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I Nov 22, 2017

lleana Maria Tamaian /Gheorghe Alexandru Tamaian
#4 Evansdale Way NW
Calgary, AB, T3P0B1
Nov 22, 2017
To West Jet Head Office
I have to bring to your attention that I was unhappy how West Jet handled my trip to Turks in Caicos
from Nov 1st to to Nov 8, 2017.
Here is the explanation of what actually happened:
We booked the airfare for this trip early in June 2017 with Westjet through airmiles. Please see attached
the itinerary UOUPIZ. From the time of booking and my actually trip, the island was struck by Hurricane lrma
and Maria. Please note that we have been in communication with the resort on the island and we know
that everything is ready for us when we get there. We have been asking the resort if the airport is
operational and they told us that is fully operational. The accommodation was booked separately, not
through airmiles.
Please note that we had no communication from West Jet nor anybody else before our departure, even
though my email and phone number were provided at the time of booking.
On the 31st of Oct early morning I tried to get my boarding passes online. I could do it but only to
Toronto. At Calgary airport I checked with WestJet to get the rest of boarding passes and have my
luggage tagged and sent. The agent at that time told me after he checked in the system that we cannot
get the boarding passes to Turk and Caicos because there is too much delayed time in between the
flights, so I will be able to do that only in Toronto.( told us that I have to pick up my luggage in Toronto).
Got to Toronto on time at 3:44 am and ready to check in for my flight to Providenciales at 10:30 am. I
asked an agent to give me a hand . The agent told us to wait and she came back with a duty manager
(Diana). The manager Diana told us that the Providenciales airport is closed because of Huricane lrma
and there are NO airlines flying to the island only if we have a private jet and the island is high risk of any
crime and the only thing that she can do is to put us in the next flight back to Calgary. I told her that is
not possible that we have been in contact with the resort and they told us the complete opposite. I
thought if this is true and accurate why nobody had communicated with us, why did WestJet at Calgary
airport not say anything when we checked in.
Got back in Calgary, we just ask for an explanation from duty manager Heather in Calgary. She was
surprised to find that Toronto sent us back in Calgary and actually she told us that only West Jet is not
flying to Turks until the 20th of Dec, but the airport is open and there are some other airlines that are
going to Providencials. Your manager in Toronto actually lied straight to our face, ls that normal? ls this
the practice that West Jet agrees with? Very disappointed ll! ! ! |
At that time I was asking Heather that West Jet need to send us anywhere else all-inclusive vacation.
She said she cannot do that, but what she did was to put us on American Airline flight next day and
coming back on 10th of Nov, so she sent us back to Toronto again on 4: 30 pm flight. Just to mention that
my luggage was labeled Calgary to Providenciales and we got instruction not to take them in Toronto as
they go straight to Providenciales and she gave us a voucher for food in Calgary and hotel in Toronto.
Got in Toronto aprox 11:00 pm, and when I ask for hotel voucher they told me that I have to get my
luggage because they do not keep it overnight. I was waiting there more than an hour for my luggage,
talked to luggage kiosk people and told me that the reason why luggage did not arrive is because they
were tagged as Providenciales and it will be with American Airline. Got to the hotel around 12:00
midnight, and got up at 3: 30 am that morning because my flight was 6 am to Miami. Please note that
more than 24 hrs have gone by. Try to check in at 4 am. Went to see American Airline agent and they
said we supposed to have luggage and they do not have the image of it and escort us back through
security to go back to pick up my luggage from West jet carousel. A lady worker could not find my
luggage stated that it was not read, and probably it is at open area space at the airport and she does not
have anybody to send there to check until 5 am. 5 am came by, nobody showed until 5:10 am; I begged
her to do something to help us. The person sent to check my luggage could not find it, so at 5:40 the
person in the office came out and told us that she signed for us to be able to go on the flight without the
luggage that will get them later. lt was too late at that time because they could not take us on that flight
anymore, so they put us on anotherflight 6 hours later, and of course I lost my connection to Provo as
well getting there at 8 Pm instead of 2 pm?
We asked to put us on another flight Air Canada that was going around 8 am to Miami, but West Jet said
they cannot do that. Then I asked to talked to a duty manager and believe me or not lgot the same
manager Diana that met us a night before. This time she lied again stating that WestJet does not fly to
Provo, which is not true, she said nothing is flying there because the airport is closed caused by
hurricane. She just left us there stating this is Calgary's fault and she cannot do anything else for us
other than accept the flight offered to us 6 hrs later and gave a voucher for food court.
After 48 hours of flying and being in the airport we finally got to the destination, but it was too much for
our body and mind to handle, so I got sick.
There was mistake after mistake from West Jet employees regarding my trip, and for this I need to be
compensated accordingly
- 3 days accommodation hotel Seven Star $1800.00 (3 daysx600)2 day extension + L day
because of:6 hrs delayed ( Iuggage lost)
- Meals for 2 days extension in Turks in Caicos S500.00
- 2 days missed work because of extension $1700.00
- Compensate for the bad experience ( sick, tired, etc ) - free trip for 2 anywhere Westjet flies
I hope that I receive a response from you by Thursday 30th of Nov, 2017
5 PM ( Alberta Time)
This situation is not similar to the experience outlined in the CBC report
Thank you
lleana & Alex Tamaian

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