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Complaints & Reviews

weight watchers

As a lifetime member from the late 70s early 80s, I attempted to re-enroll on the weight watchers website on 1/23/20. The online enrollment fee included a $20.00 registration fee, which as a lifetime member I should never have to repay!!! So I made a call to the 800 WW no. and was told I needed to go to a local studio and get some kind of code or voucher in order to get the registration fee waived as a lifetime member!!! It would have been nice to go through the assessment and fill out information before attending a meeting in the studio, but I couldn't. So on 1/24/20 I went to a local studio with my prior lifetime membership no. and information and told the leader and the other staff person what I had been told by the 800 no. weight watcher staff about needing a code or voucher to waive the registration fee. They had no idea what I was talking about!!! I had arrived way before the meeting was to start. They spent time trying to sign me up with the current promotion, changed my address in their system, etc., but could not figure out how to get the registration fee waived!!! I sat through a meeting and then the leader quickly went through some of the book and showed me some of the WW app information. She was in a hurry and neither her or the other staff person provided me with any information to access this app. The other staff member and I called the 800 WW no. to attempt to get the $20.00 registration fee credited back to my credit card. I was told that if I checked back later in the afternoon that whoever I was speaking to would audit my account and as soon as the payment went through, I would be given credit for the $20.00 registration fee. When I left the meeting, I did not realize that I was not given any information to access the WW app until later on that evening when I tried to access the WW app.
I did call back yesterday afternoon to the 800 no. to ensure I was given credit for the $20.00 registration fee. The person I spoke with told me she had to talk to someone higher up and they would call me back. I said I would be gone for a couple hours and they said they would make a note of that. After not hearing back from anyone after several hours, I attempted to call and reached Cody in Nebraska, who said "the studios are always messing things up." He said "they should have given me a lifetime voucher code." I was also unable to access the WW app using my old information from 3-4 years ago in order to get started with assessment, information, etc. Cody said the old account was no longer valid and I would have to set up a new one. He asked if I was given a pass no. at the studio to do this. I said "no, I didn't get anything from the studio." He accessed my account and provided me the pass code no. and we were able to get on the app., changed username/password, but had limited access to the app. He told me to either go into studio in the morning or to call back after 8 am Nebraska time in the morning. I then attempted to access WW app again and the username/password I had just set up would not work. I again called the 800 no. and reached someone else who helped me reset the information again. So then I had 3 different usernames!!! I asked him to connect me to a supervisor and a woman got on the phone and cancelled my account and wanted me to sign up again by providing my credit card!!! By this time I had spent over 2 hours on the phone with WW people and was frankly very tired and upset and did not think I should let her recharge my credit card since I was charged earlier in the studio. She tried to tell me that the online prices had the $20.00 registration fee waived, which I could not see in reading the promotion. In fact the pricing was different than the studio pricing. She couldn't tell me why that was and she was quite short with me and I told her I would look at this in the morning. I had received at least 12 emails to reset usernames/passwords, etc. The last email that was sent by WW stated my account had been cancelled!!
This morning I went to the local studio after making 5 calls yesterday including one that had both the studio staff and I on, and 1 call the prior day to try to ascertain what the heck was going on. I got to the local studio an hour before the meeting and both the leader and the staff person looked at their system and said I was active!!! I showed them the WW email about my account being cancelled . They didn't know why that was. I asked the leader to call the 800 no. account people, which she did. She was told my account had been cancelled!!! Her and I spent 1 hour talking to Mari in accounts trying to straighten this mess out and got nowhere. Mari was supposed to call me on my home phone an hour and fifteen minutes ago after I returned home to see if using my laptop would make a difference in being able to access my account, waiving the registration fee, and accessing the WW app. I have heard nothing back. I tried to call there after an hour to reach Mari and was told I couldn't talk to her cause she was probably in another call center!!! So here I wait!!! No calls. I am totally frustrated with Oprah Winfrey's WW program and I haven't even started it yet!!! It appears that the both the online 800 no. staff as well as the studio staff have not received adequate training!!! The right hand should know what the left hand is doing at all times. This is not the case. At this point I am not even sure I have be charged, credited back or anything!. Someone needs to address my concerns.

can't handle vegetarians, rude

Was a lifetime member. Never ate their brand-name convenience products, just whole food, homemade ingredients. I found that the teacher couldn't answer simple nutritional questions, and the program only accommodates "mainstream" people who eat typical American foods. Teachers in different classrooms dispensed different information and different support materials to us. Mine would tell women with questions about nutrition and vegetarian ingredients, to ask me me in parking lot after class! She didn't know, and wasn't allowed to say, anything beyond the party line! And I talked to them for free! Their TV ads now in 2019/2020, claim they provide "veggie""recipes so I called for clarification, but they don't really, they're still just unimaginative vegetable or fruit side dishes, they just throw us a bone each meeting, how to dress up a vegetable side dish... not satisfying vegetarian main meals with different nationality flavor profiles. They still think you need meat to get complete protein.

Teacher told me apologetically to contact the regional mgr about my questions, who never had the decency to return my calls. Teacher then told me to call NY headquarters, and they also ignored my requests for a callback regarding reasons why we could eat one food but not another that was even better, in terms of flavor and nutrition (for example, why whole wheat spaghetti but not Barilla in the yellow box that has even more fiber and protein; why soy sauce but not tamari, both of which ferment in the same barrel even though tamari has more umami and less sodium, and no gluten...). They really don't know, it doesn't fit the party line, and I lost weight on my own while attending the classes weekly, basically, and paid for the privilege. And those uncomfortable weigh-ins! The instructor once told the entire class, that I was a perfect example that proved you can lose weight on WW without having much money, and without eating WW foods, and being vegetarian. And it was true. But I had to research my own answers, and some of my ingredients weren't ever in their resource books, the one with fat/fiber/point values, can't remember the name...

Their WW business was flagging, they weren't #1 any more, and they brought Oprah on board to revive them, and she's also the major investor/owner in WW, she's not impartial, has a vested interest. She can be very convincing and inspiring, her staff knows how to make her look fabulous in front of a camera, but it's still a profit-making business fighting to revive itself. In strictly business terms, they're dishonest and aggressive, imho. They delay or won't give refunds, they resist complaints, continue charging credit cards when asked by customers to disenroll them (I suggest they call the credit card company or bank, and tell them the bill is "in dispute" to stop charges). They often treat callers with the same cold rudeness and ignorance with which they treated me, from what my online research shows. As a returning lifetime member, I'd be penalized by having to pay all over again for a certain period of time, and the amount I'd have to pay WW can be better spent buying vegetarian staples and even exotic produce and condiments, as well as whole protein sources that don't involve a WW box or package. And there are so many sources of inexpensive vegan protein, they never tell you that even all vegetables have protein!

They're not really teaching you the kind of information you need to make your own informed decisions for the rest of your life, healthier habits, and they lean heavily on pushing their own brand-name foods: it's more like "monkey see, monkey do." It's very well coordinated in that regard. That makes you dependent upon them, when they do your thinking for you, it's still cookie-cutter dieting. That isn't the kind of tools with which you can gain insight and make informed decisions the rest of your life. And they fall short on consistency between instructors, their online system apparently doesn't work very well, and their only response when I called today, to ask what "veggie" means in their TV ad, was to admit they still don't really help anyone but meat-eating mainstreamers, and they still don't provide nutrition information. They still let you eat foods you should eliminate from any healthy diet, just to keep you on board and not feel deprived, although that has some validity. You'll just keep failing and returning. They've imitated successful strategies from more successful weight loss plans lately, as close as they can get without getting sued. And it's actually true that you can lose on WW... not just because of peer support, but it's proven in studies that when someone pays for a service, they'll work harder to commit to it, whether dieting, or therapy, or meditation, anything else. But that scientific principle will work no matter which program you use. WW is trying to mold themselves to more individual lifestyles, but still not vegetarians, which are two-thirds of the planet. They still miss the boat on real training in basic nutrition, they can't handle vegans or vegetarians, and they don't answer your questions and don't even allow instructors try, in the classroom. They remain a money-making venture, and they're counting on Oprah's celebrity, charisma and lifelong public struggle with weight, to pull in members. I wonder, actually, if another reason they don't provide the option of a vegetarian life is their relationship with industries like beef, pork, fish, dairy, etc. Maybe they don't want to fight in court with them, the way Oprah did with the beef industry in Texas. Remember that? She won. Yet WW still allows beef.

Nah... I'm not gonna return. They still don't know what to do with people who are vegetarian or don't eat frozen foods, and they were still cold and curt on the phone. Actually, the girl I spoke with today at their 800 number was, nice, but she suggested I become an employee like her, and work the phone from my home! To do that, though, I'd have to give up my own volunteer work, which consumes my days and makes me happy, and I'd have to believe in WW, which I just can't do completely based on my negative experiences with administrators. The way I teach citizens is to provide them with information so that they can learn and make informed decisions, and then they teach others, too. No hoarding secrets. Maybe WW acts that way because if they teach people how to think, give them solid imformation, they'd be successful enough to not need WW? Just do your research beforehand about other competing programs, pay close attention to those complaints people have about being ripped off by WW on their credit cards. You'd probably succeed with any major program... for a while. It's a lifelong seesaw, which is why these businesses make so much money. Read up on which programs are rated best, or best for your life. Do your research before you commit. And if you're vegetarian or vegan, or you are intelligent and want to ask "why" about the rules, you can forget about WW. And watch your credit card statements!

  • Updated by Ack! · Jan 06, 2020

    And by the way... now they talk about mental health too, and I have to wonder how they swing that, without professional, licensed therapists?

weight watchers online membership

I am a lifetime member. I went back in Sept 2018. The program had changed. I left the meeting with the understanding that I had signed up for a 3 month fee. I was not given any information at the meeting in West Edmonton regarding how many points I could eat per day nor what my daily point target/ day was. The consultants said that once I went home and logged onto the WW site, the program would calculate my daily point target. When I logged on, the program did not work. It did not calculate my point value. I did not get the service I signed up and paid for.

Weight Watchers has continued to charge my credit card monthly for the past 19 months. When I called to WW to stop billing my card and and to request a refund as I was not able to use the service, I am told that I can only be issued a 6 month refund, but as I am asking for a full refund, I can not be issued any refund until the matter is reviewed by a senior service manager. When I asked for the name of the manager so I could send a letter or asked to speak to a manager on the phone, I was told that it could not be done. When I asked what term I had initially agreed to and told it was a 3 month contract, I asked why they continued to bill my credit card. The response I received was we assumed you are using it, we have millions of members, we can't check that each member is using the service. Bottom line, buyer beware. If the online service does not work, or you encounter problems, Weight Watchers doesn't care, but they will merrily continue charging your credit card.

ww membership

I am less than 1 month into subscription and emailed them asking to cancel as I simply could not afford the payments.

They have point blank refused and insisted payments need to continue until April next year without negotiation. I find it incredible that a non credit contract such as WW where I have not bought anything can continue to force people to pay.


My friend, [removed] and I both signed up on our phone for WW membership. WE DID NOT UNDERSTAND that we were signing for a year commitment without the option of cancellation. We are both Francophones and the information was all in english. We are trying to cancel and everybody has been rude to us. All we want to do is to not pay into this anymore so we can put that money toward a gym membership. Why is it so hard to do? You can at least ask us to pay a penalty like to pay a month extra but to refuse to cancel and keep charging us for a product we are not using is really taking advantage of people.
Today, [removed] made the call ( October 29th) the girl on the phone was not talking. She was answering by mono syllables. Very intimidating. Judy kept saying hello, are you there? She would barely answer and then hung up. AFter that, I went on chat with someone who also told me that there was nothing she could do. I find that very hard to understand. She kept telling me about new products coming in November, I told her to keep it for other cause I was not interested. She closed the chat conversation without giving me a chance to finish. I thought it was very rude.
I do not have a photo of the conversation but I did rate the conversation right after it happened. Can we just please just cancel and not be charge for the next year for a product we are not using?
[name removed] ([protected] [removed]
[removed] [protected]

vegetables enchiladas bowl

Mostly rice with a few beans and corn thrown in. If I ate this I'd be eating about a half cup of white rice void of any nutritional value the box (pictured) shows the opposite of what is in it. It is literally a bit more than a half cup of food.
I called to complain but they would only offer me coupons. I will never buy ww products again so this doesn't help me. This is also based on my purchase of your breakfast burritos. Used to be good now just mainly white tortilla with a couple tablespoons (maybe) of filling.
My address in case you'd like to send me a check
Laura von Kampen
1077 Rich ave apt 5
Mtn view CA 94040

You should be ashamed of yourselves

vegetables enchiladas bowl
vegetables enchiladas bowl
vegetables enchiladas bowl

auto renew; membership renewal no subject [#6138041]

I requested they did not auto renew but they still charged me.

WW have charged me a monthly fee again without warning or approval.

I do not approve auto renewal.

This is the second time you have done this. Please STOP IT!

As I informed you at my last renewal, November 2018, I am a Vitality member and wish to renew using their promotion code (WW promotion code: [protected]-[protected]).

Please refund the £21.45 charged below

email unsubscribe option

I am no longer a member of Weight Watchers. While I was a member, I unsubscribed from the daily email spam that the company issues. Upon cancelling my subscription, I started receiving daily emails advertising the company. There is no unsubscribe option. When I log into the site, there is no unsubscribe option.

I have called the company and filed a complaint and asked to be removed from their mailing list. I continue to receive emails. It is illegal in Canada to not abide by such requests.

I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau if I continue to receive emails from this company.

weekly membership for a teenager

I am a lifetime member who attends the Bayshore NY location. In May my daughter wanted to join. We...

weight watchers at home

I signed up for the WW at home package in mid may. I paid €80 and collected all the books etc from the head office.

My complaint is about the lack of support from customer service.Ive been finding it difficult to lose the weight this time around.Ive lost 6 pounds over 12 weeks but I stated at the beginning I wanted to lose 10-14 pounds. One week I gained 3 pounds and was told "oh well"

Last week after a gain, and feeling frustrated over lack of any sort of helpful imput I said I was going to join a different group.The agent Martina said they would review my tracker and to stick with it. So I sent in my tracker.. and her imput was..."Your weight is fine for your height so you should just think about maintanance now.
I know my own body, I know what weight I should be..I made it clear when I started what I wanted to lose
I find it staggering that a weight loss company would tell someone to stop trying as it would be too hard.Ive used ww to great success in the past. I dont know whats happened but you have gone way downhill. This is the last week of my payment plan. I will not be continuing.. next week Im joining slimming world.

ww frozen food

I recently bought the ww frozen chicken parm dinner and after the initial 5 min cook time I was very disappointed to find the spaghetti was stuck together. I have an 1100 watt micro. I then returned it to cook the 1 min 30 seconds with an xtra 5 seconds thinking it was still frozen but after I took it out it was plain to see the spaghetti was stuck together. I will never buy WWfrozen dinners again. I also purchased the thin pizza. It was so hard I couldn't eat it. I used to buy ww dinners in the past and never had this problem. Time to watch your cook!

payment/billing practices

Apparently I had two accounts with ww. One was from many years ago online only... I used it for a week or 2, maybe.
But in 2014 my husband and I joined in january and had great success. Love the meetings and the people and team leaders. But one week at weigh in, my card had expired and I gave her a new one to re up me... I think thats when the new account was added? I don;'t know... I did notice I would get two cards, but never dreamed it was about me having two accounts! When I fianlly looked, yes, two accounts! I didn't sign up for two... Ww signed me up!!! So about 1100 dollars later, I call and they offer me 3 mos refund. Supervisor then offers 6 mos.... Of course I dont' accept... I didn't make the mistake, first of all, and second... It was a mistake!! So, my husband and I get on the phone with our credit card co and ww rep, who, after more than 2 hours on the phone, says she will get back to us... Closes all the accounts except one and we wait. Of course she never did get back to us. Now fast foward, I become a lifetimer and what??, find out they are still charging me twice!!! I am floored. My husband mentioned it to supervisor from ww int> at a meeting and she said to call her personally and she would take care of it... So yes, I was out of town for an extended period of time and when I got back to her in april, she was very nice to solve that problem... A little defensive but issued the refund. But when I brought up the 1100 refund needed, her attitude was very defensive and she told me they would offer 6 mos because I should have been aware of my credit card charges. She said it was really up to me to be watching and not ww to see if they are charging twice. Huh? So they create the account, charge me and if I don't catch them at it, it's rightfully theirs? They will accept 6 mos of responsibility but not then entire time?? Ok, i'm too tired of it and resentful so will take the fraction of the cost and chalk it up to another large corporation taking advantage of the people. If someone asks me about ww? I don't always recommend like I used to because I feel taken! Oh, and I am writing this complaint because I see online that this isn't a unique problem of mine... It seems to be mo for ww.

cancel subcription

I have been trying to cancel my subscription for 6 weeks, I tried calling and leaving message on...

at work meeting

Good Afternoon Weight Watchers, Off an on over the years I have been a member of Weight Watcher...


I went to one of your meetings in the Wirral UK, the group leader was appalling, telling the group we must make sure we are at every meeting or she'll get fired! She spent most of the talk time saying this and the rest about how she is living on takeout at the moment and is off track, not very inspiring. The group was full of gold members who ruled the roost and interjected at every point they could, (all age 70+) also another complaint I have is that I weighed 3lbs heavier on ww scales than FOUR other sets of scales I'd used the same day. Needless to say I will not be returning to ww.


I am currently a member. I wanted to sign up my daughter who is 16 years old. Because she is under...

app only subscription cancellation fees/process not transparent

I signed up for the 6 month period of the app only membership. After using the service, which was great, I decided to cancel in August, as I no longer needed the service. Before committing to anything, I researched intensely looking for a cancellation policy, as I knew that services like this often have one, and I wasn't sure I'd use the whole 6 months. After scouring for 45 minutes, I found no evidence of an actual number for a cancellation fee, nor any details on what canceling early might entail. I read the entire agreement and searched through the website with little to no information available. Only after canceling and calling their customer service line did I find out I would be billed for the rest of the 6 months and charged the cancellation fee. I am very unhappy with the transparency weight watchers has about their cancellation policy and am extremely disappointed that a service that was all around wonderful to use practices such shady business tactics. More transparency about this issue is absolutely needed. There needs to be a clear and concise outline of what happens upon early cancellation of each specific plan that is easily accessible on the website before you sign up. Truly shameful.

  • Je
    Jeanne Pauls Sep 22, 2018

    i too thought it was free for a month then one month only to be paid. I was just informed I agreed to 6 months. This is not correct. What can I do?

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  • Sa
    Sarah7657 Oct 04, 2018

    @Jeanne Pauls I also signed up for a years membership and two months in my financial situation changed and I had to cancel, one very unhelpful customer service person said basically"tough" you've signed up and that it! Spoke to another agent and they said it was ok to cancel given the situation was that my husband had walked out on me and left me with nothing! Appalling the way I was treated at first, life is hard enough. You'll need a valid reason for cancellation, a drs note or a death in the family no doubt!

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cancellation and payment

I signed up In April for on-line support. I've been being charged 20$ a month since. I...

app 6 month trial

I agreed to register for a 6 month trial. I called to verify I was only signed up for 6 months. Company continued to charge my credit card without my authorization for additional months. When I confronted the company their response was I had to cancel before the trial was over. Never was that the case when I originally registered. This company would have kept charging me without my consent. This is FRAUD!!!

customer service

Dear Jessica, This is good man got from weight watchers and I'm very disappointed that I just cancel it and they're making me pay for my services this is right and professional why would you want to pay them will you just cancel your service you still have to pay for the services this is terrible and I just don't wanna pay them

Thank you for contacting Weight Watchers. My name is Wynema and I'd be happy to assist you.

Your subscription has already been set to cancel at the end of your commitment on 10/22/2018. We can re-cancel your subscription effective sooner, but you will be charged a cancellation fee of $39.95. The alternate option is to leave your cancellation as is. You will be charged $13.30 twice more, once in August and again in September. If you decide not to re-cancel, you will have access until your subscription ends on 10/22/2018. Please let us know exactly how you wish to proceed.

​Weight Watchers is committed to your success. If you have any other questions or concerns, please reply directly to this email so we can further assist you.
Best wishes on your journey. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Customer Service Associate
Weight Watchers International, Inc

abusive local group leader.

Yesterday Tues June 26 I went to weigh in with a group I, dont normally go to. My normal Monday...

unauthorized credit card charges, misleading information

TSC 30 day trial promo offered back in September 2017 for 19.99 - I ordered this and did not...

smart one meatloaf

I am a senior citizen who has to watch my money. I find your products are very reasonably priced...

chocolate supreme mug cake

I followed the directions for microwaving the mug cake. It turned out very dry. I suspect it wa...

lousy leader

Hello I do not usually do this but I felt it necessary to spare others. I went to an at work...

cinnalicious snacks

I buy these every week at my meeting because they're so delicious they help me with my sugar...


unethical and unprofessional behavior of an employee

I went to my local Weight Watchers meeting this past Saturday April 14, 2018. A mistake was made...

I can't get help with the online program

I signed up 1 month ago Triple Play and have yet to figure out how to use the on-line program. It took 3 different attempts, then finally "get connected with a on-line chat person AFTER 1 HOUR of waiting, then never able to actually talk with anyone.
I can't find a Customer service rep to talk to, to get help to figure out how to use the program.
I have never experienced such a disappointing customer support!!!


I was not informed that I would be automatically charged monthly when I signed up. I signed up for...

take your money... even if you don't use their services

Unethical Company. Purchased one month for daughter, that automatically renewed.My daughter never...


customer service

I called to cancel my membership because I only signed up for 3 months and they kept billing me. The first number I called as soon as I stated the reason for my call, the person on the other end said that he could no longer hear me and said that the call was ending. I found another number to call and the exact same thing happened. The woman on the other end said she could no longer hear me and the call was ending. I yelled into the phone "Can you hear me now, do NOT hang up on me!'. eventually she had to respond and I continued to state that I want to cancel my membership. She was over talking me and telling me that I need to try "A special" that they were running. I said "NO, now cancel it NOW!" Now keep in mind that I was calling from a Landline and not a cell phone. There was NO trouble hearing me. I will NEVER give them one cent of my business again. What a SCAM!!!

hidden fees, misuse of personal identifiable information, and discrimination

On My birthday weight watchers sent me a special offer for $89.90 for 3 months of meetings ands 3...

Unreliable company

Why advertise a great support, but never keep your word and don't honor your own politics? Just like the others I fell for their ads and joined their strange club.
Once I needed their help, they were never there. Is that your great customer service that never replies? Is that what we pay our money for?
In short, I haven't bought anything because my questions weren't answered.
I only lost money and time. Don't use them


Hi my name is Isabel I'm a Weight Watchers member in Ajax, Ontario Canada . I've experienced a...



Hi my name is Isabel I'm a Weight Watchers member in Ajax, Ontario Canada . I've experienced a...

get paid to lose weight promotion

I joined ww in february, due to the promotion get paid to lose weight.. If I lost ten pounds within the required time frame and sent in the required paperwork I would get the money. I opted for it to be used on my account, but I have received nothing. At this time, if I somehow get the money I want it on a credit card. I want to cancel my ww, but they told me that if I do.. I will not get the money. I am trying to determine if I should just take the loss and cancel... It will depend on the outcome of this email response
I have proof via email that my info was sent in and accepted. I do want to mention that the two times that I have contacted ww via the [protected] number that is was a total waste of time.. I contacted them on 7/10/17 and again on 9/3/17. I has been 12 weeks and 4 days since I submitted the necessary paperwork. The last rep, diane was her name — was very difficult to understand.. She did not understand me and I had to repeat and spell everything. Then she kept staying on the line after I said I was done, I told her that I didn't want to hang up, because I didn't want to miss the survey. She finally ended the call... When I wouldn't answer her.. Then it went to the survey. I missed the survey last time.. Almost makes me think they do this so you don't get the opportunity to complete the survey. My id is w-4918199... Email is [protected] I would like my 100 dollars and to cancel my account and get a refund for the august 30th payment from my credit card. I don't go anymore, because I am tire of their lies and inability to help.

  • Da
    Dale Schott French Sep 06, 2017

    The same thing happened to me. It is under review now, but they are not going to honor it. I am going to file a complaint with the consumer protection agency in my State, I have all paperwork, dates, credit card payment, etc. if nothing else they will have to spend $100 in labor to answer the complaint. I have been a lifetime member for 38 years and am really disappointed that they are ripping me off.

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  • Ni
    Nicole F. May 18, 2018

    Same thing happened to me. My local branch was suspiciously quiet whenever I mentioned that I was doing this promotion. This should be an automated process, but instead I had to find the refund form myself online & then turn it in during the short window offered. The form says you must be an active member to be eligible for the refund, which I was when I submitted the form. Now, I have since cancelled my membership and it has been 8 weeks with no refund. The promotion does not state that you need to be a member when they get around to issuing the refund. I have called weight watchers 800-customer support number, but it is only a call center in another country. I did wait 15 minutes to be transferred to a supervisor in the resolution group back in the USA, but she could only offer to give me more time on weight watchers for free. I am appalled that an organization that has been around for so many years and is now associated with Oprah would be able to publically scam people in this manner without this being brought to light. I will pursue this with my local television station's consumer watchdog group.

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    Janet Friesen Jun 01, 2018

    I’m going through the same thing right now. I submitted all paperwork on March 20th and called a week later to confirm it was received. I was told it was being processed. When I didn’t get the refund in two months, I called again and they said that it would be done by May 22. May 22 past and I didn’t see the extension on my membership as I had opted for two months membership instead of getting a two month refund. I called again and they said they had put through the credit to my credit card and I should see it within a week on my credit card. 10 days later I still didn’t see anything on my credit card. I called back and was told they didn’t see anything on my account about a refund Or an extension of time. After a 40 minute conversation she said she would credit my credit card as a one time courtesy. The amount they would credit me was not equal to two months of membership, so, I said that I had asked for a two month extension on time and she was really rude and said that that wasn’t what I asked for. I said I have my paperwork which shows that I asked to have my membership extended two months. She says that I would need to hold again and she would need to call her supervisor in order to extend the length of my membership time. By the time I got off of the phone call I was angry. They said that they were extending my membership to August 29 (I am paid through June 30th as they have continued to charge my credit card since the beginning) as a one time courtesy. How can it be a one time courtesy when I complied with all of their Requirements to get the two months for free if I lost 10 pounds within the first two months. I have lost all respect for weight watchers. They dangle all of these promotions and then when you Actually meet the requirements they do everything they can to not give you the reward. My local chapter has a fabulous staff and wonderful meetings. The corporation itself, has horrible customer service and horrible business practices. They should never have outsourced all of their customer service to a foreign country.

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cancellation charge

Spoke with Frances at the WW 800 number.
My monthly pass id is W497043
I called to cancel my 6 month membership from an automatic renewal because after trying to navigate their website for an hour with no luck, I gave up. I want to finish my 6 months and that's it. Should be easy to do right? At least that's what is hassle cancellation. Except I was told that I will be charged a $50...yes, $50 cancellation fee. What? Are you kidding me? I paid for my 6 months. I don't want to continue so that should be easy enough to not renew it.
Was told well we will charge you then issue a credit. Why? What purpose does that serve?
Charging a cancellation fee when I met my contracted service obligation is a scam and unethical. Frances said its just the way the system is set up. I requested to speak with a supervisor and he refused to let me. Just put me on hold for several minutes.
Weight Watchers should not be allowed to charge a cancellation fee for not wanting to renew a membership.

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