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Ironton, MO, United States

I went to the ironton Wendy's at 12:20 i ordered a chocolate chip cookie and chili and a drink all of the workers were out side smoking and looked annoyed to even have to come in and take my order i ignored it and took my order one employee comes straight in from outside to the front w out even washing their hands to handle my food i was irritated but over looked it as i was driving away i see that it isn't even the right cookie. I didn't want to have to speak to the employees there that night (bc the usual staff I see are very friendly) so i just went home. I get into my bag and my chili isn't even relatively warm ( usually it is steaming or atleast hot and soupy) this just looked like a cold ball of chili. I touched it and it was very cold. Even though it is late they should still have the decency to respect the paying customer. They didn't even take the time to warn it up. It's just disappointing that they had no sense of care. and i usually wouldn't mind but what if i was on my way to work and didn't have a microwave it's just inconcedrate. Y

Nov 19, 2017

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