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Complaints & Reviews

I will definitely change the refrigerator

I have a whirlpool refrigerator. Recently ( a month back) there was a problem in the fridge. I complained to the service center in Bangalore. A person came from there and found that there is problem in the electronic circuit and that part has to be replaced. Till now nothing has happened and every time I call then the only answer that i get that that component is not available and they are waiting for that.

The response that I got from the dealer that the company makes new models very frequently and so the old model spares may not available.

From last one month the fridge is lying as it is and no one bother to look at it. Such a pathetic service that the whirlpool is having is really pity. Why should I bother to wait??

I will definitely change the refrigerator.

  • Pr
    Prakash sadarangani Jul 19, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Even i have a very bad experience with Whirlpool refrigerator Model FF350. Purchased on 22/04/2004. I really curse myself why i bought the above refrigerator in spite the dealer told me to go for Samsung.

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  • Ha
    Haren Kundu Jun 15, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have FF350 and faced contrller problem within one year of use. Local dealer charged for it. Again after one year of use I am facing another problem :
    " Water leakage from the rear of the fridge " Now my question is
    1) This water is very limited quantity. and drains once in a day or once in two days. Cooling still proper both upper and lower.
    Is it due to ice accumulation problem ?
    2) Is it due to thermostat which does not operate blower fan timely ? Where is this thermostat located ?
    3) I want to know the source of water. When the technician will visit he may not see the water. Should I allow him to research ?
    Your early reply will be appreciated. Best Regards
    Engr. H . Kundu e.mail [email protected]
    P-37, Lake Town, B- Block Kolkata 700089
    E. Mail. [email protected] Tel...9874194145

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terrible a & e factory service

During the week of April 16, 2007 I phoned Whirlpool and the customer service rep set an appointment for a third party service (A & E Factory Service) to visit my home to repair the microwave. Up unto this point the microwave was at least operable. While the technician from A & E Factory Service attempted to repair the microwave, he began tripping the circuit breaker in our home. This happened at least 3 to 4 times before the technician called into their office for help. He apparently burnt all the switches in the microwave and had to order them & schedule another visit. Now I have no microwave. The parts were ordered by the technician to be delivered to my home & upon the arrival of the parts (switches) I would have to call the A & E Factory Service to set up another appointment for a technician to come out.

The parts arrived on Friday April 27, 2007 and I immediately called A & E for an appointment. The appointment was set for Thursday May 3, 2007. The technician (Frank) from A& E arrived around 3:30 p.m. although the appointment was scheduled for the hours between 8:00 a.m. & 12:00 p.m. While the technician (Frank) was once again attempting to repair the microwave, the circuit breaker tripped again. This happen at least 3 times. He again also called into the office to speak with a technician. Now he tells me that the fuses are blown and there may be a problem with the circuit board or a wire in the microwave. The microwave is still not repaired and not operable once again. (not the switches, now we have what may be different problem with the microwave) Huh?

I agree with all the complaints. First the A&E customer service is terrible. They have no empathy for the customer, nor their frustrations. They tell you one time to expect the technician, but he always arrives much, much later. This action caused me to miss an entire day of work, when I scheduled for 1/2 the day to take care of the repair. These people suck & I feel the technicians are incompetent as well. They always have to call into the office for help & get this they are on hold waiting just like we do. I watched the technician wait for 10 min for someone in the office before he got an in office technician. After all these complaints about A & E Factory Service (Illinois) (CA) etc; (owned by Sears), you would think Maytag/Whirlpool would look for a reputable company to handle their service calls. A & E is not the one. Very disappointed.

  • Ka
    Kate Hopkis Oct 25, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A& E is not Whirlpool and is not responsible for all of Whirlpool defected appliances. Whirlpool is garbage! Whirlpool gets $100.00 dollars for every extended service plan everyone buys on top of what you payed for everything you bought! A& E does everything they can on DEFECTED APPLIANCES! Whirlpool replaced my oven after my kids would not get up for school and after the fire department and gas company were here because my children would not get up for school. You have to follow Whirlpools protocol. Tech after tech after tech have to come out. Then Whirlpool only gives you $ 50.00 for all the food their oven has not cooked or burnt which is then garbage. If the oven would fit in the trash like all the food I would throw that away also. I will keep playing Whirlpools game until I get a new oven! They have already replaced the first one so this is # 2 so I will be going on oven # 3! GARBAGE!

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  • Ma
    Manu Aug 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A&E wins the All around award for worst customer service in the world. Whirlpool and A&E have taken terrible customer service and made it even worse. My dealings with them started in early April 2008 and after 4.5 months it still hasnt been resolved... Yes over 4 months and 4 trips by A&E technicians.

    My saga started with a microwave from Whirlpool. My elderly mother had gotten the insurance for peace of mind. The microwave stopped working a year into the insurance. The first complaint was made on April 4th, 2008. She got scheduled for a technician to visit on April 18th. He ordered a part for the microwave after having spent 10min. The part was finally shipped 2 weeks later and then the appointment scheduled again which took another 10 days. The technician comes in and realizes that this is the wrong part and leaves telling her that he will order the right part this time. And here we go again. It takes 3 weeks to ship the part and another 2 weeks to schedule a technician. We are nearing end of June now -- about 2.5 months since the first call. The technician installs the part and it still doesnt work. He concludes that there is no issue with the microwave but with our internal electricity and tells my mom that she should look into this asap as it could have serious consequences. So she hires an electrician to come check the internal wiring. After paying $200 to the electrician we are told that this is a new house and there is nothing wrong with the wiring. He then goes on to clearly demonstrate that the issue is with the microwave. Great. Time to call the wonderful folks at A&E again. I also call Whirlpool to really get to the bottom of this. I figured they would care about how their outsourced company was dealing with their customers. I even asked that they send someone else than A&E. However, I was politely told by the supervisor that since the ticket had been opened with A&E, I have to complete it with them. There hands are tied and unfortunately they cant do anything to help. When I made the point that this insurance is not really buying any peace of mind and cant use the microwave at all, I was slyly told that it would be better if I just go buy a new microwave. Hmmm.. So why do they sell insurance in the first place. Ahhhhh. Bingo... Most customers would have given up after the second month and this is what Whirlpool and A&E counts on. It clearly improves margins for Whirlpool by screwing the customers. Get money upfront for value that is a mystery and let the customer end up holding the short end of the stick. I really wonder how are American companies are going to compete with the Asian companies. The rapid rise of companies like LG and Samsung taking away market share from Whirlpool doesnt surprise me anymore.

    Well, enough about my rant on macroeconomics... I finally muster up the energy to call A&E and get an appointment for July 24th. The technician comes in and this time I am there since my Mom has been tricked by these guys 3 times already. I repeat the experiment that the independent electrician had shown us. He acknowledges and agrees that the problem is indeed with the microwave. Within 5 minutes he nails the issue to a corrupt power cord which now needs to be replaced. He calls in the part to be shipped. I had learnt about the serial nature of setting appointments and asked the next appointment to be scheduled rightaway. It got scheduled for Aug 8th as that gives enough time for the part to be shipped. I called on Aug 7th to figure out where the part is. I was told it was getting shipped on Aug 7th and that they have to now cancel the Aug 8th appointment. Well, ofcourse. What else should I have expected at this point. Now its Aug 14th and I call again. I am told that the part has still not been shipped and that it is the manufacturers fault. I asked to speak to a supervisor and spoke to Rebecca, who assured me that she will personally call the parts department and figure out why a power cord was taking so long. I now have an appointment set for Aug 22nd, 2008. Lets see if they can manage to stretch this even further.

    Its been 4.5 months since this saga started. I have gone from frustration to amazement and seriously I am somewhat amused on how terrible Whirlpool's customer service is. I would love to write a business school case study on this.

    btw: when I had asked to get A&E's corporate HQ phone number I was told that they didnt have it at the call center. The best she could do was to give me an address. Well, I am sharing it here if anyone feels like writing snail mail.

    1300 Louis Henna blvd
    Round Rock, TX 78664

    Lesson learnt: NEVER buy extended insurance. Its far better to just throw the appliance and purchase a new one. This way you never have to deal with any customer service. Plus they should change the name from Customer service to Suckers beware.

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soap on clothing

I have a Calypso Washing Machine and have nothing but problems. The company I bought the washer from, after trying to figure out the problems as to why I was getting bleach all over clothes that should not have bleach on them, changed the bleach dispenser.

They have never been able to fix my other problem. No matter how little soap I use, when I wash dark clothing, there are soap marks on the clothing. I always have to use an extra rinse in the first washing, then I always have several pieces that still have soap on them, so I have to run them through another wash cycle without any soap in order to get the soap off the clothing. I finally quit calling the serviceman, because he could not suggest anything except using less soap, which I tried and it did not work, or he told me that in the middle of the cycle to open the lid and reposition the clothing so all of the clothing would have a better chance of coming out clean. Now isn't that ridiculous? I do not have time to stand by the washer and do that, nor do I feel like that is the answer.

We received some info and the class action suit, but it did not specify the problem I was having, and I tried to call the phone number for weeks and could never get through, so I quit trying.

dryer does not operate!

I have owned this dryer since 10/5/05. I also purchased a 5 year warranty. Since this date, I have had numerous service calls for the same issue. The technician will install a part and a few months later the same thing happens and it is no longer working again. I have called and written Boscovs, Whirlpool, and the better business bureau to no avail. It is well over a year later and the dryer is still breaking down on a regular basis. I will never buy another major appliance from Boscovs and certainly not from Whirlpool. This is due to the major lack of customer service.

grievance for having whirlpool...

I am sending this mail after disappointment with my high efforts with the customer service team:

I have purchased a ice magic whirlpool 285 ltrs. Refrigerator on 10-05-2006 from your dealer m/s. Discount circuit, b-1, mewar house, 1, kilokari, ring road, ashram, new delhi under invoice no. 2164 bearing serial no. 2449. It was a great trust in your brand because we are already using your appliances in our home. But this trust stands only for few days when my fridge started giving me trouble. The performance of the machine was not to our expectation, so we rang up your service center for the complaint. They provided us a customer id no. Dlc-0906/26417 it was a month of september 2006 just 4 months after purchase. Mr. B. P. Sharma the service engineer came to rectify the problem, he changed some part. We were very much surprised that the component failed of a world renowned brand whirlpool in just 4 months. It worked fine for few days but the same problem raised. It was now the month of oct-nov. We didn’t notice the effect as the weather was cool.in march 2007 when the weather was changing we noticed the same problem that we had faced earlier. On 20th march we again registered a complaint under our customer id dlc-0906/26417. After 2 days on 22nd march mr. S. D. Pandey, service engineer, whirlpool attended the complaint and changed some part and give us assurance that the problem is rectified and we wont face the same problem in future. After 3-4 days we again faced the same problem. This time we were very much disappointed that we had purchased a wrong deal. We then again called customer service under the same id and had a word with mr. Mayank. He gave us the complaint no. Dl0307019360 dated 29.03.2007. He committed us that the service engineer will come today itself because that day we were having a party at our place and the fridge is a very essential appliance for day to day life. But all in vain, service engineer haven’t came that day. Then we again rang up to and had a word with ms. Nancy, customer care and reminded about the same complaint in the morning @ 10:30am. Mr. Sushil, service engineer arrived at our place in the noon.in spite of rectifying the problem he called up some of his colleague form our mobile (This is really disgusting) and told us that I am unable to rectify the problem and he will arrive the next day with his senior in the morning and give his mobile no. 0 [protected]. After waiting for him we rang that fellow so called service engineer at his mobile and he refused to come over to attand the complaint and told us that he is on leave and its better to talk in service center, it was now 31st march 2007. We then again called the service center and spoke to mr. Narender and he assured us that my complaint this time will be rectified positively. I also told mr. Narender that my complaint which I had registered on 29th of march has not been attended yet. This time I was really fed up of making calls and receive fake assurances. I really though that why I have purchased this american brand even when we have superior brand in the market? One of my friend told me to speak to mr. Makaul, service manager at 011-22148174and discuss the problem with him. After hearing my problem he sent us 2 engineers on 31st of march at our place mr. Ramesh and mr. Sandeep, they also changed the part and assured us that the problem is rectified. After working few hours the same problem raised. Now this time I thought of parcel this brand new renowned whirlpool refrigerator to ur service center to experiment on the machine. I was really disappointed that after having discussion with sr. Service manger the problem is still there. I again complained in service center and spoke with ms. Anjali @ 8.25 am on 2-4-07. After few hrs. @ 10.10 I spoke to mr. Makaul regarding the same problem. He again send his engineer to my place he also changed some part by promising that the problem is rectified... Where do I stand I don’t know!!! Because in the warranty period I complained many time but nothing happened and now my warranty period of one year is getting over. I don’t know what will happen in future days. Cause in warranty I m not paying for nothing and after when my warranty will be over I wont be able to spent the amount (Service charges and component charges) on the defective piece. We would request take back your faulty item and get back the hard earned money back. So that we are able to buy some another good brand.

  • Kr
    KrishnaiahMV Nov 02, 2012

    the wrilpool is creating this kind of issues to most of the customer.
    am also one of the victim .
    am purchased a Front loading washing machine during Dec 2010 and there was sivere complint in the m/c and they are unable to rectify and picked the m/c for replacement during Sep'12. but till date there is no responce from either service or company even after somany reminders.
    my humble request to all the consumers, kindly dodn't select wrilpool product at any point of time. if you are ready to face the troubles from wrilpool you can...

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defective fully automatic machine

We purchased the above said machine from M/S Classic Enterprises . The machine is born defective. It tears clothes during working. We registered our complaints to your service center directly & then through your dealer M/s. Classic Enterprises, Ludhiana.

We registered our complaint that the machine is not functioning properly & have torn the clothes. Even on spinning function, the machine produces so much noise since we purchased the machine. We told your service engineer who gave us the demo on the very first day. He told us that it will be set right after a few days, as the machine is new one.

On dated 04/02/2007 , Mr. Jaspal Singh of your service center took the machine to the service centre & returned the same on dated 07/02/2007. He told us while returning the machine that they have not got any experience/practical training for repairing of this fully automatic machine model & the company will replace the same with a new one .

Now the machine is lying idle with us for the last 21 days. We are unable to wash our clothes. In this connection, we had already sent e-mail to your local service centre dated 09/02/2007

Now the machine is lying idle with us; nor any person has visited us for the replacement of the defective machine. All the time when we talk either to your service center at Ludhiana or Chandigarh or Delhi; every time new person attends the telephone & reply that he is not aware of the complaint. As such I have been compelled to register my complaint to you through your website.

Will you please inform me in writing as & when I will get the new machine from you along with cost of torn clothes. All the time the matter is delayed without any reason by replying false excuses. I have been mentally tortured from your behavior & non cooperation.

So, I request you to replace this born defective machine & send to me demand draft for Rs.13,000.00 (Rs.Thirteen Thousand Only) being the the cost of torn clothes, which are lying with me within 15 days from the receipt of this letter, failing which I will be compelled to hand over the documents/matter to my legal adviser to get the compensation for harassment (mental unrest), mental torture, along with the cost of the machine (with interest) and cost of the torn clothes along with the legal expenses ; as I have to purchase new washing machine from another company.

[Resolved] bad experience, poor quality products!

Furthest below is my note to Whirlpool, directly below is the response from Whirlpool. Note the multiple...

[Resolved] product is junk, they don't honor warranty and the customer service sucks!

I have been living at my current residence for 2 yrs. In that time I have had trouble with my whirlpool hot...

[Resolved] beware of best buy during the christmas holiday!

I purchased a Gateway Notebook for my husband on Dec 9, 2006 as a Christmas Gift. When I purchased it I asked...

compressor failure

We bought a Whirlpool top freezer refrigerator in late 2001. It worked fine for 5 years but then 1 month after the warranty expired, so did the fridge.

We had a Whirlpool-trained repair person come out to replace the relay (which was in fact no good); with the new part, the fridge worked for about 10 minutes until the compressor stopped again (and was extremely hot to the touch). This happened 2 days before Christmas dinner (which we had to cancel). We lost over $300 in food.

While the fridge did last through the warranty (compressor system is guaranteed for 5 years), there's nothing like having it fail immediately after the warranty expired. I called Whirlpool twice and tried to have them refer me to a manager or someone who was empowered to help and rant some small grace period or at least give us some credit toward the purchase of a new Whirlpool, but they refused. My parents' had 2 fridges, each of which lasted well over 30 years with ZERO problems, and I hear that most new fridges are expected to last maybe 8 to 10 years and in many cases, much less. The fact that a 1 year warranty seems to be the norm for the industry bears out the fact that most large appliance companies know their products are lousy.

Where the hell is their pride in what they manufacture? They ought to be ashamed of what they produce and of their unwillingness to do the right thing. It sure seems like there is a strong market out there for someone to charge more for a reliable fridge from a company that's willing to stand behind their product. Wouldn't a 10 year warranty be great? I'd much rather pay more for something no-frills that I can count on than a glitzed-up digital piece of crap that keeps breaking.

  • Al
    Almeras May 03, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Did you not know how long the warranty was when you bought it?

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failure microwave!

Comprei um microondas Brastemp em 03/12/2005. Em janeiro de 2006, apresentou problemas, ligando-se sozinho, apresentando aviso de porta aberta. Levei-o a assistência técnica em uma cidade vizinha, 15km de minha cidade. Após a devolução, em 24 horas apresentou o mesmo problema. Orientado pelo atendente do 0800, levei o forno para outra assistência, a 57km de minha casa. Por cerca de um mês e meio funcionou bem, mas começaram a aparecer os mesmos problemas. Liguei para o 0800 e pedi a substituição do produto. A atendente me pediu para levar o forno até a assistência para ser feito o laudo do problema. Perguntei se poderia levá-lo na primeira assitência que eu havia procurado e obtive resposta afirmativa. Levei no dia 20/05/2006. No dia 27/05/2006 foi encaminhado a fábrica o laudo constatando defeito na placa eletrônica e o técnico solicitou que a empresa realizasse a troca do produto e não da placa. No dia 30/05/2006, ligaram da Brastemp, uma tal de Marli Pereira, dizendo que a autorizada que levei não era mais autorizada Brastemp! (nota: hoje 09/12/2006 ainda consta no site como autorizada! MAQFRIO Rio Negrinho SC CEP [protected]). Não quis discutir a respeito pois queria solucionar o problema, então busquei o produto e levei no dia 10/06/2006 até a outra autorizada a 57 km de casa (RECHETEC MAFRA SC) ressaltando que eu não queria o reparo e sim a substituição do bem e que queria uma posição até o dia 16/06/2006. Enviei e-mail para relatar todo o caso novamente e que queria um microondas novo pois o meu não havia durado nem 2 meses sem ter problemas. No dia 13/06/2006 ligaram da Brastemp dizendo que ainda estavam analizando se somente iriam autorizar a troca da placa. Mas eu deixei bem claro que eu não queria reparo e sim um produto novo! Neste mesmo dia retirei o produto da autorizada e comuniquei a Brastemp que somente trataria com eles pela via judicial. Para minha surpresa e mostrando claramente o desrespeito ao cliente, uma semana após retirar o produto e passar o problema para minha advogada, no dia 22/06/2006, a sra Marli Pereira ligou dizendo que a empresa decidiu pela substituição do bem. Depois de ter me feito de idiota rodando de cidade em cidade atrás de assistêcia, tentando por bem realizar a substituição do aparelho, essa senhora liga com tom de quem está me fazendo UM FAVOR em trocar uma grande porcaria que não funciona. Entretando não aceitei e estou pedindo judialmente o valor do bem (R$479,00) acrescido de 2 vezes o valor do bem em danos morais. FIQUEM ESPERTOS!!! BRASTEMP É UMA EMPRESA PREPOTENTE, ARROGANTE, QUE DESRESPEITA OS CLIENTES, QUE NÃO TEM A MÍNIMA VONTADE DE SOLUCIONAR OS PROBLEMAS QUE SÃO GERADOS PELA PÉSSIMA QUALIDADE DE SEUS PRODUTOS.

ENGLISH--> I bought Brastemp (belongs to WHIRLPOOLcorp) microwaves in 03/dec/2005. In January of 2006, it presented problems, leaguing themselves alone, presenting acknowledgment of open door. I took it it assistance technique in a neighboring city, 15km of my city. After the devolution, in 24 hours presented the same problem . Guided for the attendant of the 0800, I took the oven for another assistance, 57km of my house. For about one month and half it functioned well, but it had started to appear the same problems. I bound for the 0800 and I asked for the substitution of the product. The attendant asked for to me to take the oven to the assistance to be made the finding of the problem. I asked if he could take it in the first assistance that I had looked for and I got affirmative reply. I led in day 20/may/2006. In day 27/may/2006 the finding was directed the plant evidencing defect in the electronic plate and the technician requested that the company carried through the exchange of the product and not of the plate. In day 30/may/2006, they had bound of the Brastemp, one such of Marli Pereira, saying that the authorized one that I led was not more authorized Brastemp! (note: today 09/dec/2006 still consist in the site as authorized! MAQFRIO Rio Negrinho SC CEP [protected]). It did not want to argue the respect therefore wanted to solve the problem, then I searched the product and I led in day 10/jun/2006 until the other authorized 57km from my house (RECHETEC - MAFRA, SC) standing out that I did not want the repair and i wanted the substitution of the good and that wanted a position until day 16/jun/2006. I sent email to tell the case all again and that it wanted a new microwave therefore mine it had not lasted nor 2 months without having problems. In day 13/jun/2006 they had bound of the Brastemp saying that still they were analyzing if they would just authorize the exchange of the plate. But I left well clearly that I did not want I repair but a new product! In this exactly day I removed the product of the authorized one and communicated the Brastemp that would only deal with them for the judicial way. For my surprise and showing the disrespect to the customer, one week clearly after to remove the product and to pass the problem for my lawyer, in day 22/jun/2006, Mrs. Marli Pereira bound saying that the company decided for the substitution of the good. After having done me of idiot twirling of city in city behind assistance, trying for good to carry through the substitution of the device, this lady binds with tone of who is making a FAVOR in changing a great nastiness to me that does not function. However I did not accept and I am asking for the value of the good (R$479,00) increased of 2 times the value of the good in pain and suffering. BE SMART! BRASTEMP ( belongs to WHIRLPOOL corp) IS A PREPOTENT, ARROGANT COMPANY, THAT DISRESPECTS THE CUSTOMERS, WHICH DOES NOT WANT TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS FOR THE POOR QUALITY OF ITS PRODUCTS.

the product from hell!

In March 2006 I purchased a very expensive Whirlpool Duet washing machine. I moved into my new home and started using the machine in May. Today, on November 29, 2006 I washed a load of delicate clothes (a small load) only to hear water gushing all over my laundry room floor. It took me an hour to clean the floor, an hour to wring the clothes out and it took the Whirlpool dryer also purchased at the time over two hours to dry them. A pair of nice pants and a blouse was ruined of course and will never be useful again.

I called Lowe's where the washer was purchased who gave me a list of three Whirlpool dealers who would come out and service the machine since obviously it was under warranty. To my surprise after calling the Whirlpool dealers the first appointment is six days from now. I called Lowe's and the manager said "Oh Well, Lowe's didn't make it", and that is how it has ended.

I have broken my fingernails and my back cleaning up my new floor, I have used tons of electricity trying to dry the clothes, and I have ruined half of those clothes. Whirlpool buyers BEWARE.

  • Li
    Linda89 Nov 29, 2008

    My whirlpool duet washer locks up and breaks down every few months. It has a cheap #*()$ plastic pump that breaks very easily. I believe it was purposely made this way but I paid way too much money to put up with this.

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  • Ll
    llpz Jul 13, 2009

    Do not buy a whirlpool product. They do not care after the sale. Have not had a working washing machine for over 3 months. Why, they cannot get the parts needed to fix it. It is less than a year old. They tell me they cannot control if parts are not available. They just apologize and tell me it is out of their control. So what am I supposed to do? Just keep going to the laundry mat? Do not purchase a whirlpool product.

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  • Re
    rebmik Apr 05, 2011

    My whirlpool duet washer will not drain! I bought it in Nov 2009 of course its not under warranty anymore. I called a repairman who wasn't a certified whirlpool dealer who can not figure out what the problem is. The dealer's repairman wants to charge me $80 to just come out and another $18 per 15 minutes to figure out what the problem is plus whatever the part is, plus labor and tax. Then there is no guarantee that repair will fix the problem. I have heard nothing but complaints about this piece of junk. It's too expensive to fix so now I have to go and buy a new one! It will NOT be a Whirlpool!

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  • Be
    BettyL Nov 28, 2011

    Worst purchase of my life! A $300 washer works better and with less problems. Constant error codes, repair visit costs and no solutions. DO NOT purchase this washer - you will never forgive yourself

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  • Pi
    pissed off 1975 Nov 05, 2013

    I must be the biggest fool on the face of the earth. I purchased a whirlpool duet in 2007 and after having it for 2 years I began to have problems, such as, leaking from underneath my washer, leaking from my door, would not drain, an kept receiving error codes. I contact whirlpool and a technician came out and he made things worse, so in 2012 I purchased another whirlpool duet, and yes I did say another but after 18 months my washer started acting up once again. I called whirlpool, because this time I made sure I purchased the extended warranty, but the company claims that it is not in their system. My washer is now ripping up my clothes and it causing me to rebuy clothes and whirlpool refuse to provide any assistance. I am trying my best to start a civil lawsuit and I would like your input.

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  • Sc
    S chan May 25, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This duet washer does not clean well. Clothes came out still smelly. Not a reliable machine. Technician said my washer died because of computer board and it costs $600 to change just the computer board !!! The dryer takes 2 hours to dry. I paid $2500 for the pair and feel like a fool! I had to take my clothes to laundromat while waiting for the new washer dryer to arrive and I found laundromat actually did a better job than whirlpool duet! Don't buy them !

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multiple problems!

I purchased a Whirlpool Calypso washer about three years ago. I had about 8-10 service calls on it in a 1...

I'm totally frustrated and totally disgusted with whirlpool!

I bought a Whirlpool Gold refrigerator side by side with freezer in Aug. of 2005 at Lowe's in 2005. From the start the freezer had an ice cube problem. I called for service 3 times for the same problem. Ice wouldn't dispense, it leaked water and ice would stick up in the ice cube maker in the freezer maker in the freezer part itself. I took the extended warranty knowing that if this need service when the refrigerator/freezer was less than a month old it would continue to be a lemon. At less than a year old I can again for the 3rd service call. For the same 3 prolems. I got service and was told the whole refridge needed replacing because the part needing replacing was part of the actual freezer. I called whirlpool and was told I had to wait one business day. I waited and called again, I was told tha was wrong I had to wait 3 to 5 business days, I called a week and a half later and after being on hold for 10 minutes was told this was not part of their lemon law that this part of the freezer was not repairable and not part of their lemon law and I could live with it. Not...... I haven't had dispensed ice for the year and 14 months since I've had this lemon of a fridge, what can I do. I'm totally frustrated and totally disgusted with Whirlpool.


Visalia, CA 93292

  • Ro
    roxanne thygeson Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also purchased this product and I'm not satisfied with the length of warranty and for the amount of money paid I feel the Ice machine and dispenser should have lasted a minimum of two year. Had I known what I know now I would have kept my old "kenmore" fridge that was in our home nine year ago when we purhcased it. The fridge worked excellent and the only reason we switched it out was to upgrade to the "stainless steel". I am totally frustrated with this company and would not/ will not recommend anyone purchase it. In fact I am going to be replacing all my whirlpool appliances with something else.

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over overheats to super high temperatures

We bought a Whirlpool gas oven/range for $1,200. Within the first 16 months, we have had five major repairs for the same problem (over overheats to super high temperatures and then shuts itself off, error codes E2 F3 or E0 F2). Neither PC Richards nor Whirlpool will do anything to help. Whirlpool says it’s not their problem since it is now past one-year warranty expiration. I pointed out that the first four repairs, which all occurred within the first year, did not actually fix the problem. They basically said, “tough.” They will not replace it, and I am stuck with an oven that stops working every three months, and stays broken for a week each time while I wait for a technician to come temporarily “repair” it. I will never buy another Whirlpool or Kitchenaid appliance.


October 8, 2005 - Whirlpool Technician replaced sensor and control

November 28, 2005 – Whirlpool Technician ran diagnostic, but could not find the problem. Told me not to run it at the same time as the dishwasher or microwave!

February 1, 2006 – Whirlpool Technician replaced the thermostat

June 8, 2006 – Whirlpool Technician hard wired the sensor connection.

October 17, 2006 – PC Richards Technician came without parts. Did nothing. Will return sometime to replace the thermostat and sensor again.

PC Richards Route 17, Paramus NJ
Whirlpool, Benton Harbor, MI

a gross misrepresentation for the consumer

I purchased a duet washer at Lowes on 9/05. I have followed all manufacturer's instructions for the care of my washer. I have a septic tank odor coming from the water that washes my clothes for 1 month. Have followed Whirlpools recommendation to resolve the issue but did not help. Have had 2 techs come to tell me that all front loaders do this and that I have to just live with it . The last tech said he sees it everyday. This is a gross misrepresentation for the consumer. Good money is spent for a quality product in addition, to a health hazard. I feel all consumers should be made aware that this is normal occurrence and the manufacturer should be held responsible for the health hazards potential this has. I also feel Lowes should not risk their reputation as a "family store" to sell products that can cause great harm to their consumers.

  • Co
    Cortney Johnson Jul 13, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would love to get into a class action lawsuit for the same problem. Someone needs to organize one. This mold issue it terrible.

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  • Aa
    Aaron Mar 19, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    [email protected]

    The above address posted that she was going to contact her lawyer and wanted others to join her in a class action. I have the Duet washers too and it really appears to be crap. We are using baking soda with our clothes in washing along with cleaning the washers inside seal, the rubber part that seems to catch all the clothes with bleach. This shouldn't have to be this way with this expensive a product.


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serious accident with whirlpool refrigerator / ice maker

The accident involved a 9 year old child who stuck his hand into the ice chute of an ice maker / refrigerator in order to free up ice. The minute the kid had his hand up the ice chute, the machine suddenly started working and cut into the childs fingers. Immediate surgery could not prevent permanent damage.

I would like to know if such incidents have happened before in the US. I would greatly appreciate any help. I firmly believe that such ice makers have no place in American kitchens. Please contact me via email or at 917 250 2sss.

refrigerator not working

I am an absolutely disgusted customer of Whirlpool India. I purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator Last Year.
Within a year it stopped cooling thus we registered a complaint. The executive came and after checking, mentioned that gas fil.ling needs to be done and did. It worked OK for One month and again stopped cooling. And again and executive cae and filled up the gas but this time even Fan was n ot working thus for he said dont switch on the fridge and another executive will come tommroqw to change tyhe same. Then again a person came and changed the Fan. Next week it again stopped cooling.

Anticipating your earliest reply on that,

A disgusted customer.

  • Mm
    M.M.Khurana Nov 21, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Copy of Notice sent to Whirlpool of India Limited:

    Whirlpool of India Limited
    A - 6 Vaitalik, USO Road
    Qutab Institutional Area
    New Delhi 110 067

    Dear Sir,

    Under instructions and on behalf of our client Mr. Adarsh Chugh s/o Late Shri B.R.Chugh resident of 65 - A Taj Road, Agra 282 001, we have to serve upon you with the following notice :

    1. That our client purchased one Whirlpool Refrigerator Model 6562 Serial no. INK 032239067 310 Litres on 09-07-2003 from Bharat Agencies 19 - A Taj Road Sadar Bazar Agra Cantt 282 001 Vide their bIll no BVBA / 627 dated 12-07-2003 and paid an amount of Rs. 12701/- for the same.

    2. That soon after the purchase of the said Refrigerator, our client observed that the Refrigerator was giving problems and the same was brought to the notice of the concerned dealer who agreed that it was a manufacturing Defect and our client was assured about the problem that the same would be attended shortly. Similar assurance was given by Whirlpool India Authorized Service Centre Agra .

    That thereafter our client had been making repeated requests to your Company as well as your Dealer to do the needful but in vain. Our client made these requests at least on 4 occasions verbally as well as in writing during the past three years and he is in possession of the copy of communication got hand delivered to your dealer.

    3. That in the normal course of business, the needful should have been done within 15 days from the date of our client's original complaint. Now since the past 4 days the refrigerator has stopped working altogether. On enquiry the representative of the dealer mentioned that the Compressor of the Refrigerator would have to be changed. Had timely action been taken this situation would have not arisen.

    4. That our client fails to understand why no action was taken on his several verbal and written requests for timely redressal of his grievance.

    5. That as a result of negligence on the part of Whirlpool of India Limited and their Authorized dealer, our client and his family have undergone continuous mental torture and agony apart from loss of face and financial loss.

    6. That had our client ever visualized that such a reputed Company like yours would be providing inefficient services, he would have given a second thought prior to purchasing products of your Company.

    7. That as a result of lapse on the part of you noticee, our client feels cheated on account sub standard services and Unfair Trade Practices being followed by you noticee of repute and our client had never in his wildest dreams thought that he would be provided with such deficient, sub standard and poor services as a consumer. He has never been favoured with any proper reply in this matter in response to his verbal and written requests. It would also not be out of context that our client apart from this met the Branch Manager of your Service Centre too personally in this matter who too failed to provide any relief.

    8. That from the above facts it is very clear that people managing the Company are highly incompetent and unable to keep a track on the services being provided to the consumers and Junior cadres play their superiors on a sustained basis which should be a matter of great concern.

    9. That you are herewith called upon by means of this notice to look into the matter for removal of the grievance of our client forthwith and give suitable and satisfactory explanation within 7 days from the date of this notice as to why the Complaint of our client was not attended to for such a long period.

    You are FURTHER called upon to make payment of Rs. 25,000/- ( Rs. Twenty Five Thousand )towards mental torture, agony and loss of face suffered by our client because of deficient services ALONG WITH Rs. 5500/- ( Rs. Five Thousand Five Hundred ) being the cost of this Notice, within seven days hereof, failing which our client shall be left with no option than to take up the matter at various relevant platforms and also take suitable legal action,entirely at your cost and risk, without any further reference to you, of which please take a note.

    A Copy of this Notice has been retained for records.

    ( Arun Khurana )



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  • So
    Sona Paul Dec 15, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took a new refrigerator from your Whirlpool go down Kalamassery,Kerala,India.The refrigerator was 180 genius model.But on the very first day there was a complaint for the fridge.There was no cooling inside the fridge and they was not ready to replace it.

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  • Ra
    RAJIV KUAMR GUPTA Jul 14, 2010

    I am purchase a whirlpool refrigerator in the year 2001, 265 ltrs, they starting haress me and always i have complin but not respond me earlier, at present i am complain for water leakege in the inner side of fridge, those complin no is 14445, Dt:-22.6.10 and the service men(Mr, S.Sadhu Khan) is come on 26.6.10 and clean the pipe they said, and received the service charge and go, after one days i got the problem is not solved, I am so many times reminder to customer care to send your service men again, but they told my service is going in your houe today or tommorrow, The customer care representative is (1)miss paromita, (2)Mr Dubey, till today 14.7.10.where i solved my problem i dont know.
    Thanking You
    Rajiv Kumar Gupta

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  • Gu
    gurunath singrikonda Feb 11, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    refrigerator not working

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  • Gu
    gurunath singrikonda Feb 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    whirlpool refrigerator ff26B/2010 refrigerator no 11903 is not cooling

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  • Ir
    Irshad Akhter khan Jun 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I perches refrigilator company of kenstar in the date of
    *, oct, 2009 the name of castamer is frah naaz azmat khan
    model no of REF NCE 173 BR-RDA but ref comprasioer will be fail in date of 23-6-2011 its will be come in waranty period
    but our problem is our bill miss from our house I perches refrigilator from M.V.Sales and vidiocon distributor near city police station Akola maharashtra pleace give me any sagetion
    and repair our ref imidiatly

    our add = Irshad khan ab rehman Khan
    near Dr, Zakir Hussain urdu pri school
    sailani nagar old city Dabki Road Akola
    maharashtra mob 9422161617

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[Resolved] no whrilpool will not eat my loss in food

I just purchased a brand new side by side whirlpool refrigerator with ice maker in the door and water. All i...