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I just left the wendys on hwy 98 in hattiesburg mississippi and went thru drive in window.. You pay at one window and pick up food and reciept at the other…. No reciept… I asked for a reciept 2 times and was told they were out of reciept paper.. Then I asked for them to simply write it down for me (I keep good records of my debit card) they looked as if I were crazy and stated they had “no pen”…. Hello I had a pen asked what the total was and wrote the information down my self… terrible… and rude about it too!!! Won”t be back and will tell everyone that will listen!!! Sorry wendys your out!!!

For me two complain is unusual, every time this occurs I swear i’ll never go 2 wendy’s again. Ashame because I love the product except for one thing, every time literally I go I can never request a burger without mayonnaise & ketchup and just get mustard. Tonight is the last straw. I always even have them repeat the order get home & have ketchup or dry &! End up feeding it to the dog. Since mcdonald’s, burger king u name it can get this request right it must have something to do with ur cash register buttons.

I frequent the wendy’s on because it’s convenient for me, and I love their wildberry frostees! I must admit that I haven’t been going near as often after I encountered a racist group of people working there. I went inside to order my food, in the line behind me was a black woman. The cashier, who was male, could barely be understood, was rude, and was joking the whole time with the other guys he was working with. I was told that they could not make a frostee that day, yet the lady behind me ordered the same thing, and she was not met with that same answer.

Everyone knows this wendy’s is racist. They need new management, and get people in there who actually likes customer service, this attitude of the wokers has cut their business in half among the students here.

No way can this occur 10 out of 10 times due to staff error.. You would think u would have corrected this problem by now it’s probably happens 2 me literally a 100 times over the last 20 years. But most probably r like me and wait 20 years to complain or give up and go elsewhere. Sure nothing will be done this time either. I figure i’ve wasted at least $300.00 n attempting 2 get something I will eat over the past two decades. I give up!!

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      19th of Apr, 2012

    Wow! You are all over the place. All this frustration, anger, hostility AND racism. Please stay away. You are going to have a heart attack.

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