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We bought microwave (wmh3205xvs) on 02/25/12. we paid for professional installation because it is otr. the microwave was installed on 02/28/12. on 03/18/12, the microwave quit working. the exhaust fan and the fan that runs while in use quit working. on 03/19/2012, I called whirlpool, and they sent out a local contractor to fix it. they came out on 03/22/12. the tech had to order 5 parts for the microwave! 5 parts! he said he would be back on 03/29/12 at the same time (afternoon). they were a no call/no show. on 03/30/12, I called 3 times during the day about the status of my parts and they still couldn't find them. so, I called whirlpool and they said that their delivery wasn't in yet and I should call the next day. so, I had to wait over the weekend. I called the contractor on 04/02/12 and they still didn't have any information. on 04/03/12 I called again, and they had the part but the only way they could install it was in the morning. so, my son had to take off from school. yep, you guessed it, wrong part! I called whirlpool on 04/04/12. the customer service rep did a 1-2 priority shipping on the part. on 04/10/12, I called whirlpool and said I did not hear anything about my part. so, whirlpool called the contractor and yes, they ordered the wrong part again! so, another priority 1-2 day shipping of my part was on the way! on 04/17/12, I called whirlpool and said I haven't heard about the part. they called the contractor and said the part was in. so, it's almost closing time and we had to call the contractor. they said they had to check with a tech and that I should call the next day. on 04/18/12, after much argument, they said they would come out on 04/23/12! so, because of whirlpool and this contractor, I was out of my brand new microwave for 37 days. the contractor said that whirlpool was to blame because the schematics were wrong for the part. whirlpool blamed the contractor because of their poor service. to summarize, whirlpool customer service, "understands my frustration." yeah, I would like to see any of them in the call center go 37 days without a microwave! whirlpool should be ashamed of themselves. 37 days! and no one treated us with any compassion or priority. whirlpool should be fined for this treatment of their consumers.

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  • Wp
      9th of May, 2012

    Hello canucks. My name is Melanie and I am a representative of Whirlpool. We apologize about the frustration you have experienced with your microwave. If you still need assist, please provide your name, the name of the site you were contacted on (Complaintsboard), your user ID name (canucks), your phone number, your address, the full model and serial number, and email the requested information to Whirlpool..[protected] We would be happy to review your concerns further. Sincerely, Melanie.

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  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    Whirlpool - Horrible customer service
    United States

    I am now on my 2nd Whirlpool front loader washer in 2-1/2 years. My last fiasco with Whirlpool left me without a washer for 3 months!! After numerous customer service call which I received the same spiel every time I finally got to a supervisor and she was the most rude person of them all!! After 4 visits they claimed out of a “courtesy" they would replace not attempt to repair AGAIN. Their warranty states they only have to repair not replace!! (If you can believe that!) You would think when you pay $1K for a washer you would be a "Premier Customer"!! I will NEVER buy another Whirpool appliance.

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  • Wp
      28th of Feb, 2017

    @Valerie Valerie,

    We are hapeey to hear we were able to assist your with with your concerns.

    Whirlpool Customer Service.

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  • Du
      3rd of Jun, 2016

    You're an idiot!! Whirlpool also makes Kitchenaid and Jenn Air, those appliance are worth ALOT more than that unit, and yes thier warranty does state it's for repair, they did not have to replace the appliance or even have to assist with the repairs, seeing that it was 1 1/2 years out of warranty. Most companies if you're out of warranty will not help without payment or will just deny everything. Stop being so pampered and realize that Whirlpool is just a decent company trying to help customers if they have valid issues.

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