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I had filled out a check with Walmart on the "pay to" line, the date 2-6-10 on the date line, and my signature on the signature line, shortly before getting to the cashier. When I got to the cashier, she stood up and reached over the counter where I had my checkbook perched and tore off the top copy of my duplicate check not allowing me to fill in the amount of my purchase, saying that it was not necessary. She gave me a receipt for the purchase, but I did not get the copy that she tore out back, which has always been the procedure when I have paid by check previously. I also resent being treated in such a cavalier manner.
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  • Xt
      22nd of Jan, 2010

    I just went in to Walmart and purchased 2 items. I told the cashier one was cash, which was a pizza. The other was a xbox points card and that was going on my debit. She rang it up and told me $20.00..I swiped my card and put in my pin. She was too busy talking to other cashiers that came up to her register, there were about 4, and she turned around, and started ringing up other items that belonged to the customers behind me. I asked her what she was doing? Those items are not mine..I had already said this to her, and had my total. She got mad, went to the service desk, and I followed. The problem is, I had 28.00 in the bank. After paying 20.00 for the points card I would have had 8.00 left. As it turned out, my account was charged $48.68. I have overdraft protection, but it still charges me 32.00. I asked to speak to the manager, and he said; "We will reprimand her". "That's all we can do!" I will tell you, January 2nd, I spent 2500.00 for two t.v.', another 700.00 for a, another 400.00 for clothing. Which I still have the receipts for. I spend a lot of money in this store, and to have something like this happen, because of an incompetent cashier, I am floored! No one wanted to rectify the situation. I got the cash I was overcharged..but am still charged an extra 32.00 from my bank due to a cashier who was too busy talking to everyone else around her, then has the audacity to act like she is mad. Like it was my fault! I will not be shopping there again. I am sorry to say that, because I like Walmart, but I refuse to be treated like dirt due to someone elses mistake, who was "supposedly" trained as a cashier.

    Manager's name: Greg Perkins.
    Network I.D: 0090

    Under where it says ITEMS SOLD
    TC# 5735 0581 1301 2861 120

    I have added all this because I do not know where the cashier number is.

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  • Bl
      22nd of Feb, 2010

    i was a walmart cashier for 2 and a half years in her defense sometimes the computer requires them to put the check in the drawer and in most cases it doesnt but in your defense she should have let u know walmart sucks when it comes to customer service i should know

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  • Sk
      10th of Mar, 2010

    The cashier definitely had ZERO right to so much as touch your checkbook and she could easily be fired just for that action alone. The course of action to take in a situation like this is to contact the Management of that store IMMEDIATELY. Once you leave the store, you lose your credibility. If she's done this to you, it's very likely that she's done it to others, but if no one reports her, nothing will ever get done about it. Do not ever allow a store employee to violate your property without your express permission, especially such a sensitive personal item as a checkbook.

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  • Xt
      26th of Apr, 2010

    She rang up $48.00 because she was too busy talking to other employees, and started ringing up the peoples items who were behind us. We all said something to her. She had to call someone to void their items off, but our other items that were supposed to be separate were already charged on the debit so it couldn't be voided or we would be charged yet again. We specifically told her we had 2 separate orders..AND there was a divider between our 1st and 2nd order, AS WELL as the people behind us..she just didn't pay attention. When we told her about her ringing this up, she stomped to the manager, we followed. He said he couldn't refund because it was already on the debit. We do have the receipt..and that, is my complaint. Lack of experience. As for catching the discrepancy, we did! As far as I am concerned, I shouldn't have to tell the cashier how to do her job. She should have known! We did catch it yes, but she is the one getting paid to watch what she rings up..not us! Again..lack of experience, and too much talking and giggling instead of doing what they are paid to do. Thats like ordering a hamburger and having to stand there and tell them how to make it. for the other items that were purchased, they were returned. We have not been to wal mart since this incident, nor plan to. There are other stores who would welcome the amount we spend, and "they" do their job! Not 1 problem so far. I can even see mistakes yes..but "everytime" we go to Wal Mart? No! And, not to the extent that it causes problems with the bank. Just too ridiculous!

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  • Xt
      27th of Apr, 2010

    ok..I don't see how I can explain it any better.

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  • Ma
      11th of May, 2010

    I absolutely hate that people lose all sense of self responsibility when they walk into a Walmart. YOU the customer will be responsible for transactions on your debit card. The pin pad CLEARLY displays the amount you will be charged when you put your pin number in. Its not as if you couldn't let the cashier know that the amount was too high. Sure, the cashier should have been paying attention, but ultimately, YOU should have been paying attention to the amount being charged to your card.

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  • Xt
      12th of May, 2010

    @Muola and Irish ...It seems obvious that you must work for them. :) It's ok..this is just a complaint forum, and we know what took place, you don't need will happen to you someday, I have the satisfaction in knowing that. :D
    @LadyScot: I would say you also work for them. I take blame for my mistakes. We know what was in the bank, and we do have the receipt as well as bank statements, and it has become a legal matter, so as for you understanding who cares. You are nobody. You don't need to understand, and I might be able to explain it like I am talking to a 2 yr old, and you probably still wouldn't get, keep thinking what u want. Lol. I do sincerely hope all 3 of you continue to work or shop there. :D

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  • Bc
      10th of Jun, 2010

    I agree with SkyWlf77. I would not have allowed them to do this either. (I know, sometimes it's difficult to think of these things when it's happening.)

    You should have stayed right where you were and asked to speak to her Manager. And do not move until the Manager arrives, regardless of how many people get backed-up waiting.

    And I have never had any store require the physical check be kept! They get your signature on a printed receipt and/or electronically, and the check information is scanned into the POS register automatically.

    It could also have been a case of her collecting the check for fraudulent purposes (get account information, name, address for stealing money from your account). I am not saying this is what was happening, but in this day and age, you have to be extremely careful.

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  • Lu
      7th of Oct, 2010

    As a former employee of Walmart, I can say this cashier had no right to touch any customer's checkbook. What I used to tell customrs was if they didn't have to fill out a check and it would be electronically converted, they could hand me a check...only if they didn't wanted to fill it out...because most of the time they would get their check back. Wal-mart cash registers will print the amount on any check.

    The only way a check is not electronically converted is if the customer opted out of having the money electronically taken from their bank account when they made a purchase. If a Wal-mart receipt doesn't say ECA at the bottom with words "Check" (should appear like this: check ECA), then an checking account has not been electronically for items purchased and the cashier must keep the check for proof of the purchase and the check is then processed by the bank...and takes longer than an ECA transaction, by a day or two. And if even a customer opts out, a cash register can still print their check for them so all they have to do is sign it. The cashier however, still must keep the check.

    However, if a customer wants to fill a check out by hand, I never discouraged them from doing what they felt comfortable doing.

    If a customer opts out of having their purchases electronically taken from their account, a customer must completely fill out their check because this is record of their purchase and is authorizing whatever amount to be taken from their account with their signature. This is why a cashier must keep a check if a customer opts out. The registers at Wal-mart are equipped to know which customers have opted out of electronically converting their check purchases.

    Under no circumstances should you as the customer leave the store if you feel your rights have been violated. A cashier should not touch any customer's personal information. If this was the case, do noftify a manager right away. This cashier may have done what she did without thinking and trying to try and get you out the door if she had a long line of customers...her intent to provide fast service, but she should not have violated your privacy.

    You do have rights. Don't be afraid or shy to speak to management next time this happens.

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  • Un
      27th of Oct, 2011

    mary sucks at walmart on rochester shes rude and doesnt allow you to purchase tobacco unless every one your with has id also!!! its not my fault someone ran over your kitten. lose the tude mary mary quite un contrary!!

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  • Gh
      27th of Oct, 2011

    I agree as well Lidman.

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