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Reviews and Complaints

Wendysfingernail in my sandwich!

My friend and I decided to go and eat at Wendy's yesterday for lunch. I ordered the spicy chicken sandwich meal. We sit down to eat and I'm a couple bites into my sandwich when I realize that I'm chewing on something hard.. So i spit it out to see what it is, and it turns out to be a human FINGERNAIL!!! I start shaking from being so grossed out and decide to bring it up to the counter to show the cashier and manager. All they do is briefly look at it and offer me another sandwich! I asked for a refund because there is no way I am going to eat anything else from Wendy's again!! I then throw out the rest of my half eaten sandwich, fries, and drink and my friend and I leave. After leaving I decide to call the Wendys and speak to the manager to see what further action she took. She just kept apologizing and told me that all the employees wear gloves and that she has no idea where the fingernail came from. She told me to go back anytime and she'll give me a free salad or something!!
I will never go back to that Wendy's or any Wendy's for that matter!! I was sick to my stomach for the rest of the day after that and am now scared to eat anything really!!
As of today, I called corporate office to file a complaint, but it didn't seem like they took it too seriously either! Just shows you how these people run their business!! EWWWW!! I feel absolutely traumatized from this whole situation! I dont think I'm eating out for a long long time!

Unfortunately, I didnt get a pic of the fingernail as it all happened so fast! And I handed off the fingernail to the cashier! To anyone reading this, be aware of what youre eating because you may come across a fingernail in your sandwich! GROSS!!

  • Sign, I told my friend it was not a good idea to go through with this. There was no "fingernail" that is why she had no picture. She wants me to be a witness and lie and claim I saw the fingernail when I never did. Apparently someone a few years ago found a fingernail in their chilly and sued Wendy's she is hoping to get big bucks from Wendy's. This is all a lie and a big scam and I don't approve of this and though I care for my friend deeply, according to my morals and beliefs I feel I should tell you all the truth and what really happened. I can't believe how far my friend is taking this, even calling corporate and posting it online and pushing it further when this never happened. It is sad what people would do for a few bucks.

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  • An
    Anonomous315 Jun 29, 2012

    My friend and the fingernail scam. - Pretending to be the friend that came along with me! Hahaha! Unfortunately, this story is 100% true. What a low life you are to make an account to act as the friend that came along with me. I wouldnt need my friend to be a witness or lie, as I said that I brought the fingernail up to the cashier and manager. So they are witness enough! Sorry!.. And I dont have a picture because I was too grossed out to think "ooh maybe i should snap a pic so that people will believe me"! I've already spoken to corporate, only to file a complaint, not make "a few bucks".

    Tasha8 - this story is real. If you dont believe it, why are you on here reading through "wendys complaints" and taking time to write a comment about it! Im sure you can find something better to do! "You can do better"!

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  • First of all I was there with you. I am just trying to protect you. You never brought the fingernail up to the cashier because there was no fingernail. I told you at the restaurant, I told you several times after we left the restaurant that this incident never happened. You promised to share the money with me if I went along with it. However I refuse to make money in such a dishonest way.

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  • Am
    Amonymous315 Jun 29, 2012

    It should not matter if the story is true or not. You are no friend of mine. I don't consider you a friend anymore. Friends stick by each other even if one friend knows the other friend is doing something wrong. If you really are my friend posting I don't consider you a friend anymore for making me look foolish online.

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  • An
    Anonomous315 Jun 29, 2012

    So im pretty sure "My friend and the fingernail scam." & "Tasha8" are the same person, as your posts are minutes apart! Please get a life! You look really stupid. The situtation is being dealt with and has nothing to do with you. Feel free to post all the comments you want. It doesnt change or have any effect on MY experience!

    I simply wrote this complaint so that people would be aware, which only ethical!

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  • An
    Anonomous315 Jun 29, 2012


    are you serious! Amonymous315 !! Trying to come off as me "anonomous315"!! WOW!! This is a joke! seriously, hahahaha! JUST STOP!

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  • Ta
    TayIorErwin Jun 29, 2012

    "Tasha8 - this story is real. If you dont believe it, why are you on here reading through "wendys complaints" and taking time to write a comment about it! Im sure you can find something better to do! "You can do better"!"

    Because there are many people out there who actually do pull these type of things unfortunately. Yeah and there are two different anonymous. It is quite clear. The OP has poor grammar and spelling and the imposter has better spelling and grammar. No offense, just saying.

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  • Ho
    Hogwarts Student Zachary Jun 29, 2012

    Just be glad you did not find a condom in the burger.

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  • Qu
    Quark Kent Jun 29, 2012

    If you did it comes with a free toy, in a big irregurar shaped balloon.

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  • So
    SoIbined Jun 29, 2012

    Since that approach did not seem to work, perhaps you should have taken a more direct approach such as shoving the fingernail up her ###.

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  • Hi
    Hilory conner Jun 30, 2012

    This person is lying and scamming people, they had the exact same thing happen at Burger King.

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  • Ru
    Rude Staples Manager Jun 30, 2012

    You know that making fake complaints like this is illegal right. Your friend is just trying to help you. It does not matter whether you are trying to sue them through a scam or if you are just posting this to let them know what happened(or lies about what happened) just posting lies about a company to give them bad publicity is illegal and the fact that the exact same thing happened at Wendy's and Burger King makes you look more like a fraud who is doing this just to get money off a bogus lawsuit.

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