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May 16, 2017 roughly 1015pm went on lunch break from work to the Wendy's at Oxford and Richmond. Ordered a Baconator and Spicy Chicken at which the worker replied, "Spicy Chicken what?" in a unprofessional manner. Worker should know the menu says Spicy Chicken and it is a burger. If I wanted a Spicy Chicken Wrap I would have ordered it that way as per how the menu has it presented. After that worker was rude. Kept receipt because I imagine she knew I was going to complain. Was also on the phone with family while she was rude. I know some people say it is rude to order on the phone which Is why I had my phone away and in my pocket while I ordered. She intentionally waited until I was back on the phone to make her comment. She should read the menu and maybe she wouldn't have to ask for specification on what I ordered when it is clearly stated on there actual menu right behind her. She needs to get work educated.

May 16, 2017
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      17th of May, 2017

    The employee tried to clarify what you wanted to order and you got an attitude with her. Next, you got on your cellphone because you were too impatient to wait till you completed your order and were out of the drive-thru. You sound like a nightmare to deal with and I bet you have problems everywhere you go. I wonder how many times a disgruntled employee, fed up with your rudeness, has added some additional "flavour" to your food!

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