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West Jet Airlines / bad service

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West jet doesn't let me on

Due to unforseen circumstances, I get to my gate 5 minutes late. 25 minutes to go before the plane leaves. I've pre-checked myself the night before. 2 bags need to go through. I'm ready. But, west jet says I won't be let through. They say it's the gate's fault. West jet won't make a case for me. Instead of west jet putting the bags through and sending me on my way, i'm left pleading with them. They tell me that as a courtesy I will have to pay for 2/3 of another ticket for a plane leaving 3 hours later, and that will be standby, no guarantee of getting on. I've never been treated this way in all my 30 years of flying. Never. I've waited seated on a plane for 25 minutes for late customers. 5 minutes late at the gate and not let in? Appalling. This is the clincher for me. Let's let as many international carriers into the domestic market as possible. Between west jet and air canada (Losing bags on a regular basis) it's a gong show in this country. Where do I sign a petition to crush this monopoly?

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  • Ch
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    First off, the reason that WestJet does not accept bags less than 30 mins prior to departure is beacause it takes quite a while for them to pass throught airport baggage systems. In all likelyhood, the bags will take longer than it takes for you to get to the gate, and you will not receive them in your destination city. In this case, because you are late arriving at the airport to check in, you would be required to pick up your bags when they arrive later in your destination city.
    As well, when you miss a flight, as is your case, most carriers will forfeit your fare. As a courtesy, Westjet will allow you to fly standby on the next available flight to your city. Yes, there is a charge. This charge is in place to ensure that folks do not abuse the system. Imagine if Westjet said "Come for your flight whenever you feel like it! ", "No worries, we'll take you anytime, no matter what, at no extra charge". I hope you understand how chaotic this would be.
    On a final note, before pushing from the gate, a count has to be confirmed and various checks have to be completed. This takes time, and has to be done efficiently.
    Lastly, how do you think a plane full of 136 people would feel if Westjet came on and said, "Sorry folks! We are waiting for 1 person, who may take upwards of 30 minutes to get here. Hope you don't mind just sitting here waiting for him. He'd really like us to. We would rather piss off 135 people than one guy who is too irresponsible to get to the airport on time. Thanks!"
    Not cool. Sorry if you had a bad experience, but there it is.

  • Fr
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    Obviously, Chirpy works for West Jet and his bias is obvious.

    West Jet has a serious problem and I"m taking my business elsewhere after flying probably 50 times with WestJet in the past year.

    The problem is West Jet rips people off with this standby fare instead of being courteous and letting its passengers fly on the next flight. There is no loyalty to frequent flyers. No courtesy for people who can make it to the gate well in time for the flight.

    This is BS.

    West Jet doesn't even let passengers through after the 30 minute cutoff if they have no bags.

    WEstjet nickels and dimes everyone from a seat assignment to headphones to blankets, to change fees, etc.

  • Fu
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    West Jet is by far and away the best way to fly in Canada...ive been 90-100% satisfied every single time

  • Na
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    yes, chirpy must work for westjet. he/she knows all the procedures for airports. one thing forgotten though is the fees for docking at the gate over allotted amount of time. varies by airport. usually airlines hold for connections that they themselves delayed. probably what you have witnessed. i do work at an airline. sorry but one late person v. other people boarded and paying out to hold. hmmm...

  • Wo
      11th of Sep, 2009
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    Westjet vs Criminal Organizations

    I would like to voice my opinion about Westjet. I recently purchased a vacation package to Las Vegas for my friend’s stage for $492.00 . In the past two days my 27 day old baby has become ill, so like a good father I contacted Westjet to cancel my flight. I informed the Westjet rep that I was not looking for money back, and I only wanted credit so I would be able too use it for another vacation with my family on a later date. The response they gave me was, there was nothing they could do because it was within 21 days of the flight. They also informed me that I was not allowed to sell my ticket to friends or family and if I did not go I would be out $492.00. I am not a rich person and I work very hard for everything I have and when wealthy corporations treat people like this one is to wonder, who is worse criminal organization “GANGSTERS” or these so called wealthy “legitimate organizations” like Westjet. At least the gangsters don’t rob you and then tell you we thank you for you business and have a wonderful day.
    Who’s the real criminal organization?

    Date: September 11, 2009

  • Sc
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    I've had no issues with Westjet. especially when you compare them to the fiasco that Canada3000 and Jet's GO was. I'm surprised that they told you that. When I missed my flight to Orlando, I had a fight credit that was good for 6 months. You should call back and speak to a manager. I unfortunately wasn't travelling anywhere within that six months and lost the credit, but at least I had the option.

  • Re
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    I suspect Rick and Wow1111 are only telling half of the story, or (ahem) stretching the truth just a tad. I worked for Westjet years ago, and I still have friends who work there. Like any corporation, they have their good points/bad points; however, I find if you are honest when you screw up, are polite, and ask if the Westjetter can help, they will go out of their way to help you.

    In other words, just b/c they are customer service, doesn't mean you can use them as a doormat.

    If you actually get someone who is giving you static, and you have a legitimate complaint, RESPECTFULLY ask to speak to someone else (as in "ok, we're having some kind of communication breakdown, and you have work to there a manager or supervisor who could go through this policy with me?").

    Sugar versus vinegar folks. It ain't rocket science.

  • An
      2nd of Dec, 2009
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    I find it really revolting that anytime I try to phone Westjet, they put me on hold and I have to wait 50 minutes+ before I get connected to an agent. This is not acceptable in the 21st century.

  • Sc
      2nd of Jan, 2010
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    first i would like to say i have never flown on west jet and i don, t know if i ever will i had a trip planed back in november to cuba westjet vactions had to cancel five days before we left as we had a death in the family. could not get cancellation insurance do to the fact that the illness my famliy member had was un insurable. we booket through sell off vacations. the problem we have is that we were informed that west jet was a compassionate air line and ther was a chance we could get travel voughers to use at a later date. so we thought 50/50 chance this might work out. my problem we can, t get a straight answer i there way just would like to know if they can help us if not then what can you do {move on } at this point we are out 2000, 00 dollers

  • Ni
      6th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    truly I flew with West Jet a few times... always short flight Toronto... and found them very nice... the personel.. had no problems... even when I phoned to book a flight to Florida this past January... I did not book on the website.. because I also booked a one week trip the last week of Febraury for my daughter who joined me at my place in Florida with her little dog of 6.2 pounds. I received a very good service on the phone... I got all the info needed to make the trip with the small dog... etc etc... but also read the webpages to make sure all was done properly... the trip down for my daughter was with no problems... she had asked the vet to give her something so the dog would be sleepy. She was given a quarter of a pill and the other quarter was for the trip back. The dog after only an hour started to act up so my daughter kept the carrier with the dog inside on her lap and this kept the dog calm. I have to mention that on her way down there was a lady next to her who was scared of dogs.. but she did not complain that my daughter held the dog in the carrier on her laps... actually she helped her by passing her whatever the hostess on the plane offered... and the fact that she had the carrier on her laps did not bother anyone and noone said anything.

    On our way back my daughter decided to give the other quarter of the pill to the dog 20 minutes before we left.. thinking it would keep her calm on the trip back... instead the little beast fought sleep and started to try to get out of her carrier maybe about 45 minutes in the flight... my daughter put the carrier on her laps and this calmed the dog.

    We were sitting in front of the plane aisle 7... my daugher was sitting next to the window, I next to her and this other lady next to me.

    I fell asleep like I usualy do on these flights ( i do believe the air in the plane is not great) but I was awaken by this continious talking... the hostess kept on repeating to my daughter that she has to put the carrier under the front seat... my daughter tried to explain the problem and that she know not to take out the dog from the carrier but by holding it on her lap it seemed to keep her calm so she would not bother anyone...but the hostess continued to repeat the same thing.

    After I listened to this going on for 5 minutes I said to the hostess... you have been saying the same thing for at least 4 times... do you not think it is time to stop now? you also woke me up... she answered me that she did not say it 4 times but three... I did not respond to this (to me it seemed) childish answer!... she then said.. that if someone would complain to the fact that my daughter was holding the carrier on her laps she would have to put it back under the seat. I told her that since she was sitting next to the window and I next to her ... I would def. not complain about this... i turned to my fellow passenger and asked her if this bothered her and she said no!... So then since it does not bother us who are sitting next to the carrier who would it not tell me you will go till the back of the plane and ask until you find someone who says it bothered them ... which by the way the only way the y would find out is that she tells them there is a young lady sitting on seat 7 who is holding on her lap a carrier with a 6.2 pound dog...

    She was very upset.. and left... excuse me I was very upset that i was awaken... but I was very polite and calm when I spoke to her... she was not...

    After all excuse me, I do understand that a dog should not be out of its carrier... but what is the problem after paying $100.00 West Jet so the dog could do the trip if the the dog was in his carrier which was on my daughter's lap??? this kept her calm (dog) is it not better for everyone...???

    rules? well strangely enough I recieved a e-mail from West Jet just a few days ago... and there it gave the reglulations of dogs trvavelling on board and there was no mention of the carrier having to be under the seat on the flight!... by the way she did put the carrierback under the seat on landing.. which I found dangerous for my daughter cause she had to keep her hand on it since the little dog was finding a way out!! smart little thing!...

    Regulations? What about the regulations about children playing in the corridors of the plane...? Is that not more dangerous????????? for themselves and other????...

    Surely pl who do not care much for animals... would say they have no place on planes... lets say I agree with you... then why let these animals on board at the cost of $100.00... just do what Transat does... no animals period!... not comlpicated right???... allergies???... if pl are on board that have allergies ... it is not funny i agree... but no matter if the dog is under the seat or on a lap in their carrier it is the same thing... I doubt this would change anything... I think I properly covered all bases... for i am sure someone q=wouold come out with certain of the details i just rev. mentioned...

    Tell me something... there are regulations and I agree with them ... to keep the flight safe for everyone on board... but there has to be better ways to epxress one self and I have flown many many times... in my 58 years of life.. to Europe etc...

    The same hostess before hand... when we were about to take off stopped to the lady on the seat next to me.. The lady had put on herlistening device (thin ones) to listen to her musci and read a book since there was a little child acrosso the aisle that kept on crying... the hostess told her to remove them because if she had to get up fast she could choke with them on and then she would have to practice life res. on her and she was not in the mood to do it... funny eh? West jet personel likes to joke alot... but... the lady looked at her in astonishement and so did I... and she told her.. but I still hear what is going on around me even if I have them on... to which the hostess answered... I will stand here till you remove them!!!...the lady was a grandmother a very distiguished lady... and I feel she was embaressed as I was... and removed them after looking at me!!!... but it seems to me there is other ways to talk to a passenger or no??? and besides I most have taken over 30 flights including toEurope... and I have to be honest this is the first time I hear something like this!...
    It almost feels like they are doing us a favor to let us fly on the plane... this is nuts!...

    By the way... so much rubish... I have waited several times for pl who boarded the plane late... though they tell us we have to be 2-3 hours before at the airport... so pls do not tell me that they cannot put the suitcase on the plane if your a bit late... though honestly I would not dare be late.

    Actually it happend to me once in Rome.. I was terribly late... I had to run to where the place was waiting... let me tell you I was as read as the sweater I was wearing, , , , it was winter...they told me you have 10 minutes to get to the plane!!! I must have been a hell of a sight cause when I got on board not only did I get bad looks from other passengers... but the personel actually made me go in the back of the plane and made me drink water... this was with Air Canada... I will never forget this flight back home cause I was invited by the pilot to go visit him after my meal... in the front cabin... which also won me many dirty looks ehhe!!!...oh well! ( a little humor and nice memorys...

    Anyways I am disgusted of the treatment on board on our way back this January 28th... it ruined the trip back for my daugher and myself... strange the same lady was in front when we dibarked from the plane and said good bye and hoping they had a fgood trip to everyone except us... she turned her face as we passed.. maybe it is better like that... surely i thought this company was better then this... not to forget that maybe you should tell your personel that when they talk on the speaker it is not necessary to talk loud... they are heard very well indeed... I am dispointed... tell you the truth...

  • Re
      6th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Nice Person: You are insane! Do you think rules don't apply to you and your daughter? You wasted 3 minutes of my life reading your crap.

    You even thought it was not safe to put the dog underthe seat for landing?!?!?! You definitely should not be flying or traveling for that matter.


  • Wo
      8th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    WOW- I totally agree that some of these people are idiotic and obnoxious. I wasted my time reading your crap about the dog on your kids lap. RULES ARE RULES PEOPLE!!!
    With how some of you are reacting to why your not 'treated special' is insane! I do not work for west jet or any airline for that matter but I fly lots and there is a reason why things are put under the seat before take off ect. So from the bottom up, let me defend any airline out there.

    ~Some dude who's complaining on not getting through to the phones? Get real- that happens in every large company.
    ~And the person about cancellation insurance? If you are healthy- you can get cancellation service. You were prob just to cheap to get it.
    ~The issue with the baby getting ill and canceling. I agree it seems only like half the story. Rules are rules, otherwise people take advantage of that and you dont run a business anymore. You cant sell a ticket for security reasons, but people dont care as long as they get there money back right? Whats more important money or security? hmmm... Rules are rules.. And even mentioning the word 'gangster' makes me wonder what kind of person you are. No one is out to get you, so dont make it out to be like that.
    ~And standBy.. well if YOU cant be courteous to the company for arriving on time, why should they be courteous to you? We can all only be accommodating the best we can right? I run a successful business and its the same thing. Waste my time and pay up. Do you even have an inkling to how much money it costs to run a plane? Your 'payment' is pennies! And if they dont let you through because of time than maybe you should get your act together and arrive on time like the RULES state. And please..every airline will ask you to pay for blanket/headphones ect unless you pay more for the ticket. But this is not your case. because you pay less for your ticket so why are you complaining? Go pay more overall somewhere else and see how much they enjoy a person like you on there flight. Point made!

    What a lot of people fail to see is you only see the here and now & what you want and not the before and after and rules implicated for reasons. When your dealing with thousand of people, one person can screw up a lot for many other people. So do you think we should all be a little less selfish as individuals & put others before ourselves before we go off and loose our temper over minor things in life?

  • Bi
      12th of Apr, 2010
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    I too have a complaint with Westjet but maybe for the wrong reason. I recently flew from Toronto to Edmonton. We weren't in the air for 10 minutes and the flight crew starting their trips up and down the aisle. Now I admit I'm a bigger guy and my sholder sticks out in the aisle some, so when someone goes past I have to turn it inwards, so perhaps I'm wrong to complain because some of it is my fault. It starts with the drink tray, and then the snacks, and then the garbage collection, the headphones and the blankets and then another round of drinks, and now the people that have had to much liquids that you have served are now heading up and down the aisle toward the bathroom and back. Well when I tried to rest it seemed like the entire plane was doing a Chinese fire drill. Please wait 2 hours before you serve some refresments and pickup the garbage 1/2 hour before landing. I think you are giving too much service, stop it. Let us rest on the plane, and if you need to have people eat and drink so much on the plane, I hope you have a plan to make the seats larger, because your feeding your next compainers that the seats on the plane are to small.

  • Wi
      30th of May, 2010
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    To be honest you people ( are very close minded and most likely work for west jet...the story with the ill baby...have a little compassion..and that is the truth because the exact thing happened to me two days ago!!! but it was my husband who is before you judge get your info straight!!! you would think that an airline who wastes millions of dollars on advertising that "we are owners too and we do whatever it takes to please our customers" are a bunch of hippocrates!!! I WILL NEVER FLY WESTJET AGAIN AND AT LEAST 20 OF MY FAMILY MEMBERS WILL BE DOING THE SAME!!

    Also they have no customer service...literally I was told that many times on the phone and the call centre people have no idea what they are talking about!!! This will not stop here and I am planning on pursuing this issue..I will not go unheard and the man with the ill baby I wish you all the best and you should not let them get away with this either!

  • Wi
      30th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Oh and world wide flyer...YOU CANNOT PURCHASE INSURANCE WITH A CONDITION THAT JUST must do it 21 days in advance you idiot!!!If you do find a way to purchase it they will not cover you...once again west jet are a bunch of hypocritical liars! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! Once again read before you post useless crap!

  • Na
      31st of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    ha. Do you think that an airline IS an insurance company? All businesses have to follow the same rules even when selling it onto you. You can purchase travel insurance direct instead of going through airlines, travel agencies, etc. Insurance is an advance thing, you know, like car and home insurance. Good luck to you if you are buying it just so you can cancel - time limits, investigations. Ha ha ha ...

  • Ca
      1st of Jun, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Here is my fiasco with the Great West Jet!
    Flying back from Calgary, checked myself in at the self serve machine and got a boarding pass, went along to drop off my bag, agent asked to weight my bag(s), so I placed the one I was checking in on the scale, it was tagged and then I was asked to place my carry on bags on the scale too so I did, they turned out to be 2-3 ponds over the limit so the agent told me I am not allowed to carry the bags on board I have to either take something out of them or check them. Given the nature of what I had in my bags I could not do either, so I explained to the agent that these are the same bags I left Toronto with and carried them on board on a West Jet flight and if anything the bags are lighter now then when I left Toronto. So the agent in an unusual West Jet manner (I fly 6 to 8 times a month, 75% of the time with West Jet, My office's instructions were always to book me on a West Jet flight, unless Air Canada is offering a far cheaper flight) he told me he will be getting the supervisor however the answer will be the same. Supervisor came! off course the answer was same, I used as much "SUGAR" as I possibly had in me however the attitude of the West Jet agent and supervisor got worst and worst and worst.
    I was not allowed to get on board the plain. So I took my bags, went over to Air Canada, bought a one way ticket to Toronto and carried on my bags with me!
    When arrived in Toronto I had to go to T3 to get my car, so I thought I go see West Jet Customer Service to get a refund! I was told that the check in agents are the Customer Service Agents I should get in the line with all the passengers trying to check in, and discuss my issue once I get to an agent! So I get in the line wait for 25 min or so to be told that I missed my flight and there is no refund. I asked what do you mean "I missed my flight! I was never allowed on that flight!" the agent replied once again: No, you never checked in and when you don't show up you loose your seat! I insisted that I did check in, I even had a boarding pass (which I left with the agent in Calgary and he didn't give back to me since I wasn't getting on that plain)! The agent in another very unusual West Jet manner told me that there is no evidence of that and basically called me a lier! Very frustrated off course, I asked to see supervisor. Supervisor advised me of the same and when I told her I am not leaving unless they refund my money she offered to call the police. Police came, I explained I am asking for a refund and they call the Police, the officer suggested it maybe the manner I am speaking or behaving that has caused the concern amongst West Jet people to call on the Police to which I offered my entire conversation with them recorded on my IPhone.
    Police can't obviously do anything except to advice me to call West Jet's complaints department later on, which I may have had considered if I was treated with a bit more respect. At this point I will take West Jet to small claims court for the $320.00 ticket fee they did not let me use and additional $500.00 which is the difference of the ticket I had to buy from Air Canada.
    If anyone with similar situation feels they have a been ripped off by West Jet, let me know, I am sure we can combine our efforts and bring one action against the "once to be the greatest airline on the planet" (but not no more).
    Let me know

  • Fl
      30th of Jun, 2010
    +1 Votes

    It is amaging how people think about flying. I am also very frequent flyer with many airline. I fly with air canada, westjet and many other international carrier. West jet do offer far more options when you need to make change or cancel. and their baggage allowance is far more accpting compare to others. I do see many fiesco at many airoirt and always the same kind of people. people with no common sence or not understanding how buisiness work. Any company that sell product or ticket, they need to put policy or condition/rules. when it comes down to airlines, they also need to comply with transport of canada, customs and airport security.problem begin with your action people. If you are regular customer who can meet the condition with the ticket you purchased, you won't have any problem. And you takeyour time to write your complain with no shame or any understanding of what you did wrong. lady with pet, if you can't follow the rule, airline will not take any more pet because of those people who won't follow the rule cause so much trouble/that is great action by people who supposely care for animal. you all only cinsider your own gain. read newpaper more!

  • La
      22nd of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    We flew Westjet on our honeymoon to Vancouver Island the first week of July, 2010. All went reasonably well until we went to land in Victoria. The plane touched down on the runway, and immediately took off again. So what would you expect the passenger's reaction to be at that point? Something is wrong...right? We're all waiting for some kind of explanation from the Captain or the attendants... but nothing. Nothing at all. We were in the air for another 20 minutes or so, and then when we did land...there were fire-trucks scattered all over the runway...waiting.

    As we left the plane I asked the pilot, "Were we OK there? I see all the firetrucks..." His response was, "Oh, they weren't for us. A strong tail-wind just blew us too far down the runway."

    I didn't, and don't, believe him... but even if that were true...not to inform the passengers of that in flight simply left us all to assume that whatever was wrong was so serious that either...informing the passengers would create worse panic, or the crew was so uccupied with an emergency situation that they had no time to speak to the passengers.

    I sent of an email to Westjet the next day, and the reply I got was that they were too busy to reply to any specific questions, but that someone would be getting back to me soon. That was three weeks ago.

  • Ke
      15th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Try getting out of bed earlier, you said it your self "you were late" every one else on the plane was on time.
    Ever flown a plane? It's not like driving a car.
    When is the last time you checked you engine oil? Not sure? well i thought so. You should know that procedures are in place for a reason.
    Don't be late and you will be fine, and you can laugh at the schmucks who miss there flight cause they were late.

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