Yahoo!my iphone and yahoo's unwillingness to help

Since the data breach of Dec 14 I am no longer getting emails on my #4 iphone. I h ave paid people to try and help, been to the apple store that tells me it is a yahoo problem and I have been unable to deal wit this any longer! None of your web pages I've seen even mention this problem/.

The prompt I get is "CANNOT GET MAIL
The connection to the server failed. OK"

That's it. No clue what to do or how to get help. Rummaged through hundreds of your on-line pages and none seem to address this anomaly.

Oddly enough, my standalone computer is fine but I'm ready to just cancel anything to do with Yahoo and open a G-mail account instead. I"ve used your service from the beginning and find this incredibly frustrating because I like to be loyal to Yahoo. I could never get you to recognize my account as [protected] as you kept insisting it was "bspielbe" but I was able to work around that glitch.

Jan 24, 2017

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