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You people keep trying to change my mail appearance page!! I do not want to be pestered with it — ever!! I do not want colors or other things you offer, and in short — like it just the way it is!! (double exclamation points for you!!)
Please do not ever bother me about the appearance of the page, which I chose long ago!! If you need to make it work differently — no problem — as long as you don't mess with anything else!!! Leave me alone please!!


Dec 09, 2018
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  • Ev
      Dec 27, 2018

    The "change" Yahoo did to / for email SUCKS !
    I forward all email shares to friends, by clearing all email addresses / contacts.
    I also forward the information to selected friends by Bcc.
    I can only list TWO on the Bcc line.
    WHAT is the work-around, in order not to limit forwards to select friends ?
    DAMNED frustrating ! Why not make it easier for Yahoo users, increase your advertising
    revenues, by INCREASING Yahoo users satisfaction with our "free" internet.

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