Whirlpool / Duet Washercustomer service


A&E Customer Repair Service is awful!!! I have had multiple visits to my home to have my Whirlpool Duet washer fixed. There technical analysis of possible problems with my washer was terrible. I might as well throw darts at the washer to guess where the problem is next. I have had to pay over $600 for repairs to this washer...and it still does not work. I feel as though I'm being ripped off. Every time I have called to schedule an appointment with A&E I'm given a 4 hour block to wait for a service repairman, which I believe is pretty standard. But then the day of service comes and 3 times they have changed the time to expand the possible service arrival time to a 9 hour wait. Great, just what I wanted to do - spend 8 to 5 on a Saturday waiting for a repairman! They offer no apologies, discounts or refunds.

Why am I going with A&E? Well, I bought my washer and dryer at HH Gregg and this is the company that they recommend in my city. I thought I had an investment and relationship with the company, but all I have after a month of repairs is a ton of dirty laundry and a broke washer. I have called and complained to HH Gregg corporate as well.

I have asked to talk to a A&E technical manager, customer service states that the technical manager will call me back - but he never does. I have asked to talk to the A&E corporate office. The A&E customer service agent in Columbus (Jenifer) refuses to give me a name, phone number or e-mail address to their corporate office. All I get is a mailing address. Thanks A&E; this really shows you care about me and my issues. I look forward to hearing from my letter in 5 to 10 business days, if you respond at all! I will never buy another product that is linked to A&E!!!

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