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I have always preferred to fly with West Jet over any other airline company my whole life. With West Jet I always find the service to be outstanding, that the staff will go out of their way to go above and beyond for their customers, and that the staff has always been happy, friendly, courteous and funny. I have always paid more money to be on a West Jet flight rather than fly with Air Canada.
On Fri April 18, I flew from Edmonton AB to Jamaica, with a connecting flight in Toronto. My group was a party of 5. Our flight from Toronto to Jamaica (West Jet flight # WS2660)was one of the worst flights I have ever experienced with any airline. Our flight attendant Jenn, (#6724) Was beyond rude from the get-go to the end.
To start off, the flight attendants were handing out customs papers. As she handed them to my friend and I, I kindly and simply asked if it was one sheet per family. She rudely responded that "the announcement said one per person" and carried on her business. her tone and matter of the reply was completely unnecessary. As my husband was filling his out, he made a mistake and took mine instead for his. When Jenn came around again, I said "excuse me, could I please have another form, my husband made a mistake on his and took mine." Jenn then loudly scoffed, and in another rude tone said "fine, but this is the last one!" After she walked away, the folks sitting behind us even told us they couldn't believe how rude she was being and couldn't believe she actually said that.
When the beverage cart came around, she was even rude to us about that. She said we could have one drink an hour, however only came around twice on a 4 hour flight. I didn't even bother to try and argue with her about that one, however the rest of my party was very angry about it and how she was treating all of us.
If ever any of us were standing in the line waiting to use the bathroom, and the seat belt light would come on, she would immediately send us back to our seats, even if we were waiting quite awhile. However, she NEVER sent children and/or their parents back to their seats.
It really sucks being excited to start a well needed vacation only to have it start off on the wrong foot.
One of the other flight attendants actually came over to us near the end of the flight and apologised to us for her behaviour and attitude.
In the past I would have never hesitated to recommend West Jet to anybody. Now, Im not too sure I would ever recommend west Jet, and I will think twice before choosing West Jet.
I am very disappointed.
Charla Irvine,

Apr 28, 2014
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      12th of May, 2014

    Well, West Jet as you may know ... all their staff have a stake in the company, so what they reap is what they get for a reward. They should all give organizational citizenship behaviour, but this one lady must be having a bad day and might need to move onto another job as she was grumpy. Could be jet lag, could be personal, no one is 100% and sometimes it might happen where you expect kind service then you get this b****, I know that service is here in Lethbridge: Canadian Tire, Visions Electronics, Denny's, Best Buy, and Toyota and we just moved from SK not long ago where people were nice, here, wholly sheet, we are trying to get used to people cutting in front rather that being kind and hang behind to get into the other lane, wow. And the attitude and arrogance...I guess the rich and spoiled are the ones who come first unfortunately - or are they just all selfish? Love the weather though!!!

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