Wendy's Bacon Egg And Bacon Biscuits93249

I ordered a #5 Bacon Egg and Cheese biscuit for breakfast on June 4th 2018. At first they gave me the wrong order, instead they gave me a sausage egg and cheese biscuit. Fortunately they corrected that right away, but unfortunately when I opened the wrapper of my bacon egg and cheese biscuit, my biscuit was hard and burnt. When my boyfriend went back to get a new one, requesting a none burnt biscuit, a manager specified that all biscuits come that way, so instead of being able to not burn my biscuit, he gave me my money back. Im not sure if this is true, that all biscuits come burnt, if they do, disregard this complaint and i unfortunately will no longer order breakfast biscuits from Wendy's. However, if they don't, then please explain why a manager would not just make me a fresh, non burnt breakfast biscuit?

Jun 04, 2018

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