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I have spent over 3 thousand dollars at WISH in the last year, I wouldve called myself a loyal customer...before WISH started stealing my money...Many items I have ordered, have not and still have never been delivered. So I ask for refunds, as why would anybody pay for something they didn't receive. At first I was sent my refunds no problem, so I felt safe to spend a lot more money at WISH. Now that I've spent thousands, I've been flagged as asking for too many refunds. Basically called a thief. And not only am I refused refunds on items, and theirs lots that have not been delivered, I cannot even get a refund on damaged items or get the respect to talk to an actual person. NEVER have I asked for a refund on an item that I had received, that would be stealing, and seems to be more how WISH works! Out of all my refunds only 2 items ever showed up after getting the refund, and that was 3.5 months after the expected delivery date. I know now that WISH is just a scam and are no different than a common criminal, and I will do my utmost to warn other potential customers of how the scam works. It's infuriating trying to deal with customer support, as it seems to be beyond their intelligence level, that if items don't show up because of WISH"S choice of delivery system, a normal law abiding person is going to ask for a refund. And the more you spend equals the more items being delivered, equals the more chances of multiple items being "lost" in transit! Some items I have to sign for at my local postal what a great idea, so there's no confusion on what items have been delivered, or not 😏...right now I have upwards of 50 items I'm waiting on, some are already 30 days past the expected delivery date, and although I constantly let Wish know that I hadn't received them, I was continually told because I've been flagged they wouldn't talk to me or give me a refund. Now I'm told it's too late for a refund 😡 So I've already had money stolen from me by WISH in this manner with the potential for WISH to steal hundreds more from me. What a disgusting way for a company to treat their loyal customers. If items I pay my hard earned money for don't get delivered to me because of WISH'S Poor choice of delivery system, how is this the customers fault??? Then WISH has the nerve to call the customer a thief by flagging their account!!! I will NEVER spend my money at your site again and I will spend hours trying to warn other potential customers of what a disgusting scamming criminal company that WISH is...hope you feel great about stealing money from a honest law abiding person. I pray that Karma comes for an extended visit with the powers that rule over the criminal company of WISH...seems that there's ALOT of people that WISH has scammed in this exact same way. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Nov 12, 2018
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  • An
      12th of Nov, 2018
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    I am on the exact same situation. I just started a claim on paypal for every item I haven't received and wish refuses to refund. Hopefully I will get at least some of my money back

  • Ja
      15th of Nov, 2018
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    Same here I’m flagged. Yes, I do request, for theres no other options to request other then refund. Also, I go to customer service when they ask me in regards if the item as arrived. When I receive, wrong size, wrong color, damaged, it broke within less than a month, etc. It’s the same thing as returning in a department store, it’s best to show a receipt. I provide all the things WISH request, plus it’s stated in the item details. A couple of the customer service ask for a picture of the package, I’ve gone digging through my trash, some I was able to find and some I didn’t, most likely it’s already in the dumpster. I started to buy things again, per WISH, to get on good standard. But I stopped because I still have outstanding items that I haven’t received and a couple stuff, to return, note: some of those shows it’s been delivered and only have 30 days.

    This flagged happened about 2 weeks ago or so. While flagged, I was able to ‘rate’ the item, I answer the question, “have you received the item”, yes, and continue on with ‘rate’. Just a few days ago and just now, WISH now blocked me from rating the item? What’s going on and when do they lift this flag off a us. I don’t trust them to keep buying to get on good standards

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