

I have held my emails with yahoo since they came into being in public service, quite a number of years. Over this time I have used the same email addresses, passing them out to all my contacts also saving many emails over time. Over time the have updated their terms and conditions as need be, however in recent time there have been some security issues, they now say they belong to some company in California, I am told that my email address can been traced as been hacked under this new lot, however, I am not a hacker so can't access my account. I would like to make a list of all my contacts and to be able to contacts them giving them my new email address with a new email service provider, I would also like to go through my saved emails as I have information that is sensitive and personal also those built up emails that I haven't been able to access. Whenever I try to access m accounts I am met with a blank screen insisting I give my consent to an OATH, Oath being the said name of some company that is keeping their security. However making an OATH is a very serious matter, I have given my Oath to my God and my saviour Yeshua/Jesus the Christ, I am not going to be side stepped into a soul trap to sell it to some corporate Luciferian deviation. I refuse to sign up to this 'OATH' business. It says that if I don't sign up I cannot access MY information in MY emails. I would have been better had they allowed me and all to access my information then to give let us have the opportunity to decide if we want to continue using YAHOO for an email service. The way YAHOO is insisting on people consenting to an OATH that no one other than their legal team knows the full matters of, how can anyone seriously consent to giving their OATH. I am sure many people will i only to be able to access their own information. They are like say my information doesn't belong to me because they now own Yahoo. well they didn't own Yahoo when I used it over all these years and I didn't consent in my Terms and Conditions to some company coming in a refusing me access to my emails if i don't like the way they conduct business or their Terms a Conditions. I am not happy to give my OATH to any Oath family or parts of knowingly neither am I happy at my contacts and emails being held back from my accessing. If Yahoo don't want me to use their product if I don't sign that should stop them from allowing me access to MY information. I am very put out and upset by them, they have caused me a lot of inconvenience.


Jun 06, 2018

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