Wendys / employers

Atlanta, GA, United States

I am currently an employee for wendys. The way the companies rules are, not right at all. The managers need to be evaluated before they become managers. The store I'm currently working, the managers like to steal an try to set u up (crew member) and make it seem like you're the problem.On top of that they like to threaten you with firing you if you do'nt do what they say. The company espects for you to accept if a costumer disrespects you or a manager. There's alot of favortism with managers an som crew members. If you have to call of they talk one your days off the schedule. If they don't like you they shorten your hours.They can't even trust their own managers with money.On top of this my car was broken into while Iwas on their property working and the general manager said "wendys won't cover replaceing your window". Are you serious? I'm suppose to come back to work as if nothing even happen an be nice to their costumers. Wendys is nothing but a joke. They espect us to work off the clock if we haven't finished our work.Someone really needs to look into this company.

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