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I have written several times complaining about Walmart website, thought it was just me. No, Wal-Mart has the most worst website in the world. Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, it absolutely did. I absolutely hate shopping online at Obviously they don't care or they would fix it. They need to fire the entire tech crew and replace with competent employees. Can you suggest how that can be accomplished. I have been shopping online at for years and it gets worse with each upbrade. Please tell me how I can get in touch with Wal-Mart and relay my opinion, apparently writing to they their site doesn't help because they are not changing of fixing the problem. Thank you.

Oct 13, 2018
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      Oct 29, 2018

    I will no longer buy a thing from Wall-Mart and Wall-Mart dot com. Every time I have gone to a Wall-Mart store it has been an experience from Hell. You can never get the workers to help you when you ask them they act like your interfering with there standing around time, or they say they will be right back and never return. Also all most all the time I have gone to Wall-Mart they seem to always be out of the item you are looking for, thus for you end up buying the more expensive item. This sucks and gets old. So I tried to buy from Wall-Mart dot com seems they are worse (even more so now) I have bought from them have not worked right or not at all. Up to recently you could tell them, they would send a replacement and a shipping label to send back the product with the driver. They no longer do this, now you have to send it back 1st. And then they will send you another.

    Well this can be the experience from Hell as well now. I sent a product that did not work back to them two weeks ago. To this date they have not sent the replacement. The Customer Service is now out of the Philippians and they do not speak English very well. I had to spend two hours and a half on the phone, and six phone calls to them in that time frame. When I got one that half ass spoke and understood me the sent the wrong type of shipping label. It took me going to FedEx with the wrong label to be told that it is not a shipping label. So it cost me $11.00 of my own money to ship it back to them. To like I said this day I have not been sent the replacement of the product. Again I have gone thru the Customer Service many times and every time they say it will ship today, and well it has not.

    I have contacted Wall-Mart Corporate office in Ark. and they just send you on to the horrid customer service. It seems that Wall-Mart could care less about complaints and doing right with the customer. They could care less about the store service and about dot com as well. I am not ever going to spend a dime with this crappy chain, if they did care it would be a different story. I would buy from them, but won't do so to get sorry service from them.

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