Yahoo Small Business / web hosting

I've used this company for several years for several websites. I even stayed with them when they messed up my accounts switching to aabaco and I had to start all over losing everything in my connected email accounts. Recently Yahoo cancelled both of my websites claiming I didn't obey the policies. I've done nothing new and none of the policies go against what I've done. I got a message claiming my information isn't current but that isn't true.

After canceling me I learned I can't get a refund nor will they give me the code to transfer my websites to another company. I feel ripped off and abused. I was doing business using those emails and now can't recover my information saved there and some accounts with other companies will not allow me to change my primary email accounts that were attached to those website. What worst is not even having someone talk to me about the direct infringement I supposively done so I can prove or be disprove the issue.
I'm mad about not getting refunds especially when one recently renewed but furious that Yahoo will not give me the codes to transfer my own domain names!
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