Whirlpool / whirlpool whole house complete water filter system

Wallace California, US

I purchased a Whirlpool Whole House Complete water filter system from Lowe's Home Improvement center in July of 2016. I also purchased a Whirlpool Water Softener in October 2016. The filter unit I purchase to replace a cartridge unit. My water was clean after the new water filter was installed. After the water softener was installed, my water turned yellow and it never cleared up. I finally called your customer service department and he said to bypass the water softener and check the water then. It started to clear up. Then your customer service man sent out a service man out from Clear Water Co. He said the filter wasn't working and he suggested I purchase one of his filter systems for $2000+. I was charged $80 for his call because he said the water softener was working ok. I then called your customer service three times and they told me that the filter was only made the filter out chlorine and sediment. I was getting sediment in my toilet tank an bowl. They want to know where my filter system was mounted, and I v told them before the water softener. Your customer service depart. said it can't be there because it will go bad. I just read the question and answer section on the Lowe's website, and the customer service person says it can be mounted before the water softener. I wanted the filter unit replaced under my warranty, but customer service refused. This filter is advertised as a "whole house COMPLETE" water filter. One customer service person says it can't be mounted before the water softener, the other person from customer service on the Lowe's website "question and answer" section on the water filter site says it can be before the water softener. The purpose of the water filter before the water softener is to prevent the mechanism in the water softener from getting plugged up. I had a Sears Kenmore water softener before the Whirlpool water softener for over 15 years with no problems, and had clean, clear water with the Whirlpool filter before it for 4 months before the Kenmore's timing motor went out. I am not happy with the results of this combination or the lack of warranty support, the false advertising of a "complete" water filter system, the conflicting responsored or read, order of installation, and the $80 I was charged by the service person that was sent out by Whirlpool customer and suggested I buy one of his $2000.00+ water filter. He also never said that the water filter should not be installed before the water softener. He just said the Whirlpool filter wasn't working. I will take my complaint further if necessary.

  • Whirlpool Corporation Customer Care's Response, Apr 03, 2017

    We are sorry to learn of your water system concerns. To reach the correct teams to address your concerns, please use this link below:

Apr 01, 2017

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