Whirlpool Corporationrange-hood

To: Whirlpool Corporation
From: Pete Kalin
SR Number: SR [protected]

I need your help with the following situation.
I purchased from Home Depot over $6000 dollars of Kitchen appliances (Double Ovens, Dishwasher, Cooktop, Range Hood, Microwave, Trash Compacter). Every is working well with the exception of the range-hood. We had the Whirlpool Service come out and look at the range-hood. It was determined it needed a new part. zPer the instructions I made another appointment to have the part installed. I took off from work the day the appointment was. In the middle of the day I recieved a phone call from Whirlpool saying the service call was being cancelled because the part did not come in yet. We were then told to make another appointment which we did two weeks later. The day before I got a call confirming the service call. I again took off from work. Once again in the afternoon I recieved a call from Whirlpool saying the part did not come in and they need to reschedule the appointment. Then they put me on hold for over 20 minutes and came back saying the part was not available. They told me to call Whirlpool customer service. I made the call and was told just the opposite that the part was available and that we then rescheduled another appointment to fix the range-hood. Once again I took off from work. To my surprise I again was called while I was waiting for the Range-Hood to be fix that the part was not available and the service appointment was going to be canceled. two weeks ago I then got a call from Whirlpool saying because the part was not available that the Range-Hood will now be replace. I have during this difficult process taken off work 3 times and now will take off work one more time as the unit will now finally be replaced? I am asking for $500 dollars off compensation for all the trouble Whirlpool has caused me with incorrect information which resulted in me taking off work. Honestly this has been a terrible experience and me writing you this recap does not even convey all the hassle as well as wait times on hold and needing to miss work multiple times that I have gone through. I value your products and have purchased numerous appliances for my kids homes and my office over the last few years. This issue is just not right to put me through all this trouble with out compensation. Please let me know what I can get Whirlpool to compensate me for all the problems your company created on this issue. I appreciate your help.


Nov 26, 2018

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