WestJet / oversized luggage

I flew to Victoria from Terrace on Friday and had my dad's 70th birthday party. My entire family flew WestJet around $5000.00 everyone spent on flights. While getting to drop my luggage off for my return flight I tried to bring my Bradley smoker home. The dimensions total was 72" and the website says you can have 62"-80" for oversized luggage. Notified that it was too big and the lady at the counter said that they could store it for me. We proceeded over to the WestJet baggage service counter and there was a lady named Waniia that rudely notified me that I was very lucky to be able to store my box there. So I dropped it off and checked threw security to board my flight. Notified my mom and she decided it would be better to send a courier service instead of driving 3 hours to grab it from Parksville. So I went back to the counter to notify the attendant of the change. She started freaking out and talking down to me saying we aren't a courier service and if your family not coming you can't leave it. The lady was extremely rude and had a very condescending manor to her. I have never had a worse customer service exchange in my life. So I was stranded at the counter with my smoker with no where to go. She called the supervisor over too check into the dimensions and talk to me. They took too long looking into the proper dimensions so I grabbed my smoker and dropped it off at budget rent a car in which I rented a car from on my trip. No hassels they gladly let me leave it there. I told the supervisor on shift on how rude the attendant was a she didn't seem to care. The attendant tried to say I was becoming irate which isn't true because I would never cause a scene at an airport. Having such a horrible experience with WestJet at the Victoria turned me off of flying with them ever again. Going to cancel my WestJet MasterCard also. Customer service is about the customer not the mood your in. The lady at the baggage centre was so rude and arrogant I don't even know how she would be an asset to your company. I occurred extra charges having to pay a courier to grab my smoker and move it for me also it cost me half and hour of my life. The lady actually ruined my day I have never been talked to that degrading in my life. Anyways thanks for your time,

Mike Spruit

Mar 21, 2017

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