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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Weight Watchers International Complaints & Reviews

Weight Watchers International / vegetables enchiladas bowl

Oct 09, 2019

Weight Watchers InternationalMostly rice with a few beans and corn thrown in. If I ate this I'd be eating about a half cup of white rice void of any nutritional value the box (pictured) shows the opposite of what is in it. It is literally a bit more than a half cup of food. I called to complain but they would only...

Weight Watchers International / auto renew; membership renewal no subject [#6138041]

Oct 07, 2019

I requested they did not auto renew but they still charged me. WW have charged me a monthly fee again without warning or approval. I do not approve auto renewal. This is the second time you have done this. Please STOP IT! As I informed you at my last renewal, November 2018, I am a...

Weight Watchers International / email unsubscribe option

Sep 01, 2019

I am no longer a member of Weight Watchers. While I was a member, I unsubscribed from the daily email spam that the company issues. Upon cancelling my subscription, I started receiving daily emails advertising the company. There is no unsubscribe option. When I log into the site, there i...

Weight Watchers International / weekly membership for a teenager

Aug 09, 2019

I am a lifetime member who attends the Bayshore NY location. In May my daughter wanted to join. We joined together and I was surprised that the mobtly pass is not offered for teenagers. I reluctantly let her join even though I thought the $15 a week is a little steep especially for her not...

Weight Watchers International / weight watchers at home

Aug 09, 2019

I signed up for the WW at home package in mid may. I paid €80 and collected all the books etc from the head office. My complaint is about the lack of support from customer service.Ive been finding it difficult to lose the weight this time around.Ive lost 6 pounds over 12 weeks but I stated...

Weight Watchers / ww frozen food

Jun 12, 2019

I recently bought the ww frozen chicken parm dinner and after the initial 5 min cook time I was very disappointed to find the spaghetti was stuck together. I have an 1100 watt micro. I then returned it to cook the 1 min 30 seconds with an xtra 5 seconds thinking it was still frozen but...

Weight Watchers International / payment/billing practices

Apr 17, 2019

Apparently I had two accounts with ww. One was from many years ago online only... I used it for a week or 2, maybe. But in 2014 my husband and I joined in january and had great success. Love the meetings and the people and team leaders. But one week at weigh in, my card had expired and I...

Weight Watchers International / cancel subcription

Nov 06, 2018

I have been trying to cancel my subscription for 6 weeks, I tried calling and leaving message on the voice mail ( no other choice seems there is not rep available every time I call ) nobody is calling me back, I have attempted to cancel online and getting technical error. meanwhile weight...

Weight Watchers International / at work meeting

Oct 10, 2018

Good Afternoon Weight Watchers, Off an on over the years I have been a member of Weight Watchers and have enjoyed not only the overall program/benefits offered, but respected how well organized and efficient the representatives were in either the meetings at your locations or the at work...

Weight Watchers uk / meetings

Oct 04, 2018

I went to one of your meetings in the Wirral UK, the group leader was appalling, telling the group we must make sure we are at every meeting or she'll get fired! She spent most of the talk time saying this and the rest about how she is living on takeout at the moment and is off track, not...

Weight Watchers International / membership

Sep 28, 2018

I am currently a member. I wanted to sign up my daughter who is 16 years old. Because she is under 18, I was told that she could not have online access and costing only sign up for the weekly group and pay $15 each time. How does this make any sense. I am only paying $20 month with online...

Weight Watchers International / app only subscription cancellation fees/process not transparent

Sep 16, 2018

I signed up for the 6 month period of the app only membership. After using the service, which was great, I decided to cancel in August, as I no longer needed the service. Before committing to anything, I researched intensely looking for a cancellation policy, as I knew that services like...

Weight Watchers International / cancellation and payment

Sep 13, 2018

I signed up In April for on-line support. I've been being charged 20$ a month since. I called customer service, and tell me if I'm wrong...are those robots or computers that you are using for customer service?????? I'll bet it is. Horrible. A horrible company. Scam. I'd like a...

Weight Watchers International / app 6 month trial

Aug 25, 2018

I agreed to register for a 6 month trial. I called to verify I was only signed up for 6 months. Company continued to charge my credit card without my authorization for additional months. When I confronted the company their response was I had to cancel before the trial was over. Never wa...

Weight Watchers International / customer service

Aug 16, 2018

Dear Jessica, This is good man got from weight watchers and I'm very disappointed that I just cancel it and they're making me pay for my services this is right and professional why would you want to pay them will you just cancel your service you still have to pay for the services this i...

Weight Watchers International / abusive local group leader.

Jun 27, 2018

Yesterday Tues June 26 I went to weigh in with a group I, dont normally go to. My normal Monday group is run by fine people. The WW group leader on duty yesterday (Melissa Waddell) was very nasty to me when I asked a few question during my Weigh in. Six months ago I had a problem with her...

Weight Watchers International / unauthorized credit card charges, misleading information

Jun 26, 2018

TSC 30 day trial promo offered back in September 2017 for 19.99 - I ordered this and did not activate my code offer till May 16 2018. I wasn't too interested in the program and basically forgot about it till I noticed a charge on my Visa statement for 26.44 from Weight Watchers. I did not...

Weight Watchers International / smart one meatloaf

Jun 19, 2018

I am a senior citizen who has to watch my money. I find your products are very reasonably priced and they taste good also. However the last two meatloaf dinners were unappetizing. The mashed potatoes were gray, runny and tasteless. I did not try the meat because of the fear of getting ill...

Weight Watchers / chocolate supreme mug cake

Jun 17, 2018

I followed the directions for microwaving the mug cake. It turned out very dry. I suspect it was overbaked. My microwave is 1100 watts but I used it on 8 only which usually works for most recipes. What can I do to avoid the dryness next time? The cake is tasty and quick to make but the...

Weight Watchers / lousy leader

May 21, 2018

Hello I do not usually do this but I felt it necessary to spare others. I went to an at work meeting 2 years ago and there was a new leader, Christine Garcia. Seeing as she was new I cut her slack on her lack of WW knowledge and overall poor meetings. Fast forward to May 17th Alton NH. I...

Weight Watchers / cinnalicious snacks

May 16, 2018

Weight WatchersI buy these every week at my meeting because they're so delicious they help me with my sugar craving. You only get a few bags in a box of them which is quite expensive. One of my bags was filled with burnt food... I find it very disappointing. As I'm spending so much money on the program I...

Weight Watchers / unethical and unprofessional behavior of an employee

Apr 16, 2018

I went to my local Weight Watchers meeting this past Saturday April 14, 2018. A mistake was made when Sherri subtracted my weight from the previous week. I brought it to her attention and she proceeded to tell me that it was an error that someone else has done back sometime in the...

Weight Watchers / I can't get help with the online program

Mar 31, 2018

I signed up 1 month ago Triple Play and have yet to figure out how to use the on-line program. It took 3 different attempts, then finally "get connected with a on-line chat person AFTER 1 HOUR of waiting, then never able to actually talk with anyone. I can't find a Customer service rep to...

Weight Watchers / billing

Mar 18, 2018

I was not informed that I would be automatically charged monthly when I signed up. I signed up for 3 months only. When I called the billing dept.on 3/17/18;they said they would refund my $44.95. Today I see I was charged again on 3/19/18 another $44.95. So, I have been charged $44.95 on...

Weight Watchers / take your money... even if you don't use their services

Mar 17, 2018

Weight WatchersUnethical Company. Purchased one month for daughter, that automatically renewed.My daughter never once went on line, or went to one of the offices ( which I paid for ). After looking at a charge statement and realizing they continued to charge me for services that were never received, I...

Weight Watchers / customer service

Mar 16, 2018

I called to cancel my membership because I only signed up for 3 months and they kept billing me. The first number I called as soon as I stated the reason for my call, the person on the other end said that he could no longer hear me and said that the call was ending. I found another number...

Weight Watchers / hidden fees, misuse of personal identifiable information, and discrimination

Jan 28, 2018

On My birthday weight watchers sent me a special offer for $89.90 for 3 months of meetings ands 3 months of online plus. I paid through a link and received a card to show at the meeting. When I went to check in at the meeting, the weight watchers rep, Carol, said the membership card I...

Weight Watchers / Unreliable company

Nov 23, 2017

Why advertise a great support, but never keep your word and don't honor your own politics? Just like the others I fell for their ads and joined their strange club. Once I needed their help, they were never there. Is that your great customer service that never replies? Is that what we pay...

Weight Watchers / fruities

Nov 01, 2017

Weight WatchersHi my name is Isabel I'm a Weight Watchers member in Ajax, Ontario Canada . I've experienced a horrible thing with your fruitie chews & I've contacted Weight Watchers Canada, but I don't like the way they're handling this problem so I thought I would reach out to weight watchers on the US...

Weight Watchers / fruities

Oct 31, 2017

Hi my name is Isabel I'm a Weight Watchers member in Ajax, Ontario Canada . I've experienced a horrible thing with your fruitie chews & I've contacted Weight Watchers Canada, but I don't like the way they're handling this problem so I thought I would reach out to weight watchers on the US...

Weight Watchers / get paid to lose weight promotion

Sep 03, 2017

I joined ww in february, due to the promotion get paid to lose weight.. If I lost ten pounds within the required time frame and sent in the required paperwork I would get the money. I opted for it to be used on my account, but I have received nothing. At this time, if I somehow get the...

Weight Watchers / cancellation charge

Aug 17, 2017

8/17/17 Spoke with Frances at the WW 800 number. My monthly pass id is W497043 I called to cancel my 6 month membership from an automatic renewal because after trying to navigate their website for an hour with no luck, I gave up. I want to finish my 6 months and that's it. Should be easy...

Weight Watchers / weight watchers frozen ready meal

Jul 22, 2017

Weight Watchersi have just sat the eat me weight watchers ocean pie and found plasic in my meal i have spat the meal back out as it had cut into my gum i am appalled to find plasic in my meal i am shocked also to start eating my meal to find bits of plasic and to cut into my gum what is going on i have...

Weight Watchers / membership

Jul 12, 2017

I have been a Weight Watchers member since 2001. At that time to advertisement for weight watchers was, if you become a lifetime member (which I did) you were locked into your weekly price. At the time the price was $11.00 a week. I have paid that amount my entire time after making my goal...

Weight Watchers / lack of staff at meeting

Jun 27, 2017

I went to a meeting in Mandeville, La. at 10 am on 6/27/17 and had to wait in line for 20 minutes behind 25-30 people. We were told if we didn't want a long line then come to meetings. This is Weight Watchers rules. One girl was weighing while the leader was just talking prior to the...

Weight Watchers / membership cancellation

May 12, 2017

As many, many people I have faced the same problems trying to cancel my membership after the initial 3 month period. There is no way to cancel online, you try, send messages and never get a response. Then you finally call. At first you get this person who keeps trying to sell you weight...

Weight Watchers / weight watchers

Apr 11, 2017

Don't forget to cancel your membership when you stop attending the WW meetings. My responsibility that I forgot to cancel my membership when I decided that I didn't want to follow the program. For some reason my membership card stopped coming in the mail, and I forgot about WW over the...

Weight Watchers / using my credit card after I cxl

Mar 03, 2017

On feb 22 o cxl ww on line I have the text on my phone Today (3/3/17) I saw that ww took 19 dollars out of my account I call ww and they said my account was still active I said it's not I asked to speak to someone and lie after lie and after 35 minutes a lot in silence I never was able to...

Weight Watchers / billing fraud

Feb 23, 2017

I was a Weight Watchers for several years on and off. I used the online platform. They had me create a new user name and password each time I reactivated my account and it got to the point where I had several user names and passwords. Only by accident (because I changed credit cards and...

Weight Watchers / unethical billing practices - do not provide your credit card information!

Feb 10, 2017

My advice is similar to our colleagues here - listen to any former members and/or employees who want to explain unethical practices at WW, and do NOT provide your credit card information to this organization. Note that I do not typically write reviews, yet feel the need to do so to help...