Yahoo India Newsnews credibility

Good morning,
I have been residing in Singapore more than 10 years. For India related news I read only Yahoo India. I am an Indian . Why Yahoo news team did not cover the "jallikattu" issue in Tamil Nadu. Now I lost the trust on Yahoo news credibility. More than 10 thousand youths gathered in allanganallur. I expected, Yahoo India news team will put on their news. Tamil Nadu is also a part of India. What Yahoo posted very important news like "Emily Ratajkowski" showing her curves. Does it so important, when whole Tamil Nadu fighting for their culture ? . Don't you have any news reporters in Tamil Nadu ? We will create awareness using social media against your bias news against Tamil people. Still believe we are indian . Tens of thousands youths got arrested in Tamil Nadu, you should put that on your news, Instead of doing research on Kareena kapoor son's name meaning. If Yahoo continue to fail against Tamil news we will create a group and try to boycott your news. Respect Tamil Nadu .

Jan 17, 2017

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