Wilde Dodge/Chrysler / service department


My husband brought in the car to have the air conditioner checked because he had a certificate from you for a free air conditioner check. Well the service person came back after checking the AC and had an estimate of two hundred and some dollars. My husband said he could not have any work done because he didn't have the money to pay for it at this time. The service person told him not to worry that they could "finance" it. My husband was shocked to hear this. The service personrepeated it 3 times that this could be "financed". My husband didn't sign the estimate but asked the service person to check his engine light since it could be "financed" because it has been going on here and there and in the manual, it tells you it has something to do with the gas cap. We replaced the gas cap and it would be okay for a while and then the light would go on again and off again. In the manual, it says that if it starts to blink, then there is something major wrong with it. It never starting blinking just goine out. He asked if it could be checked. No estimate was given on the engine light. Since the service person told my husband that it could be "financed" the service man took it that it was a go to fix it and my husband took it as it would/could be "financed". Well, my husband didn't want to sit around for a great length of time so a shuttle drove him home. They called later in the afternoon saying the car was done and what the cost was. So my husband and I went in to pick up the car keys and they handed him a bill (which he signed because that is what you do), and they asked for $432(?). My husband told them that it was suppose to be "financed" (there is that word again) but the girl said they don't do that and called a manager over to talk to us. The manager tried to find out what happened and said they don't "finance" service bills. But, he would talk to the service person in the morning. Well, the next morning, the service person called my husband and said that when he said "finance", he meant it could be put on our credit card. My husband said guess what? ...we don't have any credit cards and told him about an accident he had which is the reason we don't have any credit cards.
This morning, the service person called again and asked when we are picking up the car. My husband told them he might be able to pay a hundred or so dollars by the end of the week but the service person, no...we need all of it! He said that Corporate is after him to get the money because they don't want the car sitting there any longer. Well, if we couldn't pay for it at the time of pickup, we can't pay for the total amount now. We were told by a service/parts person (not in Wisconsin) that when car sales are down, it is up to the service department to make up some of the loss so we know that the dealership will always side with the service person instead of the cusotmer because he is doing what he has been told to do. They work up plans in their service meetings. Well, they should start by teaching their people that there is a big difference between the word "financed" and credit cards! You have not made any effort in trying to work this out by letting us pay over a couple of months or figure something out that is best for both sides. All we got is a call saying you want the whole payment. Isn't it law that you have to sign an estimate before work is done? It cannot be verbal?


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