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loan modification bs

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Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
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We have been trying since November to keep our home from being foreclosed. I have spent hours on the phone getting the runaround from employee to employee who know little or nothing about our account. It is BS to have to call the 800 number and never get the same person!!! AGGRAVATING!!! No one at the local branch can help me! I was told in November to submit a hardship letter along with the necessary financial info. I had originally contacted the "HOPE" hotline and they took all my info. Then a rep from WF called for me to send the other information in and said he would be the one we would be talking to through the process. Desmond was his name... What a bunch of BS, haven't heard a peep from Desmond since then...

So, after submitting the information we finally get a letter from WF at the end of December with "moretoreum" aggreement that we would make a January payment of $400, February payment of $400 and then a March payment of $14000 before they would consider a loan modification for us!!! I called WF AGAIN to see if there was something we could do about the March payment because of course we don't have that kind of funds just laying around (bankruptcy last year...) The rep told me at that time we could make the January and February payments and then CALL them prior to the March payment to make "arrangements"... so we signed the paperwork and made the first two payments. I called at the end of February to make our "arrangements". The rep specifically TOLD me that I did not have to make the March payment as it was being rolled into the rest of our loan and was being submitted officially as part of the loan modification process. I asked her a few times, are you sure we don't have to send you anything for March, she said NO. I did however have to send all our financial info yet AGAIN and the hardship letter, AGAIN.

I called a few times to check the status of things, find out how we were coming along on our 30-60 day review. I was always told it was still in review. I ASKED EACH TIME-Do I need to make a March payment, are you sure??? No, you do not was always the reply...

So fast forward to Friday, April 10th. I call to check the status, hoping to hear good news as I found out the day before the bankruptcy trustee had given up any interest so our last hurdle in keeping our home was to get our loan reworked with WF. The first person to answer the phone transfers me to another person who tells me "oh You're in FORECLOSURE!!!" WTF???

I'm shocked, what I say??? They transfer me to yet another person, I'm like what's going on we've done everything you've told us to. They transfer me to their collections department... person number 4 now. Some cold, heartless, unfeeling soul who flat out says "You are in foreclosure because you failed to make the March payment." What the hell I say? YOUR COMPANY TOLD ME NOT TO!!! I have been nothing but cooperative in the matter. "I'm sorry ma'am, I understand you're upset and I'm not trying to argue with you." drones the b*tch. UPset?! Now there's an understatement! What do I do? I start crying, I cannot lose my house, we're trying to make this work! I thought the whole point in a loan modification was to help everyone?

Our home was on the market for the last two years, it has NOT sold. What makes WF think they're going to get anything out of it. Why not work with the people who want to stay? Who WANT to work something out?

The droning agent told me we could call the 800 number and see if we qualify for any loan modifications... Ummm, hello, isn't that what heck we've been doing for the last 6 months????!!! You'll have to submit a hardship letter and your financial info...AGAIN!!!

WELLS FARGO LIES!!! The customer service reps LIE!!! The lead you down one path and then screw you over!! I'm am absolutely, positively infuriated!!! It was especially a blow to read in the paper just that morning that WF had made an enormous profit for quarter, RECORD earnings... just screwing us little people trying to survive in this economy right now.

IF you are trying to rework your loan be careful!!! Don't let them lie to you too!
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N  30th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Well, I wish I had read these comments before consenting to a Loan Modification from WF. My husband was contacted by WF in October 2009 regarding modifying our mortgage loan. I had been unemployed for over 2 years, and although we were making our monthly payments, at times it was a struggle, so we were elated to accept the offer. The paperwork was finally sent in December 2009 after we were pre-qualified for a $400 mortgage reduction. The paperwork read that we were to make payments in January, February, and March 2010 for a specified amount; and, we did. We even made our regular mortgage payment for December 2009 although we were not required. After the March 2010 payment, we called and asked about the paperwork and were told to continue making payments because we would receive the paperwork. April, May, June...all the same story. On June 23, we received a letter stating that we were denied because we "rejected the modification offer". What in the world!?!? My husband and I called WF and were told that the letter was a "standard letter" and that the easiest thing to do was to put us "back in the program". We had to submit financials again. Oh, did I mention that we had already faxed and express mailed the financials paperwork, application, hardship letter and every thing else that WF requested NUMEROUS times. We called every other day and would be on the telephone for over an hour each day only to get the run-around from each representative. Since June 2010, we have been reinstated in the modification program four times! We were promised internal reviews and investigations into our complaint that extended back to June 2010. We were finally told, in the beginning of August 2010, that we would continue to be rejected because of the letter that stated that we "rejected the modification offer". So, the representative requested a "manual review" of our case and told us to call back on August 17. We contacted WF the week ending August 14 and were told that a manual review had NEVER been done. On or about August 16, a representative from WF called me, and after a lengthy review of our file and case notes and his call to Loss Mitigation, they came to the conclusion that we "never should have been denied the HEMP program modification based on the financials and information provided." It was apparent to him that WF "did something wrong." He requested a formal manual review into our case. Upon calling two days later, we were informed that our home was in active foreclosure because of our debt to income ratio, and that was the reason we were denied. Oh, I failed to mention that there was income documented that they did not count because the needed "canceled checks as proof of income". Were they ever going to tell us that if we had not asked why they had not included it? We managed to decrease our debt and were told that we would receive paperwork which showed our new financials that we gave verbally...still waiting. My husband asked if we were pre-qualified, but the representative did not say. Now, here we are on this beautiful day, and our home is in active foreclosure!!! What takes the cake???? I received correspondence from WF, today. What was it???? A letter explaining loan modification and an application for the same. If I knew, in October 2009, what I know now, I would run the other way. When will WF pay for their crimes against honest Americans? All we needed was help, and what did we receive? A stab in the back. WF Loan Modification - A SCAM! WF Loss Mitigation - A JOKE! WF Home Mortgage Company - CROOKS!
A  30th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Whenever you are contacted by Wells Fargo or any Mega Bank, always ask the person on the other line their name and employee number? Ask them are they an employee of that particular institution.
Do this before you speak to them!
Many companies are contacting the banks to make a large percentage of the collection!
They will act as if they work for the bank!
Whatever they tell you- will be a LIE!
Stay away from these collection companies!
They are acting without oversight!
Record all phone calls!
You will need it later!
A  8th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I agree with all of these posts! WF has to be stopped! What right do they have to destroy peoples credit and LIVES? My story is pretty much the same...except I NEVER MISSED A SINGLE PAYMENT! I bought a house and had mortgage through American Financial Solutions(greatest co ever) until they sold my loan to WF after 1 1/2 yr. Nothing but trouble since. Had loan with this co for several months and pd on time each month. At this point, after birth of daughter and job changes, things started getting tight so I called to check on modification that I was hearing so much about- just to inquire. I specifically told agent that I WAS'NT behind on monthly note because I know how important it is to be current on house note for credit purposes. But I was starting to have to get behind on other payments(car, truck, etc.)But I always made sure to pay mortgage on time! I CALLED THEM TO SEE IF THERE WAS A WAY TO GET HELP...maybe reduce payments as I heard so many people doing. Long story short, they talked me into doing repayment plan which is where they defer payments... so I agreed thinking whole time they were working on modification process. After 3 or 4 months of calling and getting diff answers each time, they kept trying to get me to do another repayment plan. I explained that I wasn't interested because it wasn't helping my situation. I finally spoke to a person who told me I wasnt even in system for modification! This started another 5-6 mo ordeal of the same crap...I was still paying my notes on time...Then my husband went to get a debit card from bank and was turned down because of credit! Thats when I started checking and realized they had & STILL SHOW ME BEHIND $15, 000.00 ON MY CREDIT REPORT! This has been going on for over a yr & finally got modification taken care of (or so I think). Just got papers in mail this week saying that mod went through. Although still shows as being $15, 000 behind. The funny thing is that I spoke with an agent about 4 months ago who told me she didn't know why the mod hadn't been completed yet because they had the check to bring us current just sitting there. No rush on their part, it wasnt doing any harm to them. So I guess they could just take their time. While in the meantime, my family is suffering! I have another loan co that really COULD reduce my payments and help me out dramatically, but cant loan me the money until I can show where my payments are on time for a year...THANKS WELLS FARGO. This could be the difference between me losing everything that I own, but cant do it because they won't fix my credit report! Its a shame that the people who have payed their bills on time and try to get a little assistance have to pay while others, who don't try, get help! I wish I'd have known how horrible this co was before I even ASKED them for help!
A  29th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Same ol', same ol'...I can honestly relate to each and every one of you and your experiences with Wells Fargo. I dont even care to waste my time describing the typical mysterious loss of documents, blatant lying and/or incompetency on behalf of WF. This attempt to have our loan modified was a HUGE mistake from the beginning and I truly wish that I hadnt wasted a second of my time on it. All we were looking to do was decrease our monthly payment by $150-$200 and we could afford to keep our home. Yet, WF would rather push our family out the door and into the street than take a loss like that. I am here to warn you...WELLS FARGO IS DEFINITELY NOT LOOKING TO AID YOU IN KEEPING YOUR HOME!

According to WF we were denied because they had us down for an access of $7000 at the end of each month!!! WTF???? LOL ...I WISH! Somebody didnt miss a decimal space over there, they missed three! After a written email complaining of the enormous mistake we were immediately contacted by Matthew Turk from the 'Office of the President' who adamitely apologized and assured us that "unfortuantely" he was "all too familiar" with the same mishaps and that with our approval he would love to "help us" and take on our file personally. We thought to ourselves finally, .. somebody competent! This time the process moved much more quickly, yet the out come remained the same...DENIED! Mr. Turk had us negative $2500 at the end of each month, from one extreme to the next...not even close in either direction! Needless to say, I now know why Mr. Turk was so soft spoken and well versed...he is simply paid to act as a buffer and provide customers with yet another false sense of hope, only this time it appears more personable and sympathetic! Matthew Turk...OUR HERO.

What people need to understand is that the billions of dollars that the banks managed to pay back the government with so quickly, was likely provided through foreclosure sales. Think about it, make $500, 000 w/principal and interest over 30 years?...or just fire sale it over night for $275, 000 cash? HMMMM? The banks are not in the real estate business nor do they want to be, they are in the business of moving $$$$$$. Also, keep in mind that the government requires (and pays $1000 per application) to these banks to provide homeowners with the opportunity to apply for modifications, ...however, that doesnt mean that they are expected to actually modify them. GOOD LUCK!
N  29th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have been trying for about a month now in getting someone to help me with my loan. I am out of the country due to my job and am unable to tell you the location. I can be reached by email at this time. I have tried several times to call and leave a message for someone to email me back because I cannot always call at the correct time back in the states. I am about to lose my home and no one is willing to help me. This is unfair. I need your help now. Please respond to me via email at rebjeaost@msn.com
A  6th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
WELLS FARGO process for HOME LOAN mod is a joke. It's time we banded together and brought them into the public eye.
dragging on and on - Lost papers submitted to them - numerous duplicate submissions by me - These Wells Fargo employees are either the most corrupt and cold hearted people on the planet or just incredibly stupid. It is time for everyone to band together and throw them into a huge class action law suits. I have experienced almost every scenario that I have read here. I was even told one day on the phone in the same conversation that i did not qualify to have my loan modified because I make too little and then ten minutes later told I make too much. AT one time I had a main person contact named Kimberly Kennedy I would check in with her whenever she informed me to to get the decision on home mod process - two more weeks - 30 more days - 4-6 weeks - on and on - dates for decision ever changing - information ever changing - then she said any day now I would get my answer -then, she stopped taking my calls or returning my calls. After two weeks of trying to recontact her, I finally just called the main number and found out that they had turned me down over a month ago - a month after I had numerous phone calls with her -. So she lied about her knowledge of decision and then ignored me - I got an employee to tell me off the record that I was turned down because of my income to debt ratio - I asked what numbers they went by - again the employee told me the answer "off the record" the numbers they used to calculate their position - the numbers did not even come close to my documentation or truth in my submission - they obviously made a number up or can't read. - Fortunately for me, they have done all this right in front of my legal counsel - as I have had legal counsel listening in on every phone call -- I am in the process of gathering up names and emails of people who will want to join in a class action law suit. I live in California - Federal court is where we are headed - feel free to email at swbh2o@sbcglobal.net. I have contacts at 60 minutes and almost every major magazine - so I am also about to launch a big news blitz on my case. I believe we can all fight this injustice - don't give up - don;'t be apathetic. I have been on the phone with several senators - call yours - write them - I can tell that they are about to listen. One of the gubernatorial candidates in California has heard me out - and is now about to make this a cornerstone of their campaign.
Also I have had an inquiry from a contact in the white house - so it doesn't hurt to write the white house - they are starting to get it.
A  10th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have gone through everything that I have read in this few comments. WF has bunch of idiots working for them. They simply read a script and answer back to you, the moment you take them off course and come back with the same previous question they will have a complete different answer. WF employees [censor]ed people so they can act like robots. I have talked to common employees to management level people. Non of them seemed to have completed middle school. WF is a common thief who has no soul but greed only. They do this new filing every time they denie you they will open a new case and make you resubmmit all the paper work, the reason they get paid by the gov for every application.
Unless they are investigated by the feds, they will keep doing this and the gov will keep bailing them out. They know this and that's why they screw us. WF ARE IDIOTS, THIEVES, COMMON CRIMINAL WITH THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT IN THEIR POCKET.
A  11th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Instead of making multiple TRIAL PAYMENTS and still getting the shaft we have decided to save that money and sue Wells. What they are doing is wrong and if we can prove they didn't file the correct papers when they transferred the mortgage we will have them by the balls as it should be instead of the other way around. Nothing but a bunch of greedy [censor]. Screw you Wells Fargo.
A  19th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Yep! Going through the process now and getting the same kind of runaround. They just denied our application for a loan mod because we just recently refinanced before I got laid off, unexpectedly. Reason for denial is because our mortgage loan with WF is under 12 months. S0 WTH? They could have simply told me that before we went through the process of completing the app, writing a hardship letter and providing all the documents they required for a home modification loan. Talk about a waste of time and effort.

Now, last Friday we receive a letter from Wells Fargo explaining a short sell option, which IS NOT an option. This is our home and we intend to keep it! Called them today regarding this short sell letter and it's a good thing I did. Apparently they've already started the process of this short sell option which is out of the question. I learned that if we didn't cancel or comply with the terms of the short sell, WF would haved moved towards foreclosure! WTF!?! We're up to date on not behind on any payments as of now. I got in a rather heated conversation with one of their reps, named Troy over all this crap. I expressed my disgust as to this short sell option and why they just didn't tell us up front that we didn't qualify for the loan mod. Troy offered no explainations. I was told it will take 72 hours to stop the short sell process and I'll be receiving another letter confirming this.

Talk about opening up a can of worms! Now we're burdened even more since I intend to keep following up on this and documenting phone conversations. We can't afford a real estate attorney, but I'm currently looking into some of the free counseling services that are available.
It's all a crock of bs from what I see at this point in time with Blowbama Home Modification Loans. Weren't these programs designed to help Americans out in this rotten economy that the banks had a large part of getting us into anyway? Billions of taxpayer dollars were poured into bailing out these corporations. WTH do they make it so hard for people that need help now and are willing to work with them?!?

N  15th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I've had the same problem, but I RECORDED ALL MY PHONE CALLS with them! They started telling me one thing, then I say - NO, You're WRONG - I have a manager telling me something else, would you like to HEAR IT? Best advice to everyone, RECORD ALL YOUR CALLS with Wells Fargo!!! You're legally allowed to because their system and sometimes even the rep tells you the call may be monitored or recorded - That gives consent because THEY know they are recorded, and YOU do as well.
N  16th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
If you are interested in the possibility of a class action with WF, contact me to discuss at bkurt31@yahoo.com. You should have entered into a trial modification in California, performed all of the terms of the modification as agreed, and have all of the documents ever sent to you. You should be north of Los Angeles, and a San Jaoquin Valley or Central Coast plaintiff would be best. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
A  1st of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Attn: All Homeowners who have been wronged by WF!!!
Now is your chance to join in a class action filed against Wells Fargo on November 23, 2010 by the Law Offices of Harwood Feffer LLP for CA residents. The lawsuit alleges WF mislead many homeowners by telling them they had to be in default to qualify for a loan modification and then turn around and foreclose or short sale their homes!!! For more information please go to www.whesp.com and click on the America's Servicing Company & Wells Fargo tab and it will tell you how to join in on this class action!! Let’s bring these jerks down!!
N  2nd of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Ok, this may be an unwelcome message on this thread. I was searching "complaints" on lots of banks, just to see what banks were a good idea for me to take a loan with...
I just would like to share this story. A few months ago, I had an issue with a paycheck. My employer lost it, I didn't realize it was lost until after I had sent out checks that same day anticipating getting and depositing it (my error, I know). I bounced a few checks, which I obviously was OK with since it was not my bank's fault, it was mine and my employer's fault. Later that month, I wrote out another check to my son's daycare to cover the amount I had assumed bounced, plus the rest of my pymt for that month.
Hah. Turns out, my daycare never tried to cash the check. So I accidentally overdrafted my acct, yet again. I was devastated. Here I was trying to fix a situation that was not entirely my fault, and I ended up overdrafting my acct by about $500. I knew that I would not be able to cover that amount immediately and would end up getting a fee every day. I went to the bank, begged and pleaded (and cried) a little, and got 3 of my overdraft fees removed right away. The reps I dealt with at the bank were very understanding, and even sent my situation up the line where I got 2 more fees waived. This was not something that they had to do for me, but I have been a loyal customer in the past and will continue to bank with them in the future.
I do feel bad for those of you who have been jerked around, but did you ever bother to make connections with the people handling your money? For me, this has made all the difference.
N  5th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
PLEASE DONT GIVE UP!!! YOU HAVE OPTIONS...believe it or not!! You all are right about getting the run around, do you know that 8 out of 10 times when you call that 800 # your talking to a call center in India, no joke, the next time ask if your talking to someone in the US..When we bailed these crooks out you should have been able to do this on your own. Do you know that each time the bank puts you in a trial mod. our govt. pays them a 1000.00 and they can do it up to 3 times? I work for the American Consumer Advocates Law Group, your probley thinking right now " I shouldn't have to pay somebody to do this" and your right, but unfortunately if you dont have any banking exp. or know all the legal guidelines they'll walk all over you...I work for the Homeowner not the Bank...if you'd like some FREE ADVICE please call me, I'm a homeowner also, I've been down this road. My number is 877-320-6949 ext. 233 ...Janice Hunter
A  8th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
let's not talk anymore and do something, let's organize!!!
A  25th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am in the same boat as everyone on here, dealing with WF for a modification. Read in the paper on Sunday how tons of people are being screwed over and losing their homes. We were given a 6 month "trial" period which ended in Oct 2010, then we were denied for a modification ( not sure how) so now they have offered us a new "6 month trial period" and we haven't agreed to it and don't know what to do, does anyone have any advice, can you refi with another company and somehow keep your house, call a lawyer etc... I don't know where to turn so any advice is appreciated... thanks and good luck to all
A  18th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
This is exactly what happened to me. I lost my job on 9/10 and while making a phone payment one day I heard a robo message that said I might be able to get help with my loan. It was the biggest of my life.
The (first) rep that called me back (Andrew Berger) said that he could help and would send me the paperwork ASAP.
By 11/10 still not having received anything yet I called and of course his voice mail comes on, I decide to ask another rep and have to go through the whole identification process again.
I finally get the papers to fill out with a checklist and fill them all out and send them in.
I called about 3 weeks later and a rep explained that Andrew needed more paperwork, I explained to the rep that nobody had called and asked for any but she quickly replied we're asking you now. I spent money faxing 18 document for $18 so that I could expedite the issue.
Again a couple of weeks go by and I call again just to be told that they needed more documents, by this time I'm in a bad mood to say the least.
I send in the supposedly last page and specifically ask the rep if that's it and she replies YES WE'RE GOOD TO GO.
A month goes by and nothing, I call Andrew 3 different times and always get his voice mail.
I finally call the main number and get another rep and have to identify myself all over again, the rep tells me Andrew is no longer with the company and there's a new rep working with my case her name is Yuen (not sure of spelling).
I contact my new rep and get her voice mail (what a surprise!!!) and left her my whole story.
She called me back surprisingly and heard about the whole story and would have an answer for me in 24 hrs.
Well when I did not receive a call back I called her and left her a message twice.
At this point 5/13/11 I decide to go to my local Wells Fargo bank to see if they can help me. The young lady got a hold of someone and handed me the phone. The rep asked if I could hold on so that she could locate my rep. She came back on 5 min later and told me that the rep was just terminated that morning.
I just lost it, the rep explained that her manager was in a meeting and could not help me but would call me back Monday with an answer for me.
Come this Tuesday 5/17/11 and still no answer I decide to call. Once again I have to tell my whole story to yet another rep (Susan SWK) and she tells me that a new rep has been assigned to me as of 9:41 am but she could not see the name or contact number yet.
She promised she would let them know the situation and have them call me ASAP.
Today 9/18/11 I get a phone call from rep number 3 (Adam S.) and as all the numerous reps before him proceeds to apologize and says he's here to help me out.
Now get this, they need the whole forms again since it's past the 15 - 30 day mark. I had to ask at this point without loosing my f...ing mind what about all the forms I sent in.
He tells me that they're no good and need to update them. He starts to explain to me what a loan modification was (something no one yet had explained to me) and from what I got from it was :
Ex: Monthly mortgage $977
Ex: Monthly after modification $177
Ex: Balance carried over $800
This goes on for 3 months after that if you're back to work and up to date your next payment is $977 plus balloon payment of $2400 ($800*3=$2400). ARE YOU KIDDING ME HOW DOES THAT HELP ME!.
Adam goes on to say that if you're still unemployed we can do another extension for the next 3 months, and I quickly reply "then I will owe $4800 balloon payment right". He replies yes but...
I just tell him that if someone had told me this 8 months ago I would have NEVER asked for help. I told him to shove it all up their ### and hung up.
I called them back a few minutes later and spoke to Adams boss (Josh) to ask him if this is a joke. He proceeded to repeat the same garbage and adding another tidbit.
They would not be able to help me right away because they have a backlog of foreclosures first to work on and since I was current I would have to wait for help or apply for a different plan.
So the jist I got is that unless you're in foreclosure they don't give a ### and if they do give a ### that kind of help is not helping you but them instead. I have 10 years left on this mortgage and I'll do the best I can but Wells Fargo can kiss my ###.
N  10th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I guess I am neutral on the subject. First off, you have to look at it from a realistic standpoint. A lot of the people that are looking for modifications DO need to take a look at their budget. When you run through financial information and you are spending 600 on food/dining out and have a 400 cable, internet, cellphone bill...maybe you should think about cutting those things out. Have you even thought about maybe the fact that you need to cut those things out in order to afford your monthly HOUSE payments. What is more important, making sure you can watch CSI on Thursday nights or having a roof over your head. Another tip, when you are going through your budget, don't make up things. If your gas bill is actually 200 and you say 300, that could make the difference. If you high ball everything, there is no way we could modify a loan that isn't realistic. If your mortgage payment is 1500 and you have a deficit of 1400..there is no way that we could modify your payment down to 100..come on people. Maybe people need to start taking a look at what is important in there life. Now..do not get me wrong.. I know there are some honest and hardworking people out there. They are just getting by, many of them have two jobs and have depleted their savings. I understand that certain things have happened to them in their life that they can not control. In these cases I feel like we should be helping you out. We should be giving you some relief on the payment. But there are just a handful of these people. The rest are lazy, living off the gov't, telling me that they pay 300 on cigarettes a month when they can't afford their 500 mortgage payment. Come on. I'm 25 years old and have made my mortgage payment ontime if not early, even when I was laid off. When I have doctors and lawyers calling in and giving me their information and telling me there is no other income besides theirs, their wife doesn't work..are you freaking kidding me. If my husband was in financial trouble and the thought of losing my home ever came up, you bet you I would be down at the local McDonalds flipping fries. People don't want to be responsible anymore. They feel like it's a right to own a home, well listen, it's a privledge. You agreed to the terms of the loan, we are locked in with each other for 30 years. Like I said, I do understand that things come up and some things people have no control over, those are the people we should be helping...not people living on food stamps and have satalite tv in their homes. And by the way..your mortgage payment is due on the first. Duh.
A  1st of Aug, 2011 by    -1 Votes
This is my 4th time trying to remodify my loan with Wells Fargo, demons from hell!
The first 3 times I was turned down because I did not make enough. REALLY, if I made enough I could pay my mortgage. The 4th time I submitted my income as well as my husband's who recently got a new job. We are 3 months behind on our mortgage due to me being out of work and him working in the real estate field on commissions only for the past 2 years. We send whatever we have and can still barely afford our mortage. Well, I just got news that they accepted me into there re-payment program so now instead of paying our usual $1335 a month they want $2700 for 6 months. Thanks a Freaking lot!! How does this help m. Are they that stupid? If I cannot pay $1335 and I am struggling how they hell can I pay $2700??? I HATE WELLS FARGO
D  1st of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
This comment is for Gertie128.
Not everybody is a bum as you're describing, some of us worked 40 years of our life doing the right thing. You missed the whole point, I'm not asking for help after 2 years of paying my mortgage I've been paying it for 20 yrs. They have been paid already twice the original loan and they could help someone paying the rest off.

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