Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / cashier

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Roosevelt Mall, Cottman Ave, Philadelphia PA
I visited this location around 11:30 tonight and was very upset arriving home. I ordered 2 salads, one apple pecan salad without chicken and one taco salad. I asked for the Apple pecan salad in a half order and the taco salad in full. When we got to the window to pay the cashier said 15 and change, I said is that for a full and small, she replied we don’t have smalls and then said with an attitude we’ll have to make a small.I told her don’t worry about it and as I was speaking she shuts the drive thru door. She then charges me almost 11 bucks and when I go to ask was everything in the bag she goes yeah and shuts the door again. On the ride home I noticed that my salad was just lettuce and apples. No pecans no dressing no plastic ware.I was so aggravated I wanted to drive back and either get my money back or get the right ingredients for my salad. I wouldn’t have complained, but the cashier should not be at drive thru. To top it off I think she was the manager. I go to this Wendy’s often and always wish I didn’t get her because she’s really rude. Her whole ora is wrong. She gives off the attitude like she doesn’t want to be there, but it shows and you will lose a lot of loyal customers if you have rude people taking your order. I didn’t get a receipt so I didn’t get a name. All I know is you guys should find out who she is and give her a job away from customers. Now I’m gonna go to bed hungry because of your rude staff giving me lettuce and apples.

Sep 13, 2017

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