Whirlpool Gold French Door Refrigerator / numerous problems

Old Bridge, NJ, United States

Purchased this Whirlpool French Door in Fall of 2009. For 2 years the drain hose leaked but ran under the kitchen floor and we did not realize we had a problem til the wood towards the front of the fridge under the linoleum buckled. We had to rip out the entire floor. At this time we looked under the fridge and saw the hose did not actually go to the pan because the drain pan was broken in pieces in a housing and obviously was like that when we had it installed. Whirlpool would do nothing, warranty had run out so expense on us. We then proceeded to put the fridge up on wood blocks so I could put 3 cookie sheets under it to catch the water when it would self defrost. This worked for about a year. Over the last 2 years the fridge part does not maintain temperature and the freezer gets a large ice build up that I have to take a blow dryer to. The drain plug, hose, etc. keeps icing over and/or the compressor is starting to fail. I contacted whirlpool since this thing is only 6 years old and they have not responded.
When I went online I see that my complaints on the FrenchDoor style is common and other people have had the same issues. There have not been any recalls on this that I can find. The whole reason I purchased this unit was because I replaced a 22 year old Whirlpool Gold Side by Side that never gave me an ounce of trouble and thought they made good stuff. Maybe they did in 1987 but not in 2009. They will never my business again.

Jul 14, 2015

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