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Whirlpool India / poor quality refrigerator!

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We bought a 280L Whirlpool Fridge in 1997. Either it was a fluke or otherwise, its performance was excellent. This prompted us to go in for another Whirlpool Fridge. We bought a 450L Fridge in July 2003.

Unfortunately it has given us lots of problems. First time in Dec.2005, there was a problem, and we had to pay Rs3400/= to get it repaired/serviced. Now since June first week, fridge was not working properly. This was reported. After lot of follow up a Technician came on 9/06/07 & reported that “Gas “ has to be filled. Another Technician came and gas was filled in the evening, charges were Rs1100/-.

On Sunday morning (June 10th), it was observed that the cooling in the main chamber was very low. So on Monday (11th June) it was reported. With great difficulty; we had to send an e-mail & telephone to WhirlpoolCo., the technician finally came on 15th evening & aftercheck up informed; MODULE has to be changed & will cost Rs700/-approx. (It also happens that there is no Module in stock with the service center).

We find this most unusual- Not only this has caused avoidable Tensions/inconvenience to us but also loss of lots of foodstuff items like cheese/cream/fruits etc. and also very expensive injections which need to be stored in the refrigerators. In our opinion this particular unit seems to be of sub-standard Quality, & after sales service is Very POOR. It appears this fridge is treated as an R&D piece, but it is us who are inconvenienced and PAY for the same.


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A  7th of Jul, 2007 by 
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I think this information is useful for me.because i plan to purchase a refrigerator. Now i am not in mood to purchase a whirlpool item!
A  24th of Aug, 2007 by 
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I am facing a similar situation with my fridge, a 420 liter one. For Over two months its lying off road. It has Gone to their workshop twice for repair. No sign of repair as yet.
A  3rd of Sep, 2007 by 
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Most inefficient service and poor customer support, never buy whirlpool.
N  5th of Oct, 2007 by 
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Whirlpool India - Not satisfied with the refrigerator

I have purchased 310 liters refrigerator from dealer situated in lucknow, up. Within 3 days there was complaint lodged with companies call center. Service person visited and attended the complaint. After that at intervals service person was called for various complaints 3rd times. During 4th complaint attended we informed call center to replace as the guarantee period left is very less and the service report also indicated about replacement but there is no response from the complaint. Since yesterday again the fridge is found not working silently and again we will have to call service person for 5th time. I am not at all satisfied with refrigerator bought from whirlpool. Don't buy whirlpool products.
A  10th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I feel this company gives two hoot for the customer's problems. They are only interested in make moolah as much as possible by making film stars their brand ambassador and paying them in carores of our money and tempting us to purchase their useless products.
A  11th of Nov, 2007 by 
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I have mixed response towards whirlpool products.

Our family bought a whirlpool refrigerator way back in the year 97. The refrigerator performed worked well as far as cooling was concerned but over the years it lost almost all internal plastic wares. I think the product uses cheap quality inner fabrication.

We also bought a fully automatic front loading washing machine and we were harassed on many occasions due to poor after sale service. In brief frequent problems, multiple repair after begging request from service center and total bill of around 3000 Rs. In less than five years of machine purchase.
N  16th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Whirlpool sucks... their customer service is pathetic. I bought their washing machine just a month back... the performance is bad. If you call Customer service, they just don't pick up the phone. I am never going to go back to this dealer who persuaded me to buy this machine although I wanted to buy an LG.
N  20th of Nov, 2007 by 
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We bought a washing machine at 2004. There is a problem occurring in that machine. One of the Service Representative came and attend the fault. He told that to apply AMC on that machine. We paid Rs 1600/- for AMC. This took place before 10 months. From that period, our Washing Machine is not working properly. Nobody can response. Monthly once some problem will occur. But there is no proper response to us.What is the solution for that???
A  16th of Dec, 2007 by 
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I too have complaint; regarding their PEACE OF MIND home care plan. This plan is supposed to give "peace of mind" maintenance of the applicance purchased. This is a service contract for preventive maintenance. I am calling for servicing of my refrigerator for last one month, and the company is not attending to it. They have never come for 'preventive maintenace". This company WHIRLPOOL has totally disappointed me. One needs to be careful in buying their products!
A  1st of Jan, 2008 by 
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I've taken a Whirlpool Microwave in Oct 2005. After the warranty period I had done AMC as persuaded by the company representative. Since then I had problem twice and the 1st complain took 2 months to get rectified.....the service staff says "there is shortage of spares".
Now again it is out of order and complain has been made, but again there is no spare parts. I really do not know how long it will take time. Micrawave is a necessity in todays life
N  5th of Jan, 2008 by 
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My fridge Ice magic 285 has stopped working several days ago. The service Engineer who came to see the machine said that Printed Circuit Board has to be replaced. Whn I started contacting their customer services - call center, their standard reply for several days in a row is spare is yet to come & it usually takes time. When I said whom do I contact for urgent help, the person replied that I should have taken the phone number of service engineer when he visited. They can not give any phone number nor they can do any thing except parrot like repeating of status available on their screen.
Customer service is horrible & that is an understatement ! And hold ! I have a home care Plan which ofcourse does not care.
Probably prayer is a better & faster solution.
D  26th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I have brought Whirlpool washing machine in the year 1999. It has caught fire in August 2007. Complained to the service person. He suggested to go for upgradation of machine at the cost of 7500 plus taxes. now on 22nd March there was leakage found from the bottom of the machine. complained to the Whirlpool. Service engineer came and said that the part is to be replaced. When he left the home it is found that the supply line to machine was damaged. When complained to the Whirlpool, they said that it is done by me. In fact till service engineer visited home everything was ok and the leakage form bottom. Now agent is blaiming that i am cheater and to get part free of cost i am bleming them. It is surprizing to here such a words form service agent from Whirlpool. Now i decided not to buy any equipments form whirlpool in future. When I am honestly telling that it is damaged by service engineer, they are not listning and even not speaking on phone also.
D  15th of Apr, 2008 by 
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i bought a inverter of whirlpool 10 days back as it was the first time

that whirlpool was selling inverters so i bought that thinking it

would be good enough to satisfy me as i am residing in vaishali and

their is a lot of power cuts in vaishali nearly 7-8 hours daily so i

bought their latest model of inverter of 800 kva but the moment i

buyed that they gave me their first defected piece and at the time of

installation we found that it is defective so we replaced that at the

same time and they gave us their next piece it worked well for 2-3

hours till the time of charging after that whent their was a power cut

it was creating irritating noise after every half an hour after that

we registered the complaint with whirlpool and the person visited in

my home almost next day saying that inverter is ok and will be taken

as under observation well good enough after four days of suffering

they didn't visited of their own so we called them back for complaint

and they din't visted at their given time we called them back again

they again gave us time and din't visited again so we gave them the

call back and got another time again they din't visited after that an

executive called us at an unscheduled time for visit incidiently we

were out in market at that time so we asked them to visit next day.

finally executive visited us and said that again that the inverter is

okay nearly we suffered 10-12 days just listening the same line your

inverter is okay he called his supervisior and he said that company

has added up a new feature of creating beep sound after every half an

hour for indicating that their is a power cut well it was the engineer

named rajeev working in whirlpool who said that to me and the

executive who visited in my home was mr sushil well this feature of

inverter is not mentioned in their booklet nor in their advertisements

think bout it that you are sleeing next to your inverter which is

creating irritating beep sound after every half an hour at the time of

power cut. Mr rajeev told me that he will visit us again after 3-4

days and you kknow what it is like they didn't even care about their

customers that their customers are suffering or what. This was the

first time i buyed the product of whirlpool nd i am sure that i am

never going to buy ant product of whirlpool again and i will advise

all my friends that they should never buy any whirlpool product.
if you want to cross verify my report ou can
my name is shubhneet goel
we bought this inverter on 26/03/08
this inverter is on my father's name Sri S.P Goel
my customer id no. is GB/c/0408/7181
my complaint no. is GB0408000118 registered at 01/04/08
my phone no. is 09711105715
i am writing this on 15/04/08
A  6th of May, 2008 by 
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i am also a sufferer. i have bought a whirlpool magic cool window ac.just after one mont the problem of unusual sound water licking started. for the last 6 monts i am complaing but to no good. no one should buy the whirlpool product. the product and service is worse.
N  19th of May, 2008 by 
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We got whirlpool microwave in bangalore Giria showroom a month back still none of them turnedback for demo for the product, contacted the shpwroom they keep on telling that we will arrange it in 2-3days and we finished almost a month in that, they provided a no. asking us to call to the whirlpool people. Very annoy & was astonished by the reponse given none of them turned till now.

surprised to c the service provided to the new customer then imangine about the old customer, this is the condition in the begining what if any problem in product at future really worried about thinking about this.

Hope we get come out this isse after this complaint.
N  14th of Jul, 2008 by 
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Dear Sir,

I wish to complain that we have Purchased a WHIRLPOOL Refrigerator 180+20- Royal from your Sadar, Agra Showroom and the experience was Unethical Business Practices by Mr. Ashok- Representing the SHOWROOM.


I wish to highlight:
a. I insisted for a MRP of the Product and he said it does not come from the Factory.
b. He sold me the Refrigetaor at 10, 000/-
c. To hide the overcharged amount he offered us some gift and mentioned on the Bill to get away, if questioned.
d. The refrigerator was a demo pc/ open pc was given to us despite we insisted to give a company sealed Box and open in our presence.
e. The MRP and date of Mfg. was intentionally TAMPERED.

PLEASE GIVE ME email id, i wish to forward the Photographs.
Please see he confidently said he it is a company shop and whena sked to share the Company Managers - Name/ Phone No. he said, he will not give.

I am very unhappy.

Please do improvement and help us.

M- 9358834800
A  21st of Jul, 2009 by 
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I am also facing the same problem of cooling and gas refilling.
I would not advise anybody too buy the refrigerator of this company it is literally giving headaches every 3-4 months.
N  18th of Sep, 2010 by 
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whirlpool Refrigerator 220 litre
customer id no dl/c/0408/22029

sir mera Refrigerator ek saal tak sahi chala phir usme defect ane lagey
har saal hum company call karke Refrigerator ki repairing krete hai
lakin voh phir bhi sahi nahi chalta
do saal se usme ice nahi jam rhe hai or thik se paani bhi thanda nahi ho rha hai

last year
Refrigerator teen mahiney whirlpool ki workshop par rha phir bhi usme kai bhi progress nahi hui
ek month se humara Refrigerator kaam nahi kr rha hai
complaint karne par unone pipe blockage ka excuse de kar usey phir workshop bhejne k liyea kha hai
last year humne uski repairing mai kafi zyada ka bill bana dia tha
hum usko har saal affort nahi kar sakte
aap hi kai sollution nikalia
nahi to humey koi strict action lena padega

contact 9555598883, 9818025959

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