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Weight Watchers / degrading

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I have a closee relative that joined weight watchers and the weigh in 2woman are very mean. And the leader was spoken to about them!! This woman is over weight and needs support not to be degraded and feel unwanted and ashamed!! Shew couldn't afford to even join but her self esteem is so low and conscianous so MUCH!! She is so discouraged!! These women there are all skinny and look down on my relative. They're snappy at her!! Give orders to her! My relative wanted to walk out! She felt very embarrarased!! Her friend went and spoke to the leader about it!!! My relative hads a very hard time sticking up for herself!! She's sooo down on her weight problem ands doesn't need this kind of treatment that she pays for!!The leader is nice, but these weigh in women are very MEAN!! Something needs to be done! If they do not have a weight problem then they will not be supportive!! I certainly hope you will solve this problem!! The meetings are Tues's @ 4:30-6:15 @ thr Comfort Inn @ Suites in St. Johnsbury, VT. Thank-you for your time and help!!! I look forward to hearing from you when this is solved!!

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  • Ma
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    Theres a solution to the abuse, its called NOT BEING AN OVERWEIGHT FATASS. Fat people are less appealing, less beautiful, and less suited for marriage and motherhood. Plus, their risks of dying early from a fat-related illness are several times higher. Fat people are fat because they are LAZY AND CAN'T STOP RUNNING TO THE FRIDGE. FACT.

  • Ti
      12th of Sep, 2008
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    I just want everyone to know that a Weight Watchers employee at the Florissant location (2794 N.Hwy 67 ste.a Florissant Mo. 63033 in Surrey Plaze) her name is Vera she's just as bad. She's an old hage from England who thinks she's better then all Americans and says how America is so terrible, and that us Americans can't do anything right.

  • Jo
      27th of Feb, 2009
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    As an employee of Weight Watchers I first want to reply to the comment by Matt - you are a jerk! If you've never had a weight issue, you have no idea of the challenges that a person has to overcome to lose weight.

    For those who are Weight Watchers' members with unkind staff in your meetings. You must complain to a boss. If the leader can't make a change, then find out who their supervisor is and complain to them and if that doesn't work, go higher to the next level. Phone calls are good . . . letters are better.

    It is totally unacceptable for any Weight Watchers member to feel uncared for or degraded. Every single employee of Weight Watchers was once overweight and had to lose their weight and become a lifetime member.

    I wish you all the best in your journey of weight loss and health!

  • Do
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    Just so you know, the receptionists at the meeting do have a weight problem, but they got it under control at ww. It is a ongoing experience. Just becasue someone is skinny does not mean they don't have a weight problem! Yes, the receptionist was rude, and your friend should talk to a supervisor about her/him.

  • Ji
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    I think "MATT" has a few issues to work out. Ladies, don't let a disgruntled weigh in lady make you upset. They may be married to someone like MATT. hahha.. and, maybe MATT has male pattern baldness, premature ejaculation and well, lets just say, he may be trying to compensate for certain little things he lacks in other areas... if you know what I mean? Yes. I think that could be it.

    Answer for you, Matt? Not everybody is grossly overweight that attends weight watchers. And, what are YOU doing on this site? Have a little weight problem? Ever hear of "PROJECTION"? Look it up... It's when someone has such hatred for themselves that they project that in comments to others. Sigh.. you buy em books, ladies, and they chew the covers, ... Poor Matt. It may be naptime for Matt.

    ANYWAY.. (ugh) ... you're right, weight watcher leader person, Matt IS a jerk. And I agree with the point you make about challenges, etc.

    HOWEVER... the weight watcher plan is more than doubled in "easy" since I knew about it. I'm a tall blonde with long legs and I look like I don't have a weight problem.. and, now I don't. But I DO remember thinking "oh my gosh.. how did THIS happen!!?!?!?!?... OH dearie! The long and short of it is ... the point program works. The filler snacky stuff I had when I did the first round of weight watchers was sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles, and at that time it was either fat and fiber plan or exchange plan. I always did the exchange plan as I have a family I cook for. I also upped my excercise and was always thrilled when I took off a pound.

    Most of the time well a lot of the time, here in the states, we are impatient. Everything is convenient. So, it is in effect, harder for some to stay 100% of the time "on program". The point program lets you have sushi, salad, pretty much anything you want.. it teaches you the real deal on portion control and the big thing for most of the people I know that had the biggest success was two things, eating enough veggies, and drinking the water.

    If you have fresh steamed asperagus, a baked potato and a protein item.. you can pretty much get a good dinner in there. I love grilled halibut with the above ... and I always go over the halibut .. I don't measure the meat anymore because I sort of learned this in Europe while living there. IF you take your two palms, face them up. OK... One hand... fill that area of your plate with steamed veggies. Don't overcook them, they are so good just barely steamed. Any kind you want that aren't really starchy... I love fresh broccoli, steamed brussel sprouts and or asperagus... OK? Then, the other hand, the fingers area ... (I know it sounds dumb but it works).. that is a scoop of rice, a med. potato and or a scoop of pasta, all boiled, steamed or baked, OK? If you want to use "I can't believe it's not butter spray" a few spritzes and honestly, little salt and pepper and you cannot tell that you are dieting, I promise. OK? Then.. whats left? The palm area of your hand.. the last thing you need? Protein. About the palm size of raw meat, fish, or two eggs if you are a vegetarian. I eat meat and fish, so I even fry up a pork chop, make sure it's blotted on a papertowel, and there ya go. Bon appetit.

    Warning to mean weigh in ladies. If you are not nice to the ladies stepping on the scale, you are showing them your ugly side if you are being short with them, STOP IT. If you are brushing them off KNOCK THAT OFF. If you are tired and want to go home and are either volunteering or making minimum wage, TOO BAD. Have someone else do it if you can't be nice. When you work all week and diet, it's the hardest job for some people, ME INCLUDED... and the weigh in is a very determining time of the weekly visit. SO listen up. Be nice to those ladies ... they pay your salary! Remember that a kind word, and even a hug when they lose, a sympathetic ear ? If you have a long line, and are rushed.. tell them that, and see them afterwards. You will see, what goes around truly comes around, and you can make a difference in that persons entire life, by just lending a listening ear. So, BE NICE.

    And lastly, to the lady that was insulted by the small man named Matt? He will never be able to change that bald spot, but you can always lose the weight. ahhhhhh. My job here is done.

    Party on ladies, get together, make a huge salad, and talk about Matt's little problem, and enjoy your beautiful selves.. You can do anything if you believe it to be so. Positive thoughts, little walkin' little water drinking, little bit of a cookie at night with a cup of tea, and voila, you are master of your own personal diet plan. Weight watchers is the only program that teaches you how to remain on track, your health improves, your outlook improves, your wardrobe improves, and you soon realize that men are following you around like silly school boys, and you will conquer! Go forth and Conquer!

    Love, Jill

  • Co
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    I am very confused about this organization. I applied for a part time job as a receptionist.
    I have a four year degree, ten years spent as pre-school teacher. I also worked as an actress in commercials in LA till my agent recently passed away and made a nice living. I also have experience in customer service positions, working as a PR assistant and casting assistant in NYC. I need something part time since my mother now lives with me so I can take her to Dr. appointments at times during the day. And I do have a new agent. I also am a person in recovery for 18 yrs. but weight has not been the problem. I mention this because I do have great compassion for anyone struggling with any issue. So I applied online and get this email and call from a recruitment person. From what I gather and she has not said this clearly yet, I must first join weight watchers to be even considered for a job. In fact she told me there are no openings right now, but I must be a life time member if I work there and of course pay to do this? Is this the only way to get a job with them? I am 5'2 and 117 lbs. While I do watch my weight because I want to have good cholesterol I don't need to join Weight Watchers to get a job, because if I could do this I'd have to have weight problem which is nothing to be ashamed of don't get me wrong and another job or the savings/investments to justify joining a group right now that I don't need in the hopes of a job opening up? This seems really unfair. Yes, in my 20's I always weighed 100-105 lbs. but should I have to join now just to hope I get a job interview? I recently also interviewed in person at Jenny Craig because they have similar part time hours and positions, for a sales position. They didn't tell me nor does it seem to be their policy that I must join first, in hopes of being hired.
    For anyone who works at Weight Watchers does this recruiter's actions make any sense?

  • Do
      25th of Feb, 2010
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    Im sorry to hear about your experience with weight watchers. You relative can make a formal complaint or look at changing meetings.

    No one shoudl be made to feel bad about being overweight. Its a huge step to take to realise that you have a problem and activly look at helping yourself so full supoort is needed by everyone.

    With regards to Matts commens, this proves that even slim people can have an ugly personality. Mat eyou will go far in life im sure...Slim people also have high risk of heart failure due to the fact they dont think about what they are eating or in your case what crap comes out of your mouth.

  • Me
      13th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    @ confused... If you have never used a washing machine, how can you tell me how to use it? Meeting room staff members KNOW the program because they LIVE the program. One of the selling points is that we have all been on that side.

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