WestJet Airlines / cat aint allowed on plane after bringing into canada.

Miami, FL, United States

My son twelve year old son and I evacuated Hurricane Irma by driving 22 hours by car to Birmingham Alabama. We got the only hotel, and could only get it for one day, due to evacuees from Florida. We are alone in the USA. All of our family lives in Canada. We got two tickets to Saskatoon, Canada since my brother lives there. We took American Airlines, United and Air Canada to get there. We brought the cat, since we could not leave his pet in the hurricane zone. After all, she is the family pet for five years now.

My dismay came when we went to check in this morning, leaving Saskatoon at 5:35 am, and we were informed we could not bring her on the plane. West jet would not allow our cat to be on board. Needless to say, I had the rabies vaccination paperwork and health certificate, as required by Canadian immigration. I brought her with us, without issue. How come I have to return to Alabama, without the family pet, and drive to Miami to see how the storm impacted us and West jet does not explain anything or tell us what we did wrong.

I have the paperwork, according to Canadian and American immigration. How do I now get our cat to Miami? How do i tell the Canadian government that i returned without our cat, not because i was not willing to pay, or i was missing documents, but because one airline tells me I cannot bring her when everyone I used, including West jet on way to Canada, had no problem.

I am very disappointed and I would like answers. My son and I left a hurricane zone with our beloved pet and now we return without her.

Chantelle MacPhee and Chevy Fleming

Sep 15, 2017

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