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I recently quit working at the Wendy's I Logan Ohio due to the poor attitude and management of the head manager Dave and one of his other "managers" Kim.
I worked at this Wendy's for about 9 months. Prior to starting this job I had zero knowledge of what to do and was thrown into the job position with little to no help. Dave and Kim both on multiple occasions have been in my face cursing and screaming at me. Dave the head manager hit me and got in my face screaming at me and that's why I left Wendy's.
I was burnt by oil from the deep fryers and was refused to go home by Dave. I then took it to myself to leave and go to the hospital which then I found out that my arm was infected. They made me file workers comp at the hospital and then Dave tried to get other employees to say it never happened.
Kim has grabbed on a gentleman's person areas when he used to work at Wendy's. She then said it was a joke.
Dave has slapped girls on the butt at work before as well.
Many of the employees at Wendy's were never made to do the welearn things so they haven't completed proper training.
The two managers Teresa and Adam are the ONLY reason that the Logan Wendy's is still standing. One of the other crew members named Debbie takes on more responsibility to get things done around the store than Dave does. If it weren't for them picking up the slack of everyone else nothing would be done proper.
The store is a nasty mess and I'm very surprised that people don't get sick from the overdue food they serve to customers.
It blows my mind that this has went on for such a long time and nothing has been done about it. I really really hope that someone will put an end to the problems there because most of the employees only stay because that is their only choice.

Nov 24, 2017

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