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Yahoo! Small Business Services / caution everyone! arrogant and unresponsive company!

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It is after several weeks of incessant e-mails and long distance phone calls to Yahoo! Offices in U.S. from Australia that I finally decided to write to you. I have been a small business customer of Yahoo! And I own and operate my web domain through the company. My company domain is

A few weeks, my Yahoo account was deactivated. I have made at least fifteen calls to the U.S. at different Yahoo! numbers but no one can tell me why the account has been deactivated. Instead, I get a form reply directing me to the Yahoo! Website indicating the terms of service. A couple of Yahoo! people that I managed to get hold of told me that the deactivation “may” be initiated by the Billing Department, but no one is available to talk to me in the Billing Department. My Yahoo! Bills were automatically charged to my VISA account, and there has never been a problem with paying Yahoo!

I have my business mail through the Yahoo! account but have been unable to access it for several weeks. The company has my address book with all my important business contacts as well as all my business correspondence. In a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley, I had requested that the company at least send me a file containing my address book and e-mails, and I would happily move to another web hosting site. I have not done anything whatsoever to violate the terms and conditions of my contract with Yahoo! The company is arrogant and unresponsive, and a thief. What they have done is analogous to a landlord evicting you without any notice and confiscating your property despite your paying all the rent on time and abiding by the terms of the rental agreement. I would strongly caution everyone against doing business with this company, or even to use any of their free services. You never know when they will shut you down. The damage caused to my business by Yahoo! easily runs into thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, being so far from Silicon Valley, I cannot sue the company yet. The rest, please beware.

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  • Ri
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I agree with the above complaint. Yahoo Small Business is known for fradulant business practices. Consumers are becoming aware of Yahoo's business practices and turning away to other competitors. Once lost, Yahoo will never get the customers back due to loss of faith and trust in them.

  • En
      29th of Nov, 2008
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    The same thing is happening to me. I own a school in Madrid and since I am American for me it seemed natural to use yahoo, it's what I knew to be "reliable". I signed up my school and created a great site which I got alot of compliments from.

    A year later Yahoo shuts my account down because of a late payment and tells me that I have to contact a company called 'Melbourne IT' all the way in Australia!

    I said if yahoo is American why do I have to contact Australia? Well, it turned out that Melbourne IT is yahoo's domain assistance. They hold all domains.

    So after a year of contacting Melbourne who didn't respond that quickly as well but apologised for the catastrophe. I contacted yahoo. I asked them why am I still paying for a site that my students can't see?this site is used for parental information, Videos of students progress, updates of all sorts and important information about who we are.

    I then told yahoo, "Look, there are business investors looking at my site this week, please put it up, please! The company who possibly would have became partners with our school supporting and helping us grow worldwide is worth 6 billion dollars. Yahoo did not put the site up.

    I wrote them and asked them would they loose that much? still no answer.

    So I could not give my schools website to this billion dollar company/possible partner.

    I said "Yahoo why would you make me loose so many opportunities?" They did not answer.

    And still have not.

    If you are reading this GO TO HOMESTEAD. if your business is important to you and you are with yahoo, you WILL have problems!

    They say that they answer back in 24 hours but most times they NEVER do. Most times. If you really need someting important like millions Yahoo will royally screw you up the you know what. I know that being with them right now is hurting my future.

    I told them they should sell off to microsoft because they are impotent and can't get their jobs done, I mean there are astronauts going into space and they can't answer their customers emails.

    I can tell you that homestead does answer and that yahoo was also too arrogant with the possible buy out from microsoft.

    I sat in my office watching the whole thing thinking, Do they realise that microsoft actually serves and listens to customers? They should be cut down and taken to court and sell out the company cause it's just not the same yahoo we all used to know, sadly. At the end it is really about serving your customers better and they can't do that. Even on CNN there was a host asking yahoo, How customers could get help and they said "You can go read our FAQ"!!!hahahhahhahha.

    My best bet to anyone is to write the FBI's internet crime department, sometimes these corporate comglomarates like yahoo will screw your money and your future (remind you of Bush?) and they won't even care. The next thing I would advise you to do is to contact the BBB as soon as possible, like the man mentioned before yahoo is very arrogant and runs away from the problem. My guess is they delete all problematic emails.

    I am just happy that there are genuinely customer caring companies like homestead, I have several sites that are more beautiful with them and ALWAYS work! Thank God something is going right.

  • Dd
      11th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I would like to start a class action law suit against this Business practice. The same thing has happen to me. Atleast yahoo should give you 30 days to move your files to another hosting company. Please send me an email at so we can get enough support and names to fight this unfair practice by yahoo. If you can pass this information on to other sites and blogs maybe we can change this practice. All I want is to retrieve what is rightfull what belong to you.

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