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Do not buy a whirlpool service contract.
I called the company several times before I purchased contract and asked the same question to the representatives.
I was given the same answer, everything is covered. Today, I called to use the service for the first time, I was told that the
Part I need is not covered. The part I need is the rubber insulation that goes around the door to keep the cool air in.
The refrigerator is only 3 years old and the rubber is dry/cracked and now falling off. My previous refrig was 15 years old and never had a problem.
So anybody writing a complaint against is probably justified.

Feb 17, 2015
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  • Ma
      Mar 29, 2015

    I ordered a Whirlpool refrigerator Model WRF989SDAM00 on 04/25/2013 and it was delivered on 05/20/2013.
    It worked fine until its first water filter change was due. Upon the filter change I experienced dripping from the filter compartment.

    1) First service call was done under manufacturer's warranty to Tommy D. Appliances. The filter was exchanged, and I hoped that was it.

    2) Not so! A few days before the warranty ran out, the filter change caused another leakage problem, this time coming from the lights adjacent to the filter compartment. This time it was Port City Appliance.

    3) Not so! A 3rd filter change causes the exact same leakage problem as the second time. This time I had to call in the problem under the Whirlpool extended warranty service plan (United Service Protection Inc, Federal Warranty Service, Corp., Sureway, Inc., asf) All in all ASSURANT companies. A service call was made to Fedder's Appliances to come out on 02/10/2015. Mr. Fedder then called off the appointment on that morning. I called back twice to get another appointment. The first time that afternoon requesting another appointment date. He never called back, the second time a couple of days later, he was at a location and the service was so bad that the call got disconnected. He never bothered to call back. I was so frustrated that I called the United Service Protection again and explained the situation. The representative told me that an appointment with Port City could not be done, and the only technician out there is Fedders'. She called him and told me that the earliest appointment is 02/17/2015. I agreed.

    4.)...and the fun continues : At the time of appointment setting I had realized that my bread and softer items like ice cream are not properly frozen anymore. I decided to mention that to Mr. Fedder when he would come by to look at the filter problem.

    5) He came and unsurprisingly said that this model fridge has quite a few problems I told him about my bread, and voila, it was determined that my freezer's aggregate/compressor is also broken and needed to be replaced.
    Mr. Fedder told me that it should take about 10 days for the parts to come in and then he could fix it.

    6)2 weeks later I called Mr. Fedder about the parts and repair. He said that the parts had yet to be shipped to him and that he is still waiting.

    9) 03/15/2015 - A United Service Protection person calls and inquires what is going on with the issue due to a BBB complaint I made against Whirlpool. I explained the story and told her that I want a new refrigerator due to all the failures already experienced by me. I told her about an additional new leakage from the ice maker hole.

    Two hours later another call from United Service Protection from a different representative telling me that it has been determined that the fridge suffer from a SEALED SYSTEM FAILURE and that this has to be addressed with Whirlpool.

    03/18/2015 - Another call to officially announce the failure of the ice maker, and, oh, no parts yet. Representative wants to talk to Fedder. He calls me 2 hours later and says no parts yet. He cannot make them give him a new fridge due to policy.

    03/23/2015 - Another, now louder, call with a lot of Ashley:"I understand" and I:"No, you don't". Then I requested a talk with a supervisor. Transfer to Natasha, but the talk was the same. I am yelling at this time, it being over 4 weeks now. Then the boom! Natasha (supervisor) actually told me that according to her notes in the computer per Mr. Fedder from 03/20/15, the parts were never ordered due to my demand to Fedder that United Service needs to replace my appliance. Needless to say that I lost it after that!
    I yelled that I never did not want a repair, and that in fact, I was told the whole time that parts are not being shipped to Fedder.
    Natasha told me she will look into that and will give me a call back within two days. Never happened!

    This unacceptable business behavior on their end. ! Ridiculous!!!

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