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I purchased a Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum during Black Friday thru Walmart online store. I received a purchase confirmation within minutes after the purchase as well as an email telling me that the item would be ready for pickup at the store within the same day. The item was not available at the store when I went to pickup it up the following day. So I contacted customer service today (11/26) and chatted with attendant Maria M. She assured everything was ok with my purchase and that my item would be ready for pickup today Saturday (11/26). As a surprise I received an email from Walmart saying that my purchase was cancelled. I once again contacted Walmart thru online chat and attendant Jose T told me that the item was cancelled because it was out of stock. I replied that this was unacceptable practice and that Walmart has sold me an item and delivered my item to another customer or to someone else. He offered me to buy a totally different item at a higher price as a compensation for their 'mistake'. I rejected the offer. he than proceeded as to offer me a 10% discount on any purchase at Walmart. I told him that this was once again unacceptable and the the discount I had on my item was at 35%. I even mentioned that a VERY similar item is being offered at the online store and I would be more than pleased to buy the similar item at the same price I had purchased the original price. After waiting for almost an hour, attendant Jose came back with no solution and with a rather automatic answer as to say that the item was 'unfortunately' out of stock. I did not settle for such answer. He than proceeded to forward our chat to supervisor Karen who had the same automatic answer as attendant Jose. She only added that it was not Walmart's fault because the item was being sold by a partner! What? I didn't by the item from any partner. I bought the item from Walmart! I have been escalated to attendant Whittley P. But no luck and the problem persists. This is clear consumer violation as well as false advertising as I understand. Stay away from Walmart.

Nov 26, 2016
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  • Wi
      26th of Nov, 2016

    I only got as far as unacceptable.

    You purchased an item online that was a big seller. It sold out. They cancelled your order because the manufacturer will not be able to fill the order in the 30 days the law requires. The website services the entire country, not just your house. It happens. Get over it.

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  • Ma
      28th of Nov, 2016

    @Wine Is Good It did not sell out. You can't just go around selling people things you don't have or be selective on whomever bought a product from you. They had it in stock (10 plus SKUs at moment of purchase, if you know what SKUs are...) and even charged me whenever I made the purchase. They also confirmed the 'delivery' thru their costumer service the very next day. By the way, we dont live in a court room do we? Please read before you comment. Your comment just comes to show that you have 0 marketing skills or experience and perhaps you should be out of business. Just don't sell people what you don't have or invest on a real time inventory system. It takes competence to be in the market. Obviously you and Walmart don't have it.

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  • Po
      27th of Nov, 2016

    This is not at all false advertisement or any type of violation. The item you had ordered may have been damaged by the vendor or in transit to their store. Typically if an order is canceled in this type of situation it means they do not at all have an estimated arrival date. They may be able to accomodate you if you tell them you're happy to wait as many months as it takes to receive the product.

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  • Wi
      28th of Nov, 2016

    I actually do know what I am talking about. Since I do not own WM, I will ignore your ignorant comment though.

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  • Cu
      29th of Nov, 2016

    You are right, Walmart has no experience running a company they are only a mom and pop operation. I believe CNN did a show about how walmart inventory management was a leader in the world at real time inventory. Now that you are up to date and better informed, You probably got bumped as the last orders and stock hit zero there was an overlap that did not match up, and you were dropped off. I looked at some of your screen shots of your conversations and I agree with your comment at the end to stay away from walmart, I would think everyone would think best if you just stayed away and shopped else where

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