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Pottstown, PA, United States
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While at Wendy's drive thru today located on High Street in Pottstown PA, I received my food as ordered & drive away. There was a strange smell as if my food was burning, so I had pulled over to look inside the bag and found a half smoked cigarettes laying on top of my french fries, I was appalled & discarded my food immediately. I phoned to that store and asked to speak to a manager and a male by the name of Jerome identified himself as the manager . I proceeded to tell him what had happened. Here are the details: While I was waiting in the drive-through for my food, I had observed a Caucasian male in a Wendy's uniform smoking outside of the building and minutes later that same male went inside, came into the drive-through window area and handed me my food, only for me to get about a half a mile down the road and wonder what the burning smell was in the bag, so I pulled over to look in the bag and found a half smoked cigarette on top of my food.Jerome told me he would put me on hold and check with the suspected male to see if he had washed his hands before he handled my food. Which then had me even more disturbed as clearly the manager was not listening to my customer complaint. Not only is hygiene important when working with food but things like this are not acceptable in any way !!! I trust that this will be addressed to prevent any future recurrences.

Oct 19, 2018

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