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I have been denied access to a yahoo e-mail address that I had for almost two decades. This has been going on, at great inconvenience to myself for the last past week. The account is [protected] I have tried several avenues to get tech support and all I got a obstruction and the run around. Such as: 1) each time I started an on-line chat session I was disconnected and had to start all over again until that session was also discontacted. 2) To tried the e-mail route and I was informed that I had to answer ALL the questions to confirm who I was. I explained that I am 75 years old and not at all internet savvy PLUS the fact that since I either didn't know the information or I did not know the information or didn't establish separate folders nor did I keep an address/contact these facts were ignored and told again that I had to answer ALL the questions. These so-called support team also ignored the fact that I did in fact answer several of the questions accurately. I tried several techs but was told to answer to the best of my ability. They seemed understanding but this brought the same results "Unfortunately we could not verify the information you provided. (3) There is a link that asks for an alternative e-mail to send an access code to. I tried this method several time because I do in fact have several e-mail accounts. I have yet to be sent any access code. 4) I had a telephone number to call Yahoo or so I thought. They identified themselves as Yahoo, took control of my computer, ran a scan and told me the Yahoo server had been "hacked" and for a mere $500.00 they would clean up the problem for me. I may be old but I am not supid.

A reply, if any, may be sent to [protected] to Saul Pachman, Cherry Hill, NJ

Surely Yahoo must keep records and thus have an alternative ways of verifying the users are who they say they are.

Jan 17, 2017
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  • Dv
      Jan 19, 2017

    Saul i agree as I had simliar lousy service on yahoo email issues ending with them giving me a scam tech support 800 number, that tried to sell me a $500 IPL hack repair. I think a class action suite and CA attorney gen investigation is called for.

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  • Po
      Jan 20, 2017

    I also cannot login to get my email. Yahoo blocks me with an AD trying to force me to use a new secure service I don't want. This new security service probably enables Yahoo to flood my email with advertisements or costs me money. I don't want it, so Yahoo prevents me from logging in.

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  • Mi
      Feb 21, 2017

    I also cannot login any longer. I get the message that 'We cannot fix this problem online'. Do they realize how stupid this message is??
    Why is the Help Phone Number in W-pedia incorrect? If I were a REAL LIVE company, not a PRETEND one, I would make sure the number is correct at all times. What happens if some world dictator or massive drug dealer cannot login, and tries the bogus phone number?? I cannot imagine a happy ending to this story for the Yahoo staff.

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