Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companyorder accuracy and timeliness

I went to the Wendy's in Salem VA for lunch today, arriving at 12:20. I was about the 7th or 8th person in line. Eventually one man and another family of 4 walked out, so after 20 minutes my order was placed. When my order came it was the wrong order. I came back and asked them to switch it. After 20 minutes of standing there they still had not gotten my correct sandwich made. The employee named Kim was handling my situation as well as several other complaints in the meantime. She was totally professional and seemed to be the only employee getting anything accomplished.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Salem, ALFinally she said she was sorry and didn't know what was taking so long and I may just want the manager. It took her a few minutes to even find the manager named Brandon. Most of the time I was there random was hanging out in the back on the prep line, when he should have been the one directing traffic and managing customer complaints, not Kim. Brandon apologized and refunded my order, which didn't solve the problem of wasting 45 of a one hour lunch break by this point. This was the worst fast food experience I have ever been part of. If there is any silver lining to this, I may go look for Kim when I have an opening at my current job, because her customer service and calm under pressure was miles above everyone else there!!

May 11, 2017

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