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I am a breast cancer survivor that lives in Oxford, AL. I am breast cancer free as of 10/31/2017. I have been told that I need to lose weight to keep the cancer from coming back and with the help of Wendy's healthy choices I have lost 43 lbs. My concern is the Wendy's that is located in Midfield, Al. My husband and I travel here once a week for the car auction in Midfield and we always stop at this Wendy's because of the healthy choices. Let me first start off by saying the staff at this location is awesome! We always get wonderful service every time we go to this location! However, I am greatly concerned with the safety of your guest. You see the roof of this building is leaking in several places. The employees have done the best they can to keep the water off the floor, but when it rains it is pouring inside of Wendy's. It is only a matter of time before someone slips and falls. Thank you for listening to my concerns and for providing healthy choices! I am sure this will be taken care of for the safety of your employees and guest.

Mar 29, 2017

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