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I have not been able to access my Yahoo Mail account for almost four days. I was locked out on the night of the 25/04/2017, the following day I followed all the trouble shooting recommendations, I have tried different computers, different browsers but I still could not log in.

That morning I contacted Yahoo Care via twitter who told me a fix was going to be made. This was on the 26/04/2017. Later in the day I still couldn't access my account so I messaged Yahoo Care again but did not receive a reply. Since then I have been repeatedly tweeting at Yahoo, Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Care as it is the only way to contact them. I have also been repeatedly messaging Yahoo Care for help and updates with my account. Despite this I have heard nothing from then since the 26/04/2017 when I first messaged Yahoo Care on twitter.

I am still repeatedly going through the recommended trouble shooting and I will continue to try and make contact with Yahoo.

I am able to access my Yahoo account but not my Yahoo Mail inbox which I desperately need to for obvious reasons.

All I want to do is get into my Yahoo Mail account.


Apr 29, 2017

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