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Please will you stop showing fecking Baby Aptimal food supplementary [censor] ads when I open yahoo mail. I keep clicking, keep seeing it, not relevant but it still fecking appears

I even tried clicking because its offensive even though i felt guilty about doing that as how could babies be offensive. You kept showing me single dating ads. How the feck that came up I have no idea. Casino is the new one you're showing. For the record I'm happily married, we don't have children, don't need baby milk and as far as gambling is concerned I do the occasional fiver on grand national day and that's me.

As far as a casino was concerned if it was a night out, jesus i'd be bolloxed by 12 and would be heading home via a takeaway. I'm hopeless at cards, pontoon would be my limit. Thank you ever so nicely Yahoo

Nov 17, 2017

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