Whirlpool / Side by Side WWRS950SIAE00 / refrigerator

United States

Bought a Side by Side Frig from Sears in Oct 2013. The first sign of problem was in Feb 2 014, the seal on the Frig part wore through the bottom and because I travel I was not able to get a repair person out til June. But by May the Ice machine in the Freezer door was freezing up and not working. The repair guy came out and showed me that I had to rinse it out when it freezes up.
About 2 weeks later the whole thing froze to the point that the water was just poring out of the opening. So I called Whirlpool again and they sent a much BETTER repair team out. The tech showed me what was going on and told me basically these types of Freezer Ice makers are terrible and know for these issues. He said that I should empty my ice into a container and wipe the inside out once a week to help lesson and condensation that could cause a freeze up.
I called Whirlpool and told them that I did not pay this kind of money out to have to put up with maintenance on my own frig that I should not have to do, they need to just give me a cheaper or different model. This is their response
"If the tech did not call us and go through the issues, and see if they are repairable we will not replace it:
I call the company and told them what Whirlpool said, they replied "well we ordered a door", I said "Yes a refrigerator door, not a Freezer
< and that is not the problem!" So I guess I out of luck!!!

Jul 28, 2014

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