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Weight Watchers InternationalCancellation of service

I am writing to complain about WW Intl. I have been trying for SEVERAL MONTHS about trying to cancel my account. I can never get in contact with anyone and they keep charging my account even though I have gone one the site and tried to cancel that way as well. This is very frustrating that I may have to close my account just so that they stop taking funds out. I would like this resolved as soon as possible and the money to be returned to my account for at least the last 6 months that I have been trying to cancel.

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    Sep 15, 2020

    Weight Watchers International — Unauthorized credit charges for 15 months with no refund

    In January 2019, I joined WWI under a special promotion, so I could encourage my mom (already a member), a...

    Weight Watchers InternationalCancel of our groups

    We are a group of 20 approx seniors in pennsylvania. Ambridge, we had a beautiful at work type group for seniors whom could not travel, had disabilities and could not drive getting healthy and attending faithfully for one year the meetings suddenly they canceled our group not concern about seniors or people that cannot get to drive or o my god 4 hour trip back and forth on a bus they did not care, just canceled our group so handicapped people cannot go to this organization or what they call workshops.
    This is sad that they are so unconcerned to do this. If they truly were in the business to make people healthy they would have kept this open for people like us. They have canceled all the local programs around previous baden, sewickley, now ambridge. We are done with them and now don't buy any of the products or their service and many of our church friends also are boycotting them now. They could have kept this 45-minute program for us.

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      Apr 29, 2020

      Weight Watchers International — Weight watcher's frozen entree - foreign object in food

      I had a Weight Watchers frozen entree for lunch today (see pictures) and I bit down on a hard object while...

      Jan 25, 2020

      Weight Watchers International — weight watchers

      As a lifetime member from the late 70s early 80s, I attempted to re-enroll on the weight watchers website on...

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      Jan 06, 2020

      Weight Watchers International — can't handle vegetarians, rude

      Was a lifetime member. Never ate their brand-name convenience products, just whole food, homemade...

      Jan 04, 2020

      Weight Watchers International — weight watchers online membership

      I am a lifetime member. I went back in Sept 2018. The program had changed. I left the meeting with the...

      Weight Watchers Internationalww membership

      I am less than 1 month into subscription and emailed them asking to cancel as I simply could not afford the payments.

      They have point blank refused and insisted payments need to continue until April next year without negotiation. I find it incredible that a non credit contract such as WW where I have not bought anything can continue to force people to pay.

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        Weight Watchers Internationalmembership

        My friend, [removed] and I both signed up on our phone for WW membership. WE DID NOT UNDERSTAND that we were signing for a year commitment without the option of cancellation. We are both Francophones and the information was all in english. We are trying to cancel and everybody has been rude to us. All we want to do is to not pay into this anymore so we can put that money toward a gym membership. Why is it so hard to do? You can at least ask us to pay a penalty like to pay a month extra but to refuse to cancel and keep charging us for a product we are not using is really taking advantage of people.
        Today, [removed] made the call ( October 29th) the girl on the phone was not talking. She was answering by mono syllables. Very intimidating. Judy kept saying hello, are you there? She would barely answer and then hung up. AFter that, I went on chat with someone who also told me that there was nothing she could do. I find that very hard to understand. She kept telling me about new products coming in November, I told her to keep it for other cause I was not interested. She closed the chat conversation without giving me a chance to finish. I thought it was very rude.
        I do not have a photo of the conversation but I did rate the conversation right after it happened. Can we just please just cancel and not be charge for the next year for a product we are not using?
        [name removed] ([protected]@live.ca) [removed]
        [removed] [protected]

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          Weight Watchers Internationalvegetables enchiladas bowl

          Mostly rice with a few beans and corn thrown in. If I ate this I'd be eating about a half cup of white rice void of any nutritional value the box (pictured) shows the opposite of what is in it. It is literally a bit more than a half cup of food.
          I called to complain but they would only offer me coupons. I will never buy ww products again so this doesn't help me. This is also based on my purchase of your breakfast burritos. Used to be good now just mainly white tortilla with a couple tablespoons (maybe) of filling.
          My address in case you'd like to send me a check
          Laura von Kampen
          1077 Rich ave apt 5
          Mtn view CA 94040

          You should be ashamed of yourselves

          vegetables enchiladas bowl
          vegetables enchiladas bowl
          vegetables enchiladas bowl

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            Weight Watchers Internationalauto renew; membership renewal no subject [#6138041]

            I requested they did not auto renew but they still charged me.

            WW have charged me a monthly fee again without warning or approval.

            I do not approve auto renewal.

            This is the second time you have done this. Please STOP IT!

            As I informed you at my last renewal, November 2018, I am a Vitality member and wish to renew using their promotion code (WW promotion code: [protected]-[protected]).

            Please refund the £21.45 charged below

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              Weight Watchers Internationalemail unsubscribe option

              I am no longer a member of Weight Watchers. While I was a member, I unsubscribed from the daily email spam that the company issues. Upon cancelling my subscription, I started receiving daily emails advertising the company. There is no unsubscribe option. When I log into the site, there is no unsubscribe option.

              I have called the company and filed a complaint and asked to be removed from their mailing list. I continue to receive emails. It is illegal in Canada to not abide by such requests.

              I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if I continue to receive emails from this company.

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                Aug 09, 2019

                Weight Watchers International — weekly membership for a teenager

                I am a lifetime member who attends the Bayshore NY location. In May my daughter wanted to join. We joined...

                Weight Watchers Internationalweight watchers at home

                I signed up for the WW at home package in mid may. I paid €80 and collected all the books etc from the head office.

                My complaint is about the lack of support from customer service.Ive been finding it difficult to lose the weight this time around.Ive lost 6 pounds over 12 weeks but I stated at the beginning I wanted to lose 10-14 pounds. One week I gained 3 pounds and was told "oh well"

                Last week after a gain, and feeling frustrated over lack of any sort of helpful imput I said I was going to join a different group.The agent Martina said they would review my tracker and to stick with it. So I sent in my tracker.. and her imput was..."Your weight is fine for your height so you should just think about maintanance now.
                I know my own body, I know what weight I should be..I made it clear when I started what I wanted to lose
                I find it staggering that a weight loss company would tell someone to stop trying as it would be too hard.Ive used ww to great success in the past. I dont know whats happened but you have gone way downhill. This is the last week of my payment plan. I will not be continuing.. next week Im joining slimming world.

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                  Weight Watchersww frozen food

                  I recently bought the ww frozen chicken parm dinner and after the initial 5 min cook time I was very disappointed to find the spaghetti was stuck together. I have an 1100 watt micro. I then returned it to cook the 1 min 30 seconds with an xtra 5 seconds thinking it was still frozen but after I took it out it was plain to see the spaghetti was stuck together. I will never buy WWfrozen dinners again. I also purchased the thin pizza. It was so hard I couldn't eat it. I used to buy ww dinners in the past and never had this problem. Time to watch your cook!

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                    Weight Watchers Internationalpayment/billing practices

                    Apparently I had two accounts with ww. One was from many years ago online only... I used it for a week or 2, maybe.
                    But in 2014 my husband and I joined in january and had great success. Love the meetings and the people and team leaders. But one week at weigh in, my card had expired and I gave her a new one to re up me... I think thats when the new account was added? I don;'t know... I did notice I would get two cards, but never dreamed it was about me having two accounts! When I fianlly looked, yes, two accounts! I didn't sign up for two... Ww signed me up!!! So about 1100 dollars later, I call and they offer me 3 mos refund. Supervisor then offers 6 mos.... Of course I dont' accept... I didn't make the mistake, first of all, and second... It was a mistake!! So, my husband and I get on the phone with our credit card co and ww rep, who, after more than 2 hours on the phone, says she will get back to us... Closes all the accounts except one and we wait. Of course she never did get back to us. Now fast foward, I become a lifetimer and what??, find out they are still charging me twice!!! I am floored. My husband mentioned it to supervisor from ww int> at a meeting and she said to call her personally and she would take care of it... So yes, I was out of town for an extended period of time and when I got back to her in april, she was very nice to solve that problem... A little defensive but issued the refund. But when I brought up the 1100 refund needed, her attitude was very defensive and she told me they would offer 6 mos because I should have been aware of my credit card charges. She said it was really up to me to be watching and not ww to see if they are charging twice. Huh? So they create the account, charge me and if I don't catch them at it, it's rightfully theirs? They will accept 6 mos of responsibility but not then entire time?? Ok, i'm too tired of it and resentful so will take the fraction of the cost and chalk it up to another large corporation taking advantage of the people. If someone asks me about ww? I don't always recommend like I used to because I feel taken! Oh, and I am writing this complaint because I see online that this isn't a unique problem of mine... It seems to be mo for ww.

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                      Weight Watchers International — cancel subscription

                      I have been trying to cancel my subscription for 6 weeks, I tried calling and leaving message on the voice...


                      Weight Watchers International — at work meeting

                      Good Afternoon Weight Watchers, Off an on over the years I have been a member of Weight Watchers and have...

                      New Hartford

                      Weight Watchers ukmeetings

                      I went to one of your meetings in the Wirral UK, the group leader was appalling, telling the group we must make sure we are at every meeting or she'll get fired! She spent most of the talk time saying this and the rest about how she is living on takeout at the moment and is off track, not very inspiring. The group was full of gold members who ruled the roost and interjected at every point they could, (all age 70+) also another complaint I have is that I weighed 3lbs heavier on ww scales than FOUR other sets of scales I'd used the same day. Needless to say I will not be returning to ww.

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                        Weight Watchers International — membership

                        I am currently a member. I wanted to sign up my daughter who is 16 years old. Because she is under 18, I wa...

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