WestJet Airlinesdelayed flight

J Nov 27, 2017

Yesterday Nov 26/2017 my wife was booked on flight Res code RXEZBT. Orlando to Toronto at 925 pm. I checked the return flight early evening to find out it was delayed until 11.25 pm departure. I called to find out why and spoke to a women the first time and later to Nelson where both told me the plane had a maintenance issue after taking off from Halifax to Orlando. They delayed the plane two hours to deal with the maintenance issue. At 9:50 PM I called again to make sure it was leaving on time, and also to say I did not want my wife making the hour drive only to find out it was cancelled. I asked Nelson to have a manager call me back to confirm the plane was fixed and the flight would leave at 11.25 pm. I too have an hour drive to Toronto Pearson to pick up my wife. No one from WestJet called back ? I called my wife at the gate at 11:07 pm where they had just announced the flight was cancelled due to maintenance. Already frustrated my wife had another drive back to her accommodations. Taxi cost both ways and back again today, so three taxi bills at $ 89.00 each way. Today at late afternoon I get a call too late from WestJet saying the flight was cancelled due to lightening, a total lie. I confronted the WJ service person Corene that she was not telling the truth so WestJet would not be liable for compensation. I also told her what the two WJ customer service people told me last night. She said not in so many words they were not telling the truth. We get there can be delays but not telling the truth, cancelling the flight at the last minute and leaving my wife having to go back to her accommodations and then lying to me today does not cut it. WestJet should be ashamed at the lies their customer service person told me in an effort to not pay up. By the way the Orlando weather showed no lightening as Corene alluded too yesterday. I would be happy to send you the weather report. So today my wife gets her check in notice only to find that WestJet also removed her from the upgrade seat I purchased, why ? She should have been placed back n the same seat. I checked on line and it was open, so another miss. I will be seeking compensation not only for flights, paid for up graded seats and Cynthis's loss of pay today as she missed work. Regards, Jeff Dart not a happy WestJet client.

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