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Whirlpool / cabrio platinum top loading washer and dryer

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I purchased this new set in 2014/2015. I have been unhappy with the set since the purchase for several reasons. The washer leaves a white residue on clothing requiring rewashing numerous times that often comes out of a second wash without removing the residue or at times leaving more. The residue shows primarily on darker clothing although I have to assume it is on the lighter clothing but not showing as much. The machine does not appear to be malfunctioning so service is not required. I have tried washer cleaning products but no improvement. I have lived in this house for 11 years and my prior front loading washer did not leave any such residue so do not think it is in the water. I have used the same detergent throughout and again never had this residue before. This problem is annoying and upsetting. I then see other claims that the Cabrio washers are not cleaning clothing well. These complaints have been responded to by Whirlpool saying they will not help resolve the issues. The machine also gets off balance easily. For example a small load of sheets that are put into the machine evenly will go out of balance 3 times before you can get them washed. Finally, the washed clothing gets so tangled and knotted that you can hardly get them apart. It is hard on the clothing and takes a lot of time to straighten out before you can put into the dryer.

The dryer is a problem as well. Again, although the machine appears to be functioning properly, it does not dry a less than totally full load until you run the cycle 3 times or so. To dry a half load or less you have to add towels or other fabric in order for the items to get even partially dry. This is a total waste of gas and costing me a lot of additional time that should not be needed.

I am very displeased with these products and wish I had not purchased them. I had to pay for these items on time and it was a great hardship to do so. Then to have to deal with issues of unclean and not dry clothing on top of it is very insulting to the user. I have had Whirlpool items before and chose these over other brands as I felt this was a reliable brand. I am not sure what has happened to the company but I would not recommend them to anyone in the future.

  • Whirlpool Corporation Customer Care's Response, Feb 09, 2017

    Thank you for your review.
    We are sorry to learn of the concern you expressed regarding your laundry set. I would like to inquire further about your review with you. Please respond back to this email address [protected] with your name, phone number, street address, zip code, model & serial number, and date of purchase on the appliances. I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

Nov 8, 2016
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  • Sn
      26th of Jun, 2018

    On Oct. 29, 2017 we purchased the Whirlpool Cabrio WTW7000DWH washer and a matching dryer from our local Best Buy store. Although I am not totally thrilled with the dryer I will only address the washer as that has given us problems from day one. On delivery day I went to look over my washer to familiarize myself with it and noticed I could not read anything that was on the black display panel as the lettering was either scratched or was missing. I looked over at the dryer to see it still had a film coating on it and realized the delivery people must have pulled off the washer one and it took the lettering with it. That was confirmed. I called the store and they said they didn't have the W&D down as delivered yet, so therefore could not take care of any problem till it was showing delivery on their system. I said it is in my home and has been for an hr. They said they would call me back when something showed up. Three days later I am calling the store again, and nothing had been done to solve the problem, said they would check into it. On 11/8/17 a replacement washer arrived. Shortly after I noticed that when a cycle was done and if I didn't get to the washer right away the clothes felt wet. First I thought I didn't have the right spin speed or cycle, but found out that wasn't the case at all, as I was using the same recommended cycles Whirlpool's manual uses. Then there were times I heard water dripping and found out it was dripping into the tub . One night my Husband and I were in different rooms and we heard the washer start up and spin? I went to see why, and don't have a clue why it started on its own, yes on its own. At that point we called Best Buy and set up a repair. The man came out, hooked it to his computer and said he was % sure it was a defective water valve and replaced it, and I also said my clothes were not coming out clean. He asked me if I was using HE detergent, yes I am. A week or so after the water was heard dripping again when not in use and upon opening the top of the washer you could see water in the tub. Again the repair man came out and thought this time it must be a computerized board, or whatever the term, and replaced. That didn't stop the drip. So again called Best Buy and was told to now contact Whirlpool directly. Upon contacting Whirlpool they said they would replace and were checking to see if they could find us the same machine and said they would call us back and let us know. Nope, no phone call. Called Whirlpool again. Finally found out they found one and the delivery would come on 6/26, but a courtesy call would let us know on Monday as to the time frame. Yesterday was on the phone with Whirlpool being on hold for an hr. Finally found out the time frame for delivery, and at 6:30 pm the courtesy call came in. I am not happy with this machine so hopefully the replacement will perform miracles. But guess what they just delivered the new replacement and the machine wouldn't allow water in, plus it had a nice scratch on the side of the machine. So we were told by the driver that we would hear something in 7-10 days as they were preseding to move the replacement back to the truck. Ok so what do I use as a washer, go to the creek with my scrub board until the new one gets here? We said you will have to bring the other one back in and hook up until we get the replacement, even though that one was being replaced for reasons, it will have to do for now. So looking forward to my nice unscratched 4th machine, hopefully without defects in 7-10 days. Had my old one for over 15 yrs, it was a GE, and it cleaned and done a nice job. Oh, by the way on hold again at Whirlpool, but it has only been 10 minutes so far.

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