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I too have a similar problem as some of the "complainers" on your site. We fell behind 2 payments with wells fargo dealer services due to financial problems. (We only have 3 months on the car and it is ours!) i / my husband have spent hours on the phone with these people reitterating the same story. They should really type it up and keep better notes. Anyway, my husband called on 4 / 22 / 11 after we received a repo notice. What a joke! I can't believe companies send out repo notices for only 2 months late. I can understand 5 or 6 months. . . But 2. He told the "repo man" our situation, again, and that we will make a payment on monday, 4 / 26 after a check i deposited in our checking account clears. The person told him wells farge really needs both payments. My husband told him i really can't do both. I can have the second one in two weeks. My husband said the repo man said okay. So i called our bank today, monday, to see if the check cleared so i can make the payment. It hadn't. So i called my bank and they said today is the 25th, not the 26th. So naturally i had to call wells fargo again. The person i got was the same person my husband spoke with on friday. I explained the mix up. He said let me see what i can do. He gets back on the phone and said i need two payments, not one. If it is a letter of repossession i can only take what is on the letter. I told him i didn't have it and what would he like me to do. He said he has to follow the rules. . . He sounded like the type of person that follows rules. I told him i only have three payments left why would i not want to pay my car off. He said they'll have to repossess it then. I said you can't do that. He said what is the address you're at, i'm going to send someone over there now to get the car. Then he hung up on me. That's how wells fargo deals with their customers. Nice work!!!


  • Ca
    Candice S Apr 30, 2011

    I've had problems with wells fargo dealer services as well. I've had my lian about 31/2 years and every phone call to them is a rep on the other end being very rude and un professional. I actual complained to the BBB and have hired an attorney. They said my payment was kate when it actually was not. I asked them to pull the call(s) for review but they've decline. I plan on suing them. I plan to win with the treatment I've had with them.

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  • Da
    DarnThem May 07, 2011

    You should consider recording your conversations when you deal with this bank in the future and lock that car up good until you pay it off!

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  • Sc
    schocko73 Dec 19, 2011

    6 payments to go, , 27, 000 dollars paid, , 2760 owed and the ### took it from my driveway.customer service..what a joke, , rude, , inconsiderate, , slow like super slow.got transfered about 10 times and still got no where.will surely tell everyone i know not to do any business with wells fargo.they are just pure greedy, , and i hope their ceos sleep well at night knowing that their robbing good honest hard working families.shame on you wells fargo.

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  • Sc
    schocko73 Dec 19, 2011

    ohh, , and thanks for doing it a week before christmas, my kids appreciate it.SCROOGES, , I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT KINDA "CHARGES" THEY ADDED!!!

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  • Ca
    Candice S Dec 19, 2011

    Yep, I just paid off my loan due to a trade-in. They gave the dealership a 10 day pay off. Turns out I still owed $117.00 plus a late fee even though the dealer ship received it in time, they waited to process it...why? Who the hell knows...it was Just enough to make it late. I got it taken care of and resolved..but a warning to just becareful to all of you future and current customers of wells fargo dealer services. They are the worst place to get your loan. If you don't have problems with them now...expect to. They have horrible customer service and really do not care about you..they just want more money!! -CLS

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  • Ju
    justinforming Jan 07, 2012

    Be aware.. when you are delinquent (no matter the situation), you are not dealing with customer service...you are dealing with collectors. You deal with customer service reps when your account is current, and customer service reps typically are pleasant. Collectors on the other hand have a job to do collecting on debt, a debt you incurred. If your due date is the 15th and it's now the 17th and you still havent paid, you are late. You have not kept up your end of the bargain. The deal is this..the bank gives you money and you pay them back on the date it's due...for the term on the contract. Now, things do happen because no one can predict the future, so if you can no longer afford the vehicle, give it back...if your contract is for 72 months, it doesn't mean you can have it after you have paid 68 months...also, there is no "rule" of when a vehicle can be repossessed...any time you do not adhere to the terms of the contract, you run the risk of having the vehicle repossessed. If you want to avoid all of the above then think about paying cash for a vehicle next time.

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  • Ca
    Candice S Jan 07, 2012

    @ lifeisgood: I'm sickened with your story! How riduculous can Wells Fargo DS be? Definitely will never ever get a loan through Wells Fargo Dealer Services! I'm sorry you had to experience that! You can always go to the BBB and/or attorney general to complain. I'm thinking a big fat law suit is exactly what they need to shape up!

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  • Rz
    RZ916 Apr 17, 2012

    I absolutely HATE wells fargo. These lose payments and expect you to eat the costs of having to pay to prove you have made your payments plus the time. Will NEVER deal with this bank EVER again. WORST experience.

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  • Cb
    cbishop Apr 25, 2012

    Wells Fargo is the most unprofessional company I have ever had to deal with. I will never get another loan through them and honestly I hope Wells Fargo goes under completely forcing all of their RUDE, IGNORANT, MINDLESS phone reps into unemployment. As a single parent struggling to make ends meet unfortunately I sometimes have to pay my car loan a little late. They harass me... TRY to talk down to me as if I just took money from their personal bank account. I understand the loan has to be paid and seeing how I want and need my vehicle it will be paid. I have been hung up on when I have given the attitude back that I received. One representative hung up on me wouldn't even take my payment then noted in the account I was unable to make the payment. Yes she wanted my car to be repossessed. WELLS FARGO DEALERSHIP IS A LOAN SHARK, and I hope they get reprimanded for the countless people they have inflicted stress and humiliation upon.

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  • Ar
    Aradiagail May 02, 2012

    OHhh i see im not the only one with Wells Fargo problems, , , we have never been late on our payments EVER and we used to go into our local Wells Fargo Bank and pay our payment religously every month, Well for some reason we get a letter in the mail from WF stating that we could no longer make payments in the bank because it had been rerouting to Wells Fargo Dealer services..Now we have to pay online, which is ok...but here is the problem now they are saying we are a payment late from way back in October...So i go back through my checking acct history and lo and behold what do you know there is the payment that was posted for October from going into the bank so my conclusion is that when the they switched over from Wells Fargo Bank to Wells Fargo Dealer services that something payments got LOST IN Translations
    What a Crock OF Crap.

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  • Ca
    Cammy06 May 22, 2012

    Wells fargo is an awful, awful, finance company!!! They will not work with you at all!!! All they care about is getting their money!!! I would not have a bycycle financed thru them!!!

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  • Id
    Idahomom May 30, 2012

    I am dealing with the same thing right now. They lost my payment. I have proof from my bank that my payment was made, but for some reason that isn't good enough. They said until they know where the money is they aren't crediting my account. I figured out that the payments was made to an old account ( Wells Fargo Bank ) they are now "Wells Fargo Dealer Services". They said they can't get into that account so there is no way of knowing for sure that is where the money is, even though my bank (US Bank ) has told them that is the account they paid it to. In the mean time I am one month behind and the late fees are stacking up with interest. They has been going on since Jan. of this year. I don't know how this is even legal?

    What happened? Did you have to pay an extra payment?

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  • Pa
    PaparazziMama Aug 09, 2012

    I am pissed that my loan got sold to WFDS. We had dealt with them previously and I knew from experience to avoid them, but we had no say this time. We have had no income for the past 3 months, and that means no car payments. My experiences with their customer service mirrors everyone's here. You just go in circles with them, and then get transferred to another person to do it all over again before one of us hangs up. We've told them there is no money in our account, yet they insist on getting our checking account number anyway. We refuse because they don't need to make a charge on something that's not there. It would be the same as knowingly writing a bad check. They are promoting illegal activity. And where do they get off demanding to know why I'm not working? Would they also like to know the brand of toilet paper I use?

    I really feel for the people that work there. I bet they are threatened with their jobs daily. Either that, or you have to be really evil to work there.

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  • Rz
    rzpgh Jan 03, 2013

    We had $1300 left to pay on our car. We fell behind and even though I sent them $600 since October, they still came and took our car in the middle of the night. Repo for $1300.

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  • Pe
    PETEYCT Apr 22, 2013

    JUST WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS MYSELF BEFORE I DO I WANT TO SAY "I FEEL FOR ALL WHO HAS TO DEAL WITH A COMPANY THAT SHOULD BE GLADLY TO HELP FOR A COMPANY THAT HAS THE MEANS TO BE ABLE TO HELP PEOPLE... ALSO ABLE TO HELP SOMEONE EVEN IF IT MEANS GIVING SOMEONE A MEASLY EFFIN EXTRA 2WKS OF OUR LIFE TO MAKE UPP THE DIFFERENCE FOR PAYMENTS ETC.. THEY OBVIOUSLY SADLY ARE DESPERATE LIKE THEY MIGHT GO BANKRUPT 2MORROW LOL THEY OBVIOUSLY DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT HAVING A GOOD REPUTATION." Well's Fargo Dealer service's is who i do business with also. I've already had 6 ridiculous issue's/ and problem's dealing with these arrogant people. I've been doing business with these ppl for years now and it feels like a decade and this is the worst bank I've ever went threw for a loan. Ive had 6 car's and by far Well's Fargo is the worst of them ALL PERIOD! Want anymore detail's about what the issue's were and have been just write me I'll be gladly to express what should be known point blank!

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  • Tc
    tceffo May 22, 2013

    told me to borrow from friends or family when G/F was a month late due to disability- - imagine that -
    - The muther###as don't even know if I HAVE a family- - the balls- - !!!
    A lousy 450 bucks - - to get spoken to like they spoke to me- -was so unbelievable, In my world to be spoken to with that kind of disrespect just doesn't happen-
    - they were gonna repossess the Subaru, but I got the cash a sent it to them on-line a week late. No friggin compassion (my G/F single mother, lost her job- ..etc...)
    Thank god for all involved I didn't see a tow truck
    The supervisor, A joker named Chris, was so rude and really thought he was a hard guy - -I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire

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  • Ne
    Need More Time Dec 29, 2013

    I have been dealing with Wachovia Bank now changed to(Wells Fargo dealers services) for awhile, and I must say they are the rudest people I have ever seen in my life. I owe $2700 on my car and I'm done with them. I called because I was behind in my payments. I asked if I could set up two payments and they refused the payment and told me that if I didn't pay the $2700 up front, my car would be repro. The repo department was VERY RUDE. I have lost my job and had to pay for my father's funeral arrangements. I was not calling to ask if they would pay the $2700 for me, I'm aware it was late I just wanted to get this over and done with. I called several times in one day. I spoke to Jamie who was very rude and I had spoken to her several times she claim she never spoke to me what a liar. I don't care about the car I don't want ths on my credit report. I have had RUDE people calling and harrassing me and even hang up the phone when they called. I'm going to record every phone call because it should be a law againist harrassement. I wasn't calling to get compassion from these people because I know I wasn't going to get it. Only one agent James said sorry for your loss. My car was suppose to be paid in Austust and it is now December I have been paying every month i just didn't pay the car off in August. Now there repossessing the car. I pray they don't but if they do I hope they don't go through what I have been through. Lights out, kids hungry and no heat in the house and the passing of my father. Thank Wells Fargo.

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  • Ja
    jaslene Jan 17, 2014

    I have had wells fargo dealer sercices for four years. Im late for 48 days but called them and told them my situation and I will pay them the full amount in two weeks when i get paid. They told me that im always going through a hardship and good luck with that and hung the phone up. I spoke to three reps and they were all rude. Now the repo lady was threating to pick up the car. I told her that i have been with them for a long time give me a break..she didnot want to hear it. They call my job...family...and friends and my cell a hundred times a day.cann somebody help me find out information so i can file a compliant. Im tired ofthem im going to trade my car in to get away from them.
    Horibble wells fargo will never recommend them to anyone.

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  • Je
    Jeffwilson May 16, 2014

    I got a knock on the door at 3am to find my truck hooked up to a tow truck. Spent a few hours sifting through old statements to see if some extraneous charges were ever removed. I typically dont have any need to look at my statements as I pay on time electronically. They started charging me for Insurance 3 years into a loan stating that I didnt have current insurance. I also auto pay my insurance. I provided them with insurance proof showing that it had never lapsed and they agreed to remove the charge... Well they didnt. If fact they doubled it and charged me late fees putting me behind over $1000. So now I have to kick down 1200 bucks to get my truck back (in 3 days) pay tow storage fees, and get them to finally remove the late charges and fraudulent imposed insurance charges. I seriously hope they all get AIDS and lose their insurance.

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  • Sa
    Sally2222 Jun 30, 2014

    Beware!!! I was 60 days late on my car payments after making timely monthly payments for 3 years. Wells Fargo repossessed my car, did not send any notices about when/where my vehicle would be sold and what the deficiency was after selling it. I did recieve something saying that the car was "PAID IN FULL". 3 years later, I get a summons from civil court from AutoVest LLC, who had bought my contract from Wells Fargo and was suing me for over $36000 for the deficiency and late fees. AutoVest never contacted me to let me know that they had an account for me, instead sat on this acocunt and let it collect fees. We are now in court, going to trial because I refuse to pay for a car that WF did not handle the repo correctly (not sending notices of date, time, place of sell and deficiency amount). Unfortunately, I disposed of the original contract after I got the paid in full notice but I did keep the POF letter. Beware!!! Keep meticulous records. They are scammers!!!

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  • Mh
    MHWales Jul 07, 2014

    Husband got laid off first of the year. Called them the next day to see what we could do to lower payments until he found another job, because we we're below 7, 500 on the car loan they wouldn't work with lower payments. We went 4 months paying a little more than half the payment and on time when the car got repo. After we got the car back asked if they could lower payments so it wouldn't happen again because husband is still unemployed said if we tried earlier something might have been done. Would never use them again or recommend them. Services reps were also rude!

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  • In
    indabiz Aug 14, 2014

    I'm just wanting to know
    if you don't make payments will it be in the collection agency? if so why come if your threatening someone if you can't make payment your car will be repo I have to deal with Chris and he is soooo rude its like don't bother to ask him favoRS or a day late

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  • Sr
    SRomo Jul 01, 2015

    Hi Everyone! I know so many of you have had experiences with Wellsfargo so I wanted to ask if any of you had advise for us...they are saying we are up for repossession because we're behind 2 payments. They were supposed to defer one of these and they didn't. Needless to say we are trying to make right and get caught up on this payment, but they are saying they will not except anything but a Western Union payment of the full past due of $1663.54...which is the 2 late payments and July's payment. The question is...can they really refuse a payment via mail or walk in to the bank for a partial amount? I called back and told a white lie that we had already mailed in a money order and the guy changed his story from 'we can't accept it' to 'we can't stop any procedures.' ANY THOUGHTS?

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  • Sc
    Scheelt Sep 23, 2015

    I have provided proof of auto insurance numerous times, faxed over the info myself to the fax number given and they still don't have it.
    My auto insurance company The Hartford has also done it. My car insurance has never lapsed!!

    Now I am being charged $870 for them to provide me insurance!!

    What a scam!! I have called, complained and they don't care!!

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  • Pa
    Paul D Davis Jul 23, 2018

    I have never dealt with such inadequacies until I had the misfortune to speak with Wells Fargo Dealer Services. Wells Fargo boasts about “established in 1852, re–established in 2018” what a farce – deceiving the consumer.

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