Yahoo!bitcoin advertising

D Nov 29, 2017


For a few weeks now my Yahoo mail box has been inundated with Bitcoin Advertisements (averaging 3 messages a day). Every day I place these in the Yahoo Spam Box, which normally does an amazing job at keeping junk mail out of my mail list (and one of the reasons I have used Yahoo for years). But to no avail. It caught my attention that Yahoo is also advertising Bitcoin.

I suspect that the failure to remove the Bitcoin spam is a consciously chosen strategy by Yahoo to force their hand in the advertisement of Bitcoin. I have been using their mail service for perhaps 20 years, and this is the first time that I have a serious complaint about this otherwise great mail service. I don't know how to contact Yahoo and to let them know directly how much this Bitcoin issue is bothering me. It is totally unethical if they are doing it intentionally, or a failure of their server to stop it if not intentional. Either way, Yahoo loses integrity here.


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