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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved refund of items brought online

For three weeks I have been trying to get someone from weight watchers to contact me by phone or internet and I have sent nine emails asking for return address for some products my sixteen year old daughter brought without my permission and no one person has contacted me and it states that if you send stuff back with out their knowlege and permission then they will not give you a credit back... Items are scale, books, calculator. I have tried to call many of times but have been placed on hold over thirty minutes each. But if you call and said you want to sign up they will talk to you right away... This company is a scam and I am a registered nurse for a large hospital so I will be letting people know...

  • Hl
    hlw Feb 09, 2011

    Perhaps visit a weight watcher's place and complain to them about it, they may have a solution.

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  • Kr
    krispix318 Feb 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Also, with big companies like WW, you can sometimes get help if you call like you're a new customer and ask them to transfer you to someone who can help with returns. They may have an internal transfer system that won't put you on hold like a regular 800 number. Good luck!

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Feb 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's not a scam just because your daughter made some stupid decisions.

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Resolved unable to log in

I paid for 3 months online membership, already debited from my bank last week. For the first week everything was fab, this week, being the second week I am unable to log into access any of my details. I have completed all the advisory suggestions from other people having problems, but to no avail.
The whole point of being online is so that I can access my profile when I wish...
I have read numerous complaints from people who are also having the same issues, and seemingly weightwatchers will not help.

  • Wi
    william Sep 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    im having the some issues on trying to cancel my monthly pass.i have e mail them three times and havent heard anything back.they are fast on taking your money but slow on getting back to you.

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Resolved refusal to refund fee

I joined Weight Watchers and paid a fee. At no time was I warned that this gave them authorization to take...

Resolved stealing people's money!

If you sign up for a month of Weight Watchers online, they make you give your account information for their $39.95 monthly fee but what they don't make clear, is that if you are signing up a few days before the end of a month, (which was the case for me; I signed up on the 26th), you are paying a full month's fee for just a few days!!! And then, about a week later, they hit your account again!
On top of that, they don't give you a refund when you try to cancel. It was stated there are no refunds for those days of the month just past. AND!!! Then, they won't refund
for the current month until you've received their card-pass in the mail, you mail it BACK, and then it is processed. I wouldn't be one bit surprised if they drag their feet
so they can charge me for this month. This is out and out, 100% robbery. I think they should have to pay restitution to the people they are ripping off. I will be contacting the district attorney if they don't refund me for the current month or whatever I need to do to stop this unlawful business practice.

  • Mp
    mpeters292 Aug 06, 2018

    i agree. they just stole my money too. They put me on auto-renew even though i cancelled my auto renewal. Now they won't give me my money back.

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  • Po
    popeye07 Sep 13, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    boy do i agree i sign up for three month they charged me for 6 month when i cancel they charged me for ca ncel

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Resolved weight tracker won't load

I'm a satisfied Weight Watchers Lifetime member. In the past few years, I've been using their eTools, in addition to attending meetings. And I've been perfectly happy with the website -- its functionality, usability, and technical integrity.

Until last week, I was always able to log into the site and use all of its features, with no problems. After my weekly meeting last Friday, I logged in and entered my morning points, then went to the Weight Tracker tool, and was able to enter my weight. However, when I tried to click the box indicating that I weighed in at a meeting, the box was inactive. And so was everything else. I had to click out of the Weight Tracker and try again.

I have not been able to access the Weight Tracker since. Sometimes I get a blank screen, sometimes a blue screen with two tabs at the top, and a "Measurements +/-" box. Nothing works. It's all frozen till I click out of the Weight Tracker and go back to the other site tools, which are all still working properly.

I sent an email to Tech Support and got an automated reply with a tracking number. I also called the office, and the woman who answered the phone said she was able to log into my account and see the Weight Tracker. In a sweet voice, she told me -- at least 5 times -- that the problem is all mine, because she could see everything just fine.

I asked to be transferred to Tech Support, but they have no phone access apparently -- just email. She assured me that Tech Support would reply to my email within 24 hours. After almost 48 hours, I got an email telling me to clear my Internet cache. Well, that's the first thing I tried, even before sending an email to ask for help! So I sent an email back to explain that. And now what? Sit and wait some more, I guess.

The site administrator is adamant about not logging multiple complaints about the same issue. The instruction to send only one email per issue is unambiguous. But if they are always this slow and inefficient in responding, then it's no wonder people feel they must log multiple complaints.

This is not a major problem, mind you. But the longer they put me off and fail to resolve my issue, the bigger it seems. If this takes much longer to fix, or if it cannot be resolved at all, then this becomes a whole different type of complaint.

  • Sh
    shirleygirl43 Jul 02, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry guys, I love ww but I have been having horrible trouble with the app on my phone as well as the website. Recipe builder twists and changes all of my numbers on the recipes I have inserted so that is pretty much untrustworthy and questionable... If I added a recipe that was 8 ppv, it will track it correctly at the moment I just added the recipe but a few days to a week down the road it might come up as 3 ppv or 0 ppv.- Strange stuff. Then today between my phone and the ww site on my lap top I would track breakfast or lunch or even just a dumb snack, come back later to track something else and that stuff I previously tracked is gone. Plus, I noticed my "save" button is hardly ever lit up so I can't save my stuff and the "save" button at the bottom of the tracking page disappeared! I'm so extremely frustrated and the people on the chat as well as on the phone always say the same thing, delete it and reinstall it. done that several times, doesn't work, delete the cookies or caches or whatever - they have walked me through that and that did not help. I have even taken the time to delete the whole dumb recipe and retype it in from scratch but the system is very highly flawed. I'm frustrated. I'm sure their multi-million dollar company "get" concerned if they started losing customers. Get a grip and help us out please after all, we are paying customers - or we were until we became lifetime members. Hey, come to think of it, my problems actually seemed to start right after I stopped paying them on a monthly basis because I made goal. Love the tracking and love the ww system but the service is less than desirable.

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  • Ch
    Chris Starkman Jun 01, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. The tracker freezes after I enter one or two items. I just got a message that said "unable to fetch nutritional info at this time." The database is incomplete. Almost every day, I have to substitute for something I ate. For example, I had corned beef hash at a restaurant and could only get listings for "canned hash" or for restaurants not in our area. (I am on the West Coast.) Very frustrating!

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I joined weight watchers on line one day and the next day I decided I just didn't want to do it.
So I canceled.
It has been almost a week and they still haven't canceled me.
I paid 60 something for 3 months. With no join up fee.
If I canceled, they said I would have to pay 29.00 fee for joining and 17 something for the first month... so I would only get 17 something back for my refund.
So far nothing has been done, I have requested 3 times for them to cancel me.
I was not happy that I could not change my mind within 24 hours to get a refund.
So I have been waiting for them to cancel my membership. It's been a week now, and nothing.

I am not sure what they are waiting for.

I will never join that company again. It's just not right. They have your credit card number, so they are in control.

Resolved charging for unwanted services

I signed up for the 3 month program on line. I really didn't like it. I GAINED weight! But that isn't my complaint. I "got what I paid for". but then Weight Watchers charged me to renew when I didn't ask for it. Yes, I know it was in small print when I signed up, but they gave no option to sign up WITHOUT the automatic renewal. So it's like I'm forced to get nothing at all or the 3 months with auto renewal. When I noticed the renewal charge on my bank statement, I called immediately. It was really difficult to find a number or email to contact them. They all centered on how to SIGN up but not on billing disputes. Anyway, when I called, they refused to give my money back. I can't believe it. even sleazy companies would reimburse for these auto renewal "scams" but WW would NOT!!!

Resolved new pricing a rip-off for lifetime/seniors

Weight Watchers in Canada is introducing new pricing which means that Lifetime members are losing previou...

Resolved monthly "app" service

I fathfully have been paying my $17 a month to use the Weight Watchers ap on my iPhone since September 2008. Following what I know about the program I've lost 55 pounds and have never felt better. The last couple of days have been a nightmare as far as access. I cann't login to the ap. I've deleted it and reinstalled it. I've gone as far as wiping my iPhone just to reinstall it to no success. I cannot even login to the website from my laptop. When I called the customer service phone number they actually blamed it on my ISP. Ok then why did the problems happen while in Durham, 110 miles away? ISP issues there? Dunn, NC 78 miles away. ISP issues there too?

I would hate to have to cancel my service but I don't plan on giving Weight Watchers $17 a month of my money and get nothing in return.

  • Ka
    Kate Childers May 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They should at least credit you!

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Resolved non refundable monthly pass payment

Watch out, WW has just changed their cancellation policy for the monthly pass and you might end up like me losing 6 weeks worth of fees. No luck with emails, just terse referrals to the policy on the website.

  • La
    LaLa22 Oct 02, 2010

    I agree. My montly pass expired Sept 17, 2010 and I wanted to end my membership. When I attempted to cancel on the 18th, I was told I had been billed on the 7th, was not eligible for a refund and might as well stay on until Oct 17, 2010 since I was paid up until that date. I was told I could not stop my membership until the next month. That just doesn't seem right.

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  • Li
    lisa richter Dec 01, 2010

    when I signed up last year sometime in nov.2009, I tryed the free week on the website and I decided this wasnt for me, I just got a book on counting calories so I cancelled and a month later I noticed they still took my money out of my account and I kept calling and kept cancelling and they still never cancelled my account or offered a com# this went on for a year and they over drew my bank accounts where I had to pay extra money. Last night I was in tears I added everything up and for 1 yr they cost me 664.00 plus tax with my overdraft fees and I spoke to the superviser and I told him what has been going on for a year and still no one ever cancelled my account nor did they ever email me or give me a com # to let me know it was cancelled. well the superviser gave me a com# and told me that they can not give me my money back, my hard working money.That money was never theirs and I did call and cancelle but they have no records on the computer of me calling or cancelling. They also told me theres no way of them finding out when the last time I was on the website using the calorie counting steps. I told him I dont believe that, they should be able to see who signs in on the weightwatchers account plus I only used it for that one week last year and I am so sure that me next bank statement will say they took more of my money out.They need to stop.They need to give me my money back its not theirs and never was. They lie and scam and can not be trusted and should be off the market.I am so sick to my stomach and I really honestly think they are doing this to alot of people and I am about to research it on my own and as a team we will sue them for every penny they owe us plus alot more. If there is anything you can do to help please let me know.thanks

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Resolved ww refuses to refund e-tools charges

I have been out on leave for surgery for an extended time and my husband was out of the country. My husband discovered when he returned that Weight Watchers was taking out money for 5 months time for the WW Online E-tools. This was a free service because WW says that as long as you have at least 20 people in your At Work program, you get free online E-tools. Meanwhile, they have been taking it out ever since. Their policy is that you must enter a voucher into the system (which I did) and they continued to take it out.

Trying to reach them online was useless because they did not answer the question, they just sent me the refund policy, but when I replied I had done that, I got a different person who thought I wanted to enter my voucher and so he sent the link to instructions on how to enter the voucher. When I replied back to him, I got yet another person, thinking I wanted something else, etc., etc.

My bank entered the claim, but denied the claim, saying WW denied the claim, saying they had a refund policy.

Weight Watchers has a very bad reputation and they are SUPER STRUDE. Whatever you do DO NOT EVER GET ETOOLS. They will NEVER refund a dime - even though they can see they are wrong!!

Resolved inability to cancel monthly pass on line

The website monthly pass cancellation feature is worthless. I absolutely could not access a way to cancel my membership online even though this option is frequently mentioned as being an easy task.

The phone number is not alisted on my membership card or on a promotional pamphlet I recently recieved. I ended up going outside the weight watchers website to another just to get the phone number.

Members can only cancel by written mail, by email, or by telephone. I wanted to cancel today and obtain a written record of my cancelleation request, date, time, etc. but could not get one. I finally resorted to telephoning customer services. When I politely told the representative how long I had been trying she ignored my comment and only offered to process the phone request.
Altlhough she said she was unable to email a confirmation to me, nor, could she offer a transaction number of my cancellation she assured me the membership was cancelled. She, however, added that if I did encounter problems that I could use her name for a follow up inquiry.

If prospective Weight Watchers customers had this much trouble getting a phone number or joining the company would go bankrupt. My final impression is that Weight Watchers only really wants more paying members and to sell their products.

Signed dissatisfied Midwest customer

  • Iv
    ivelost97 Aug 29, 2009

    Please recheck the back of all your material-you will notice that the customer service number is located on the back of each weekly book, the back of your pocket guide and on the paperwork you received when you bought the monthly pass. Directions for cancelling are also located right on your monthly pass and if you have an older Membership Book where your weight is tracked the number is right there on the front cover. Weight Watchers clearly offers their members with the customer service number, ll they have to do is look on their material.

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  • Ab
    ABQ NM Aug 26, 2010

    WW also charges you well in advance to get their money. Then they don't offer a refund even though they have charged you 15 days before you next pass is due. This is a SCAM! They are conducting their business like these online scam companies. I expected more from WW.

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  • Ra
    Rachel241 Jan 22, 2017

    Weight watchers has set up their website and cancellation process such that it sends you into a continuous loop where you cannot cancel online. You can join online and have your money taken automatically without any difficulty. But try to go online to cancel your account and they tell you to go to the Help section (can't click on Help...no link)...or to Account Settings (nope, there's no link or section 'account settings' on the website). They actually instruct you to send a letter. What?! Get real Weight Watchers! This is a SCAM that is still going on 6-7 years after these last posts from 2010. There is absolutely no reason for this. None. You know exactly what you are doing. SHAME ON YOU!! And, SHAME ON OPRAH FOR ENDORSING YOU!!

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Resolved cancelled subscription

Signed up for the 3 month trial. I did remember to cancel after the trial was over in October of 08...

unauthorized charges

I joined weightwatchers.com for a three month trial period. At no time did I have to authorize any additional payments, however I now received my credit card statement and they timed it so that two months of additional fees had already been charged to my account. It is not possible to speak to a live person and the online response says you had to read allll the way down to the bottom and cancel if you didn't want to continue. Shouldn't you have to authorize additonal charges rather than authorize a cancellation? I encourage anyone with similiar problems to contact the Better Business Bureau as they have already given weightwatchers.com an unsatisfactory record: http://search.newyork.bbb.org/reports.aspx?pid=44&page=1&id=21583

Has anyone been successful fighting the unauthorized charges?

Very disappointed in WI

Resolved cancellation

My husband and I are both monthly members and have been for approx a year. He has decided to do the program...

Resolved discrimanation

The most shocking thing happen to me when I went into Weight watchers in Hesperia CA, seeking employment with...

Resolved no refund

January of this year I signed up for a 17 week weight watchers program with my job. I only attended two meetings and then I left my job. The total cost of the 17 week program was $186.00 I wrote three checks for $62.00 for myself and three checks for the same amount for my aunt. I requested a refund saying I no longer worked there I was told I could get $133.00 back and this was minus a processing fee. I got a check from weight watchers in the mail for $91.00.

I was told by the meeting instructor that my aunt needed to email her so she could also get a refund, because my aunt only attending a few meetings also. The very same day my aunt emailed the instructor and told her she would like a refund. The instructors emailed me and my aunt saying that my aunt wasn't eligible for a refund because she hadn't left the job and there was only a few other reason why they would give a refund,

My problem is they deposited all three of the checks I wrote for my aunt and the last one was bounced. My bank charged me $18.00, then they turned around and a week later they deposited the check again (On my Payday!) They took out the $62.00 plus a $30.00 returned check fee. They took $92.00 out of my account for a program that neither me nor my Aunt has a attended in weeks. I don't remember them telling me about a no refund policy if you quit or them giving me a paper with that policy on it because If I had known I would have never signed up.

When I do the math I figure Weight Watchers took $402.00 from me and only refunded me $91.00. That's two memberships fees of $186.00 = $372.00 + $30 returned check fee = $402.00 and if I subtract the $91.00 they refunded that leaves $311.00. To me that is a whole lot of money for a program I didn't even attend half of, or my aunt. I'm very disappointed in Weight Watchers and I have joined several times and never had this problem, I will never ever join their program again and I plan on complaining on every website I can, and tell everyone I know about this because it's just not fair for them to not refund a consumer for a program they are no longer attending.

Very Very Upset Consumer!

Resolved should not have been billed

I signed up for the free trial on e-mail and for 3 months. I never completed the form and have not heard anything from the company. IMy credit card was charged for $65.00 on 2-02-09. I want my credit card charge reversed immediately.

Margaret M Miller
2600 Coronado Drive
Fullerton, CA 92835

  • Do
    Donnabe Mar 18, 2009

    I am sure they will reverse it for you. Once you sign up for the free trial it automatically lets you on the online ww program. It is kind of confusing.

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Resolved online scam

I am a online user experience expert reviewing weightwatchers.com for an upcoming blog article. I signed up for the free 7 day trial to conduct the review.

I clicked the free trial button and was redirected to a sign up page. I didn't see anything about a free trial so I went back to the previous page and clicked the free trial button again. The website landed me back on the same sign up page.

So I assumed I was signing up for the free trial and continued through the flow. When I came to the credit card entry form I assumed my card would be charged at the end of the seven day trial or at the least the funds be refunded when I canceled.

After I completed a my usability review of the website I clicked on the cancel account link. I also sent a cancellation email to the customer service department.

An agent named 'kelle' with weight watchers online accounting department responded to let me know that my credit card was charged $65.00 and that I would only be receiving an $18.10 refund. So my two-hour 'free trial' actually cost $46.90.

The agent was not at all concerned when I told her that I clicked on the free trial link and canceled after only 2 hours. Instead of addressing a significant error in the user interface, she referred me to the 10 page legal agreement I was supposed to read during sign up.

After a bit more research I learned that weight watchers online has an unsatisfactory record with the bbb of new york and has had 43 complaints in the last 12 months! I also found many more users complaining about this very same issue in various forums.

Weight watchers online baited me with a free trial offer on their website. I signed up under this pretense. The fact that they immediately invoked the legal agreement without addressing an obvious problem on the website leads me to conclude that this is a deliberate bait and switch technique employed by what I believed was a trustworthy brand.

In my opinion this despicable practice constitutes blatant online fraud. I will do everything in my power to make sure that weight watchers online is investigated by the new york attorney general's office.

  • Br
    Brian F Jul 04, 2009

    I had a similar experience for their thirty day trial. Lousy as hell customer service.

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  • Ko
    Kozi2005 Jun 01, 2011

    I am also having an issue. I signed up for a 3 month online plan and decided within the hour that it wasn't workable for me. It was confusing and I did not want to continue so I canceled immediately. They emailed me back saying of the $54 charged, I was only entitled to $5.95 refund, even not using it at all and canceling immediately. This is absolutely a scam and my opinion of Weight Watchers has changed from positive to completely negative. I am also contacting my Attorney General's office and the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Yi
    Yiks! Jun 01, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have just been scammed by WW online. I signed up and within the hour of trying to figure it out, realized it was going to be beyond my computer skills & tied to cancel. They were willing to give me $5.95 back of the $53.85 I'd originally paid. What a scam & and from a company I'd trusted from using it years ago. Boy, times have changed!

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free trial is a bait & switch!

I was doing a tech review of the new weightwatchers.com. I clicked on the FREE TRIAL button to sign up for free for seven days. The site redirected me to the first page of the sign up flow. I didn't see anything about a free trial. I clicked the back button and clicked the FREE TRIAL button once more and was once again redirected to the same sign up page.

At this point I assumed I was signing up for the free trial and contined through the flow. When I came to the credit card entry form I assumed my card would be charged at the end of the seven day trial or at the least the funds be refunded when I canceled.

BUT weightwatchers.com is REFUSING to honor the free trial and won't refund my $65.00.

Kelle, the customer service representative (via email only) was not at all concerned that the FREE TRIAL link landed me on the normal sign up page. She only responded by saying that I agreed to their five page legal agreement.

In my opinion, this is a deliberate BAIT AND SWITCH technique employed by what I believed was a trustworthy brand.

Ironically I am a user experience expert so this kind of thing really hits a nerve with me. This is a despicable business practice that should not be tolerated. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau, the New York Attorney General's office and filing as many complaints as I can.

free trial is a bait & switch!

  • Ta
    Taken Feb 23, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. Thank you for posting. If WW really wanted to offer a "free" trial, they wouldn't have requested a credit card to begin with. This is really upsetting as I should have known better. But I trusted the Weight Watchers name and thought that they would honor my request for a full refund. However, they only gave me $18.10, which means, they kept my $46.90.

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