WeightWatchers.combeware - free 30 day trial is not free!

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Beware of Weight Watchers online free 30 day trial... it's not free. Even if you cancel within the 30 days, your credit card is billed for $65 before the period is up. My daughter and I were browsing online diet plans on the internet and the only way you could view weight watchers information was to sign up for a "risk free" 30 day trial, but you have to give your credit card number. Dumb me! We cancelled within the 30 days, but what you don't see is that you have to print the cancellation notice and fax or mail it to Weight Watcher in Kansas or they don't recognize your cancellation. This detail is cleverly hidden from you. There is not a phone number listed on their entire web site other than a fax number. the only way to contact them is via an email "form" with a small box for information. You can't even email them back. They know it's a scam and they don't want to talk to you. Beware!

Julie Vawter
Bakersfield, CA


  • Ru
    ruth Jul 07, 2008

    Same thing happened to me. Just because they have a reputable name doesn't mean they will act responsibly. The site is a complete scam! STAY AWAY!

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  • Br
    Brian F Jul 04, 2009

    This company started out great. The online program is not very good, though. When I singed up for the 30 day trial, I realized that immediately. Never used it. Would have liked to attend meetings, but now I will never use them at all after they did to me exactly what happened to the original complainer in this thread.
    What rotten customer service!

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  • Su
    Suzan Hunt Aug 15, 2018

    Trying to activate my Lifetime Etools numbers is a nightmare. There is no direct way to enter this number without going through a maze of different areas. I am going to to continue to call instead of trying to do this on my computer.

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  • Di
    dianna5055 Aug 20, 2018

    The online app never worked for me, just kept spinning, when I called they blamed my phone or internet service, so I canceled my 3 month plan, P.S. that wasn't easy either, which they charged me 39.99 for canceling it. DONT sign up for this, its not worth it, they only want your money ...

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  • Sn
    Snappy5 Aug 20, 2018

    I hadn't purchased the toffee ice cream bars in quite some time. They have shrunk in size and they are only covered halfway with toffee---bummer. The old recipe was a lot better!

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  • Ke
    Kellylee7 Sep 03, 2018

    WW is starting a new program effective Dec 3rd however they are not disclosing any information about the new program until Dec 9th. That does not make any sense how are we supposed to follow the program? We are having a meeting on Dec 2nd why wouldn't it be reviewed at this time? Very disappointed.

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  • Kl
    Kleen Sep 10, 2018

    Found what seems to be a coated bread wrapper in my cooked food, thought it was an uncooked piece of spaghetti so almost swallowed it, luckily i took it out and looked at it, might have caused major damage to me! I didnt know exact email to send complaint to, i have a picture, again, didnt find an email to attach it to, buyer beware!

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  • Ma
    Marc Alvaro Nov 15, 2018

    they billed me on 26 Sept I cancelled on 26 Sept 2 weeks before the next cycle but the thieving corporation refuses to refund my money

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  • Ro
    Rose Pasienza Gozdowski Dec 12, 2018

    I Cancelled my membership today and was told I can't have a refund because I was a day late! The money is pending my account not even paid yet! What a ripoff, so I'm out my money and you get a month free, will never join again. Maybe those of us who get scammed should file a class action suit.I will be writing to consumer protection about this!!

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  • Ba
    Bab12121 Nov 04, 2019



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  • Mi
    Michelle8395 Nov 09, 2019

    The person who interviews you does not represent Jenny Craig by being polite and does not look the part. I thought this was a weight-loss company.. I felt discriminated by her for looking the part. Where is the sense in this? No longer will I apply or even use this company if I needed to even lose five pounds. I would use Weight Watchers.

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