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On Sunday I got a call fromt he fraud department of my bank asking if at midnight last night I had made a $281 purchase through I was working at the time so informed that hell no I didn't and they explained that also that morning it looked like another charge for almost $300 was attempted through but they had blocked it, thank god. I called and explained that it was a fraudulent charge and they needed to immediately cancel that order and not charge my account. The first person I spoke to said they would escalate it to their accounting dept. and get it cancelled. I then logged into my account to change my password and remove my card and lo and behold, there was the order the person had placed as well as all the items in my shopping cart from the second order they tried to place. The first order contained a $200 egift card, a router and protection plan, I'm guessing they did this as a trial run to see if my card would charge because the second set of items were marked as In Store Pickup and they would have gotten all that stuff if my bank hadn't blocked that second charge. So today (3 days later) I check my bank account to see if the pending $281 charge had fallen off the account do to the cancellation and THEY STILL CHARGED ME $78!!! Of course when I try to call them I'm left on hold for 15 minutes and can't get through to anyone. THeir site is absolutely NOT SECURE. They need to shut down before they endanger anyone else's finances because of this. And before anyone starts saying that I was phished or someone "guessed" my password...It's such a random series of letters, numbers and characters that no one could have simply guessed it. If they don't realize that their system has been hacked then it's probably an employee that can get access to it and is doing it.

Mar 27, 2013
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  • Ma
      May 01, 2013

    I just had my acct hacked too and Walmart could care less. I am starting a petition against them.

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  • Mo
      May 07, 2013

    The same sort of thing happened to me and Wal-Mart just said "we're sorry." I will have to dispute the charge with my bank. Wal-Mart automatically saves all credit card info. and you have to clear your payment info. every time you shop online to protect yourself!

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  • Ry
      Aug 14, 2013

    My account has just been hacked. I got email from walmart, saying "Dear XXXX, Personal information associated with your account . . . has been successfully updated as requested. . . . If you did not make these changes to your account, please call us immediately at 1-800-yyy-yyyy [correct Walmart customer service number]." I haven't accessed my account for a year or two. My name isn't the name in "Dear XXXX" in the email. Sure enough, I found I cannot login to my account because the impostor has changed the email address and email address is the login name (what a stupid system, you can change your login name!). I called the customer service and the representative verified my home phone number is associated with Mr XXXX, but all other information is different from mine: name, billing address & email. Therefore, she cannot do anything because she cannot verify it's my account! I thought the fact I got the email from Walmart (I verified the original SMTP server is Walmart's) and the fact my home phone is there are proof enough. The Walmart technical guys must be able to see what the information had been before the impostor overwrote it, but the customer service representative didn't even open an investigation. They don't think this is a serious problem. It's not their problem, was the ultimate message from the customer service.

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